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  • Name: qbert
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Height: 160.0cm
Start weight: 223.00lb
Current weight: 227.00lb
Goal weight: 120.00lb
Lost to date: -4.00lb
Remaining: 107.00lb

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Hello to all of you,

I am happy to report that my calories are on their way back down to 1200-1550. Yesterday I had 1590 calories (50 was from my vitamin) and today the goal is no more than 1500.

I don't have any more weight loss to report yet but my clothes are fitting better and are looser. I will give official measurements on Sunday 'cause it's the start of a new week.

I hopefully will get to the place where I am losing at least 2 pounds a week. Hey, right now I'll take a pound a week. I know I have to stay consistent  with my calorie level to see that scale go down. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so strict, but I didn't get fat overnight. It is going to take time. (*sigh*)


Until later,



Hello Everyone, I hope all is well.

I have done fairly well so far this week. I have been eating 20-100 calories over my 1550 limit, but I will get that in line by Saturday.

I was on the right path eating well, but now It is harder to stop eating some of the junk (ice cream, candy) I have indulged in on my vacation. Next time around I won't give in.

It is much easier to resist something you haven't tasted in a while. As long as I keep counting I know I will stay honest with myself.





I'm Back And On Track

Hi everyone,
I was out of town for a while and couldn't get accsess to the net.
My hubby and I got a last minute offer for a vacation and we just went for it. I did enjoy myself but  I felt lost without the sparkpeople calorie counting website and this blessed fellowship. (Love Ya, Molly), (Love Ya Sis).
It was horrible. I did not have tools to count all my calories this week. I did not realize how important the internet was to me until I couldn't use it.  However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I exercised each and every day of this trip,. Sometimes 2x a day.
  It is my 31st birthday and I  feel I am making some progress. I feel better physically and I am losing inches with my exercise program. I am at least a size 17 on my way down to  a 14/16. Now that I am back in town I am going to be strict on my calorie (1550) and whole food intake. No more white flour/sugar or processed foods for me after today. With determination and help I will make it to the promised land of  4/6 clothing.

Love you all, & Glad to be back,


Everybody Everybody, Everybody Everybody.....

Good afternoon to all. Don't you just  love 80's-90's music?

I Just wanted to thank all of the members of this wonderful site. Everyone is so helpful and honest about  this battle of the buldge.Together we will wiin. Here is my stats:
So far, yesterday I walked for an hour and started my T-Tapp Total workout.  I will do another T-Tapp workout and hopefully get at least a 45min walk in today.

On another note, yesterday I went  300 calories over my 1550 limit. Okay I admit it, it was Chinese food that I didn't even measure.(boo hoo) Than I was up all night with acid reflux. (yuck)
 I don't know why but when I do a strenuous workout sometimes I eat more than I am supposed to.

Does this happen to anyone else?


I know it's been a while.......

I am sorry it has taken me so long to add another post. I am stilll trying to get the hang of the site and it's features. I have added some pictures and will be sure to comment more on posts very soon.
Congrats to all the shriking waistlines everywhere. I hope to join your ranks soon.

Until later,


My first day on the site.

Hi everyone, I was refered by my sister, sistahsunflower. I have 103 pounds to lose on my short frame. I hope to get to goal asap through exercise and eating right.

Hope to hear from all of you.