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"try not, do..or do not, there is no try" - Yoda

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Height: 161.0cm
Start weight: 94.40kg
Current weight: 89.50kg
Goal weight: 65.00kg
Lost to date: 4.90kg
Remaining: 24.50kg

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13 things to do by 40 update

Ok, So I am now 41...  but I have crossed a few more things off the list!

1.            Go through everything I own and purge myself of the things I either don't need or want anymore. Donate what is in good shape and could be useful to someone else – COMPLETE
2.            Run a 5k fun run event
3.            Hire a convertible for a summer weekend road trip
4.            Go to the opera - COMPLETE
5.            Pay off my personal loan
6.            Read 10 more books from the BBC’s top 100 – in progress
                                       i.    Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
                                      ii.    The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins
                                     iii.    Dune - Frank Herbert
                                     iv.    Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
                                       v.    Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray
                                     vi.    The Color Purple - Alice Walker
                                    vii.    Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert
                                   viii.    Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
                                     ix.    Middlemarch - George Eliot
                                      x.    Birdsong - Sebastian Faulk
7.            Have a ‘boudoir’ photo shoot
8.            Swim with dolphins – COMPLETE
9.            Grow my own herbs – COMPLETE
10.          Do a cooking class – COMPLETE
11.          Graciously accept compliments – COMPLETE
12.          Have golf lessons – COMPLETE
13.          Have a makeup lesson – COMPLETE
14.          Have a wardrobe assessment and shopping trip with a stylist* –COMPLETE
15.          Take art class** – COMPLETE
*Replacement for #5. Purchasing new home rules out completing #5 in the timeline.
** Just in case my hip stops me running the fun run (though I would like to still walk it at least!) I have a back up activity

Quick Hi


I stopped blogging and started doing...

I do miss you all...  but I had to refocus my energies.

I have lost a little weight...

But more importantly I have started seeing a fabulous physio and my hip is getting so much better.

My goal is the 100km Oxfam walk next April.

Life is great.

I will try and get back to see some of your blogs this weekend, but I would love to hear how you are going if you wanted to leave a comment...



In 2011 I am going to fix my hip.

Then I am going to start walking.

Then I am going to do the C25K.

Then I am going to do fun runs.

Then I am going to run further and faster.

In 2013 (possibly 2012 I will walk it) I am going to run the 14.2km 'run for the kids' fun run in Melbourne.

And while I do all that I will be losing weight!


I was just asked by my psychologist what my goals were for 2011.

Not something I had thought about really!  So using my ‘wheel of life’ categories, here goes with where I would like to be by the end of 2011:


My goal for 2011 is to decide where I want to go with my career and have an idea of how to get there


Extend mortgage "buffer" to 6 months (3 months living)


Finish back yard

Replace dishwasher


Be able to have more weekends away with Ian


Lose 14kg to be in ‘overweight’ BMI range


Spend more time painting

Do some online study


Spend time with friends who make me feel good


Spend time with family

Let go more from organizational and fixing role within the family


Keep increasing confidence

Define who I am and want to be more clearly (artist, runner?)

I am still around...

I know I have been MIA again.

It is just that I am really fed up with myself writing my latest ‘plan’ and never following through.

So firstly what have I managed since I last blogged:

I have done 95% of the shopping for my new wardrobe.  It has been such a worthwhile exercise.  By spending time doing research about both what suits me and about ‘capsule wardrobes’ (Gok Wan style where the ‘capsule’ is all you need, not a starting point) I was able to go shopping with a clear plan of exactly what I wanted to buy.  By getting everything in 2 days of shopping I was able to ensure it all mixes and matches.  By knowing what shapes to buy shopping was more efficient and there is nothing that will now lurk, unloved, at the back of my wardrobe.

Shopping for and wearing clothes that flatter my apple shape has given me confidence that I can look good at any size.  Being able to go to my wardrobe and select from a range of items that make me look and feel good boosts that confidence further.

Being confident and no longer hating my body shape makes it easier to be nice to myself.

Knowing that I can dress in clothes that look good on my obese body makes me excited about the options as my body gets smaller.  I effectively shop in 3 department stores and 1 specialty plus size store.  Imagine when I can wear clothes from nearly every store??  That excites and motivates me.

In case you are wondering about what I had on my list to get me through the summer:

  • 4 ‘smart’ skirts
  • 4 ‘smart’ tops
  • 1 casual skirt
  • 1 casual pair of shorts
  • 2 casual tops
  • 1 ‘smart’ dress
  • 1 jacket

I already had 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of ¾ length white trousers and 1 casual dress which worked with my shape.

I did also purchase some ‘shape wear’ to assist in smoothing my curves under some of the new clothes.

Everything is mix and match so the ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ can cross over and cover most occasions.

What else have I done:

  • I listened to my hypnotherapy CD
  • I dealt with my Dad being hospitalised with a chronic infection and 0.00 white blood cells (he is home again now with a count of 1.0 and rising.  He should be well enough to resume chemotherapy on Monday.
  • I am dealing with lots of uncertainty at work.  Management have declared a 6.5 week forced leave period for all contractors (yep, that’s me) from Dec 13th.  This would make it really hard financially.  We are waiting to hear (Monday hopefully) if my team are exempt.  On top of that I have been offered a chance to move into a very different role on the project, this could be my way out of software testing.  They will teach me about this other area.  Best case: I love it and a new career path is born.  Worst case: I hate it and go back to test management.  No need to guess that I said I was interested.  It may not come about, but hopefully it will.  It does add to the uncertainty in the meantime though.
  • Agreed with my manager to start and finish early 2 days a week so I can spend time with my DH who is on a very different work roster to me.  Some nights he goes to bed within 30 minutes of me arriving home!

What I am going to do:

  • Switch my core work to evenings.  After the initial delight in my becoming a ‘morning person’ it seems to have worn off!  I am also getting to work earlier so I can leave early which has an impact to my morning plans.  But basically I have done pretty much zero morning exercise in weeks.  Time to change to evenings.
  • Document my food intake.  I just thought – there may be an android application I can use to do that on my phone…  although I prefer not to track calories or points etc so I will really just be looking for some sort of daily list/diary…
  • So in a marathon update, that is what I have an will be up to.

    As usual I am writing this at work, in a word document to minimise my web time in the office, so won’t get to read your blogs.  Maybe this weekend.


    November already?

    It feels longer than 11 days since I last posted.

    I have not moved on with my wardrobe makeover yet.  Having MIL here means lots of activity in my free time.  But she goes home Friday so I will try to get it done over the next few weeks – along with my Christmas shopping.

    We got bad news in regards to my Dad’s cancer last week.  The SIRT treatment has not worked.  On the plus side he has no new metastases to date.  But the liver met the SIRT was focussed on has grown.   Tomorrow he starts chemotherapy again which is the only option remaining.  The surgeon did say to him that it was only a matter of time before the cancer spread as it is pushing against a vein in his liver.  The additional down side of the chemo is that the PIC line that is inserted means no more playing cricket.  He loves playing: my brother and 2 of his step sons play with him and they all have a wonderful time.

    And to top it all off, I fell apart at work Friday.  I was speaking to my step mum and she had lots she needed to say while she didn’t feel a need to be ‘strong’ in front of Dad.  We both ended up crying, but after the call ended my tears didn’t!  I ended up being sent home in a taxi (with a cab charge) by my boss.  I spent time at the beach and then with my mother and nephew.  I logged back into work about 4 hours after I left.  I did feel better for getting it out of my system… but I now have quite a few colleagues tiptoeing around me!

    With regards to weight loss I have barely given it a thought. 

    Oh well.

    Oh and I have read none of your blogs, apologies!!

    My personal makeover

    When I eat ‘naturally’ (ie not focusing on weight loss) I tend to lose weight.

    But confidence plays a big part in that process.  I have to not second guess myself.  I have to feel good about myself.

    In the past exercise has given me confidence, but with my hip that has not been an option.

    Confidence for me comes from many sources, but lasting confidence is mostly from doing things I have not done before.

    This year I took my first (and second) beginners painting class.  I am 40 and for the first time ever I have been described as artistic!  I am even starting to think of myself that way.  My confidence to try new things has skyrocketed as a result.  I knew I would enjoy painting.  I did not think I would have skill J

    Earlier last year I began a process of improving my ‘style’.  It started with accessories.  I noticed how ‘put together’ my Mum always looks with a few simple accessories.  So I got myself some.  And felt better about how I looked.

    Then I went to a ‘stylist’ party where I was told 3 of the 4 items I had with me for assessment did not flatter my shape.  That was followed by a 1hour shopping trip with the same stylist.  I returned most of what I purchased, but I was able to feel comfortable buying skirts and tops to wear for work in winter.  I even managed a fairly good outfit to wear to me Dad’s 60th party (again in winter!).

    I removed most of the unflattering items from my wardrobe.

    But then the weather warmed up!  I researched stylists with the idea of shopping with one for my summer wardrobe.  I applied for a Trinny and Susannah makeover.  I devoured Gok Wan programs.

    I didn’t get the T&S makeover.

    I spent the stylist money on stuff for the house (like paint!)

    So it came down to me.

    So I researched more.

    I confirmed that I am an apple shape.  My measurements say I am ‘straight’ but I am just not!

    I found some great sites.

    I window shopped and tried on a few bits and pieces.

    I reviewed the items in a Gok Wan capsule wardrobe.

    I reviewed what I needed for a summer wardrobe and decided on the number and type of clothing I need (shoes and accessories I will do last).

    While seeing if a maxi dress plus ‘pull me in’ underwear worked (maxi dress alone = 8 months pregnant) I fell in love with one on special that fit one of my key piece needs.  I purchased the first item in my new capsule wardrobe!

    Next steps include a careful review of my current wardrobe for anything that fits into my capsule requirements.  Everything else will be set aside and hopefully given to charity once I complete my new purchases.  And of course the purchase of the rest of the wardrobe.

    Skirts, jeans and dresses I am comfortable with knowing the best basic shape(s) for me.  Shorts and tops I need more research on.  Shorts I have an idea for but need to find and try on some pairs to confirm.

    So thanks to the internet, my family and many hours of makeover TV, I think in the next few weeks I will start to have confidence that I am wearing clothes that suit me.

    And that confidence I believe will lead to me eating less 'comfort' food.

    I am looking forward to that!



    That is my next goal

    That is 10% from my latest ‘low’ weight

    That is my lowest weight for 12 years

    That is a BMI of 30.7 (almost overweight instead of obese)

    That is about 2 sizes smaller than I am now

    That is shopping for tops in ‘normal’ shops

    That is a lot less weight for my hip to bear

    That is possibly running again

    That is pride in my achievements

    That is comfort in my own skin


    Discoveries since I last blogged:

    • Feeling fabulous in the mornings may have been a combination of Concerta and reduced milk proteins.  I started eating chocolate again and I have gone back to struggling to get up in the morning.  Not as much as I used to, but not as good as the first week.
    • I lose weight when I stop eating chocolate.  I stop losing weight when I eat chocolate.
    • Action instead of words only works when you take action.  Action is the key.  Words are irrelevant.  
      • Reduce chocolate
      • Floor work daily
      • Listen to hypno CD
    • Simple actions.

    Blogging break


    Just to let you know I am having a short blogging break.

    Work etc really crazy.

    Will be back soon!

    Thursday odds and ends

    My week has been pretty good.

    Flooring purchased Sunday has been delivered. 

    Wall in family room has been painted by DH. 

    Another coat of paint on the bed frame has still not covered the primer so a 4th, heavier, coat will be applied on the weekend.

    We have tickets (Mum and I) to see the grand final take II on Saturday.

    Hormones influenced some of yesterdays eating choices. 

    I saw my physio again and she did some ‘dry needling’ to release tension in my neck, shoulders and hip.  I am still doing a combination of floor work, yoga and stretching each morning.  She is also going to get me some supportive inner soles to wear in my trainers.

    A few weeks ago I mentioned that I applied for a TV makeover program… well I have been asked to come along to a ‘group audition’.  That will be in 2 weeks… should be great fun even if I don’t get through to the next stage!

    Work slightly less mad this week.  Hope it lasts!