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Height: 165.1cm
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gonna dust myself off...

Yesterday was weigh in day, and I wasn't smiling. I gained 0.4 lb and even though I stayed on plan, my choices each individual day could have been healthier.  For example, I totally justified eating 3 of those yummy 2 point cakes (yep THAT plan) one day last week because it was within my point range, but I know it wasn't the best use of my points.  I mean seriously, if that Kansas State University professor could lose weight eating junk food, couldn't I indulge a bit....especially if I stayed withing my allotted points? The answer plain and simple...NO!  Everyone's body is different and mine does not handle sugar and gluten well.  I need complex carbs and this past week I was really missing them.  In fact I realized that this week I'd eaten way less fiber then on a successful loss week. It's not the end of the world,  even though it disappoints me. I realize that it's a process and I have to focus on what works.  I need to increase my intake of healthy foods and at the same time reserve some points for some moderate snackage!!! Lesson learned.
By the way, that Professor Mark Haub only ate about 1600 calories a day, and most of it was junk food.  As a full grown man he should have been eating around 2000 to maintain a healthy weight for his frame.  No wonder he lost 27 lbs in 2 months.  I wonder what will happen to him when he returns to his normal eating habits.  Here's his story:

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Hang in there.

Every time I ever started a diet, I either lost nothing, gained a tiny amount, or lost a very small amount in either of the first two weeks. Keep going—you'll be fine.


Keep doing your great job,  it happends sometimes.  move forward and next week you will see better results.  have a great day.

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