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Height: 167.6cm
Start weight: 212.00lb
Current weight: 206.00lb
Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: 6.00lb
Remaining: 71.00lb

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I am going to start P90X tomorrow and I am a little nervous because I haven't worked out regularly in quite a while.  All I have heard is that this is an intense program and you'll be sore for the first week or two.  My concern is I will do the program and not lose any weight because I am unable to follow the eating plan along with it.  I decided I should try it anyway and see what happens, however nervous I am. 

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You can do it!

I have tried to post this or one like this 3 times now. Sorry if it shows up that many times but it is not showing up on my end lol.
You will do fine! I know someone who has been using the P90X and she looks beautiful! She has lost a lot of weight and her whole body is lean and tone. Her stomach is flat and she has abs now. Total transformation for her. I was thinking about getting this too but I had already bought Hip Hop Abs. I have not used this like I should yet so I can really say anything about it. Right now I am using the elliptical trainer more so I can burn a lot of calories and have the energy to do the whole workout with Hip Hop Abs instead of giving out after 15 minutes. Sending lots of luck and energy your way!

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