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Wow where has the week gone?

OK sorry i havent blogged lately, ive been busy with soo much. My cousin just had a baby, I just got some summer work tutoring students, and im preparing for my trip to Florida.  Ive stayed pretty much on track with eating (ok this means i ate some of the baby's food again but it was only a few cookies) and ive increased my intake of water to 120 oz.  Ive been reading your suppose to drink 1/2 oz every pound of body weight so lets see if this makes a big difference in how much weight i lose this next month :)

As soon as this really intensly busy time is passed ill hop on and respond to everyones entries

 ^_^ thx for understanding

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Baby snacks

Now, I have gotten to where J accepts it when I refuse his snacks, but he wants to share mine!  Well, ormally, I would share.  But me, I'm thinking, dang it, if I have to count this calorie I'm going to eat it! 

I'm trying to get into the habit of getting him some of his own when he wants a bite of mine so I don't feel grumbly about sharing!



WOW!  120 ounces of water.  And accordingly I should be drinking 145 ounces.  Holy cow!  I'm having trouble drinking my 64 ounces!  


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