Tired of being the 'fat' girl

I have been the funny, fat girl all my life. I'm tired of not go

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  • Name: rhonda68310
  • City: Beatrice
  • Region: Nebraska
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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 363.00lb
Current weight: 345.00lb
Goal weight: 199.00lb
Lost to date: 18.00lb
Remaining: 146.00lb

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Day One here...

Well, this is day one of my blog, but my journey actually started on December 6, 2010. since then i've lost 18lbs!! I'm serious this time about losing weight, enough is enough. I'm tired of being the 'fat' friend. I'm tired of shopping at the 'fat' stores. it's time i do something about this. I don't want--nor will i ever be a skinny bikini model, but there's NO excuse for me being the size i am. I'm embarrassed to go anywhere, i'm ashamed of my body when i'm nude.... you know how it is, i don't need to explain all this to you... I've started a weightloss support group on Thursday evenings at my house, we get together and talk about what's working for us, what's not, we share recipes, etc etc.. it's a good time, there are 4 of us that get togehter... Well, that's enough for now, see you tomorrow--oh yeah, weigh in's are Wednesdays :)