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I want to loose 3 stone, im 16.5 and want to be about 13.5 HELP!

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  • Name: Shane
  • City: Alton
  • Region: Hampshire
  • Country: United Kingdom

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Height: 183.0cm
Start weight: 103.85kg
Current weight: 87.90kg
Goal weight: 84.80kg
Lost to date: 15.95kg
Remaining: 3.10kg

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No training for a year and just eating normally

Ok so it looks like I need to keep training to keep my weight off.  Seems like the only way my metabolism is going to keep working.  I have an office job and no longer in the armed forces so its easy for me not to have to attend the gym to keep my job. 

I noticed my middle tyre coming back, so now its time to get shot of it again and get below 13st.  I intend to do it by cycling to work everyday and taking a different route each morning.  Living in London there are not so many hills as there used to be in Hampshire, so a harder work out is required. 

I've dusted off my treadmill and started doing intense core exercise.  Having 3 Pizza outlets on the road I live on is really, really bad for me being a pizza lover.

Wish me luck.

How I lost 2 stone in a few months

Since the last time I posted on here I have been floating around 16st for a long time, but it was not until February this that I started to do something about my weight. 

Up until Feb, I used to only walk a few steps a day, maybe 3 to the car 25 to the office, a short walk to the coffee shop and then 25 back to the car, then 3 in to the house.  Maybe walk around the shops with the wife but not much more.

So I decided to do more, I walked about 3 miles a day, and worked out on the cross trainer for 45 minutes for 2 months.  My diet included potatoes, vegetables and some lean meat, like steak or chicken,  on some days I had the odd small plate size pizza and chips, but made sure that I had some vegetables for an evening meal.  The only fluid I drank was water and plenty of it through out the day.  Maybe around 2 litres some days more some days less,  but nothing else.

Before I started I was 16st 5lbs and now I have been floating around 14st 6lb now for the past 3 weeks.  One thing that I didn't do was look at the scales during that time.  When I got on after the two months, I was shocked and I was very pleased.

I have not stopped what I am doing and hope to get to my goal weight in the next few weeks, which is 13st 5lb. 

I have not eaten less, in fact I have eaten more, but more of the right stuff.  Not sure if I can say this, but I would advise cutting out the McDonald's,  despite what they say about the healthy option its just as bad for you as the Mega MAC.  Want to lose weight avoid it like the plague. 

Feeling hungry have some more veggies,  fruit has natural sugars in so I would steer clear.  Drink water and lots of it.  It is the bodies natural detoxifying agent.


Cutting down

Just by cutting down on my food intake of Chips and take aways, I have lost over all 11lbs :)  No exercise  yet.

Cleaning out the cupboard

To day have been cleaning out the cupboards ready for the big push on Monday.

Monday - reason visiting parents at the weekend and will be munching on food they have in for me.  No food is better than mums food.

Well a little bit of weight has gone on, but I think that is due to the amount of juice I have drank this weekend. 

Monday Fitness Starts..... wish me luck


Mr Weezy




Day One.

Well this is the first step in getting my new body, signing up here.  Over the past few weeks I have been scoffing take-aways because I am at a low with my weight, have been this size now for 4 years and need to shift it.

Tomorrow I am going to dust off my stepper and abs trainer and get the weights out of the garage.

Not done any exercise today just had my last day of sugar and rubbish food intake.  Time to make a new start.

If you guys see me slacking mail me and boot me back into action.  Im a PC guy most of the time and have no enthusiasm to do anything that requires starting my heart beating.

Just done a body mass index and its 31.1  Ahhhhhhh im FAT.. Maybe I am just big boned.

The wife wants to join JIM, who is he for a start, either that its a swear word....