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Rough Start

About a month ago I began p90x for the first time, all by myself. It was exciting and so thrilling with each new day of working out, but a week in I was forced to stop due to some serious back pains. I don't believe the pain was caused by the working out; certainly my terrible dorm bed was the culprit, as I had been dealing with the pain it caused on and off for several months. Flash forward a few weeks to Monday, June 5th...

My friend Pamela finally returned to Orlando (from an internship in Jordan) just as I decided to start back up on the program, and to make sure I was motivated (plus some weight loss desires of her own...even though she is a 5'10" glamazon already), she decided to join me. She also managed to convince me it was a great idea to start up on the South Beach Diet at the very same time. I don't know if any of you have ever done the SBD, but the first two weeks are nearly impossible! No carbs and no sugar... not even fruit. There was a lot of suffering involved, but I tried my best to work my way through it... until the 5th day.

Day 5 of the SBD started off rather late because I had gone to sleep around 5 or 6 that morning and didn't get up until around 1pm. I made myself some delicious turkey bacon (I admit to having had 4 slices... which is 4x a serving size but it was my first meal of the day and I was absolutely dying for a heavy meal) and scrambled eggs. The food was great, but about an hour later I started to feel very sick, and my poor belly started to cramp. A few hours later I decided my tummy pains were from hunger so I ate a string cheese, but that only made it worse. Pam showed up around 5:30 and we went over to her apartment (as is the routine). That day was legs & back + ab ripper x, and I somehow managed to get through the legs & back part without dying, though I did about half of what I'm normally capable of and had to keep sitting down because I felt dizzy. I didn't bother to do the ab ripper x video with pam because I felt if I tried to do even one crunch I would certainly vomit... and good thing I didn't because 5 minutes later I was in the bathroom throwing up everything I ate that day and more. It was the first time I've thrown up in 6+ years, and I hope I won't have to again for at least another 6 years.

After my stomach stopped convulsing I broke my diet. I had a big cup of tea with lemon, ginger (because Pam said it would help calm me) and a little bit of honey. She brought me home, since she wasn't hungry and I certainly didn't feel like cooking dinner (which I do for us nightly) where I proceeded to drink another 2 cups of tea prepared the same way, and ate two slices of toasted white bread.

Since that awful Friday, I haven't been sticking to the SBD very well. I feel like I've skipped over phase 1 of the diet and right into phase 2, where I eat fruit, and usually only one side of carbs per day. But I have been very diligent with my working out ...mostly. I skipped kenpo x on Saturday because Pam was busy all day and I left the videos at her place. I suppose I should have done some cardio on my own to make up for it (besides the walk I did to the store) but I just didn't feel like doing much thanks to my still weak stomach.

Moving past my awful Friday/Saturday, I've continued on to my second week of p90x, on day 10! I haven't been eating so well these past 2 days (as in I haven't actually eaten anything more than dinner and a string cheese), but I'm hoping I can start tomorrow off right with some eggs for breakfast, and a real lunch. Wish me luck. =)

~ Jailbot (a.k.a. Lia)