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Yay im back

Hope you all had a good week, ill be doing my posting rounds in a little bit ^_^  I missed everyone soo much while i was offline.  I was actually having support withdrawl and feeling a bit out of control...musnt stay away so long again :P

 i didnt do too badly with my eating this past week/weekend i confess i ate like 10 calories in baby snacks again (ugh).  and i went out with my hubby on a real date *gives a virtual hug to mom*  I did a baaaad thing and had baby back ribs, what was i thinking?  It ws 5 ribs and i saved calories for it but man did they make me sick after...they didnt even taste that wasnt worth the cheat.  I dont remember whos blog said this..i really want to do you the honor of the quote but its my new motto.."Nothing taste as great as being thin" 

Im truly pleased to say that im gaining more healthy attitudes about food.  Im not feeling so lost when i have a craving or so guilty when i go 100 calories off plan...I increase my activity lvl and dont allow myself any more slips that week.  Ive learned to be just forgiving enough to myself...not lax enough to slip back into old habits, but finding a healthy balance so i can live with this lifestyle change, and not struggle with deprivation.

I just want to thank you all so much who have commented, you truly encourage and inspire me and i KNOW we can do this.

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welcome back

Tried to post and then something happened to it.. UGH !!! its a good thing I copied it. I'll try to paste it again, but if it doesnt let me, then i'll just send it via the email

Ok here it goes....


now i've lost the entire stinking post!!!!! Ugh... Just forget it. lol. To lazy to re-type the entire thing right now. I'll do it later when I'm not mad at this site!

Thank you so much

for your encouragment.  I love your spirit.  Guilt has been one of my hurdles to overcome too.  It took me a while to realize that if I ate 1500 calories a couple days instead of 1200 that didn't make me a cruddy person.  I am not my weight!  And 1500 is still obviously less than I must have been eating!

Myabe you should just allow 25 calories a day for baby snacks!  J. forcefed me a goldfish two days ago.  I actually logged teh blasted thing.  At fist I was worried that was obsessive, but then I thought that part of what got me into thsi cruise-liner is that I was not paying attentio to thsoe pick her, snack there things and was eating a lot more than I thought.  So until I learn to be conscientious anout payng attention for me it was best to log those 3 calories or whatever it was. 

WTG!  You are doing awesome!


Thanks for your encouraging comments

I have been having computer problems this weekend and Iam also in withdrawal from my fellow bloggers. When I help someone else the biggest help is to me.... so please take care of our mutual friends and I will try to be back online by Monday....



Hi Sistah,
You are doing very well with you lifestyle change.  Way to go!
You are close to a 20 pound loss.
I wish I had been more consistent with my calories this past week . I gave in to the temptation to guess and be lax and paid a price for it on the scale.  I h ave to realize I cannot eat like the people I am surrounded by. I have to make meals for myself and record them.
There is still hope though I will measure myself tommorow to see if there has been inch loss. If so I will shout it from the roof tops.

Later Alligator,


dont you love those oprah moments?

i hear you with the fast food, it is amazing how your tastes change once you start eating better.   the food still tastes just as good to me, i just remember how hard it is to work it off.   you have got the right attitude and you will be succesful! keep up the great work!

where are you

STEP AWAY FROM THE BABY SNACKS!!!  I see that I'm not the only one who hasnt been posting much lately. Just thought I'd check on ya.

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