Why is this so hard?

Diabetes + High Cholesterol + Fatty Liver + Family = Not Good.

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  • Name: Rachel211
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Height: 177.8cm
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Goal weight: 175.00lb
Lost to date: -4.00lb
Remaining: 91.00lb

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Starting on Victoza

After a doc apt and talking to my endocrinologist - I have started on a new medication called Victoza. It has been great so far! My sugar numbers are in the non-diabetic range now. They dropped like 75 points in just 2 days. If you don't really know what that means - let me just say, that is huge!!

And I've lost 5 pounds! :)



Attempting a ratatouille type dish! Wish me luck!

(BTW - the kids are watching Ratatouille while I’m doing this)

Oh Salad.....

Salad in a jar!

A while back I saw several pins about salad in a jar. I always hated how soggy salads got when I made them in I advance - but this works so great!! I already had a food sealer and I just ordered the mason jar attachment from Amazon. Sucking all the air out of the layered salad keeps everything good for a whole week!

There was a little adjusting - like feta stays better than shredded cheese, the less sliced items the better (use grape tomatoes!), and crunchy items (like roasted soynuts) will get soft, but for the most part it works excellent for both me and Terry! Fast lunches are the way to go!!

Here we go...

So… here we go.

I used to be “reluctantly low carb” but after a doctors office visit this week he wants the whole family to switch to the Mediterranean diet.

I knew a little bit about it and it sounds interesting. One of the nice parts is having a glass of red wine with dinner every night. ;)

I’m going to try to learn this new way of cooking and I’ll let you know how its going!

The Basics

Greek yogurt - actually good?

Eatin some greek yogurt this morning. I’ve tried it before and wasn’t crazy about it (I’m not a huge regular yogurt fan either) - but this dannon stuff isn’t too bad. They seem to have the consistency and fruit mix pretty good.

Terry had one of the orange cream flavors last night and it was tasty, and this peach one was surprisingly good. I don’t usually care for fake peach flavor but it says on the ingredients ‘peaches’ not ‘peach flavor’ so maybe it tastes better because they actually used REAL fruit for a change. ;)

Only 8 carbs too - so we will see how my blood sugars are in 2 hours!


Mama Mia! That’s a whole lotta Mediterranean goin on! ;)

Well, maybe not the peaches. They are just good.

So I got a chance to hit BJ’s today and pick up some of their bulk olives and artichokes and such. That has got to be the best place to buy nuts. I had made a HUGE mixed bowl once I got home and there was still enough for Terry to take a large container of them to work.

One of the things I purchased (not shown here) was a bunch of frozen fish. I am not a fish eater. That part of the diet is going to be tough. But I got a few interesting non-breaded flavors to try out. I would love to say I could make fresh fish all the time - but I gotta be realistic! Hopefully the kids like them too!

Pasta is Easy!

Made up a recipe - and it turned out great!! :) 

Tomato & Artichoke Pasta

1.5 c grape tomatoes
1/4 c olive oil
1 tbs garlic
5 marinated artichoke hearts chopped
1/2 c sliced olives
1 tbs Italian seasoning
Cheese for garnish

1. Boil a box of noodles
2. In a saucepan heat up olive oil
3. Cut all tomatoes in half and add to oil
4. Wait till the tomatoes have wilted, then add all the other veggies
5. Strain noodles and add veggie oil mix
6. Stir in seasoning
7. Plate and top with cheese of your choice! 

Naan Pizza

Store bought naan + sundried tomato pesto + not very much asiago cheese = awesome flatbread pizza!!