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  • Name: Sistahsunflower
  • City: New York
  • Region: New York
  • Country: United States

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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 240.00lb
Current weight: 165.90lb
Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: 74.10lb
Remaining: 30.90lb

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I want to apologize for not visiting everyones blogs in the last several  months...with my baby on the way and my focus on eating for his development, i have to admit a bit of disappointment in not being able to continue with my eating plan.

As a result i have been avoiding all things diet related so that my focus is a happy healthy baby rather than the progress i would have made if it weren't due to this blessed
Ive done a good job of not over doing it..though i must admit some worries about my thoughts on food.  I lost 15-20 pounds during the first trimester, i think that not only was it because i was dieting in the beginning of the pregnancy, i think my lack of appetite was directly a result of denial, and the desire to continue to lose weight.  I had to remove any desire and motivation to lose weight, as not endanger the baby, so i left the blogs and tracker alone...

Ill be back in about 2 months the baby is due April 1, and im planning to jump back into dieting full steam ahead.  As of right now ive gained back the weight i lost in the beginning of the pregnancy and then some( i believe im somewhere in the neighborhood of 230) to be expected...but i still feel as tho ive gone a bit backwards in my weight loss efforts.  Hope to talk to many of u again soon and congrats to all of u who are sticking to it!!


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