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Height: 160.0cm
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Remaining: 3st 12.00lb

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Manic - no time to post!

Hello everyone
Hope you are doing really well and have had a great weekend.
I have been manic - family to stay.
I will try to post tomorrow

Crappy day

I have had a crappy day and have eaten crappily too. I feel down and now also disappointed in myself.
On the plus side I had my first weigh inas I want to shift to Friday morning weigh ins and I had lost 4lbs!! Since Sunday!
Despite my grumpy attitude today I have decided that I had a good weigh in, a splurge day and tomorrow is a fresh start to a week. I have until next Friday to lose some more weight :) which is plenty of time to wipe out any damage I may have done today!
Hope you are all well

Just a quick one!

Working today and this evening and so just dropping by to keep focused.
Did well at school as took soup and an apple in to eat at lunch. Had dance after school too so got a bit of exercise in too!
Totally snowed under though and so no time to exercise tonight
Had my treat of a can of fat coke. Gone for a can so the amount is limited and avoid the temptation of topping up if I have a bottle open in the fridge.
Peter cooked dinner so won't have been quite as strict as if I had done it but he tried veryhard and to be honest time was of the essence as he is working too. He knows I am snowed under today so he did dinner even though he has work too. Bless him - he is so thoughful.
Got to go.
Thanks to everyone for comments on the blogs earlier. I will reply when I have time to breathe!
Working at home tomorrow morning so should be able to control my intake and be super strict.
Lou x

I don't want to be 'that fat mum'

In 18 months time my little boy will start school! What a weird thing to write as he is only 2.5! However that is the case! In about 6 - 9 months we'll have to start looking at schools to be ready to apply in November. Hard to imagine we are starting to have serious conversations about which schools we will put down and in what preference.
I will be so nervous for him but also for me. I do get nervous talking to people I don't really know and I shall have to do the whole waiting in the playground thing and just thinking about it makes me nervous!
In fact so much so it is one of the reasons I want to lose weight. I don't want to be 'that fat mum' in the playground. I don't what Harry to be embarassed by me because of my weight as he gets older, for him to be 'the little boy with the fat mum'.
So I shan't be 'that fat mum' any longer. I shall keep focused and full of energy for this and hope that at his nursery he attends now I'll become 'that mum who has lost loads of weight' and by the time he moves to school no one will really be any the wiser to the fact I was so horrendously over weight!
So I have 18 months! I better get a move on - I have a long way to go
Lou x

Fridge scanning!

Today has gone well. I have been keeping up with the water intake. I have a jug in the fridge so I can have nice cold water whenever the urge to nibble kicks in.  I don't know about you guys but I am a fridge scanner. By that I mean that whenI walk past the fridge I often open it, have a scan and then maybe nibble something. It is a terrible habit. I do it when I go to see my parents too. It is like an automatic response! Now I am tryng only to take out the water jug unless it is a meal or snack time! That way I am getting my intake of water in with no difficulty and re-educating my brain about the fridge!
Lou x

A balancing act!

OK so I went for the Thai Curry. It was delicious! I took a small portion and have completed a 40  minute workout this evening to try to make up for it a little!
I feel better for doing that and still feel today has gone well over all.
Here's to Day 3!
Lou x

Curry dilemma! Help!!! Opinions needed!

In a bit of a pickle as we are having curry tonight. Homemade so totally in control of what goes in but the problem is that as we had an indian curry on Saturday my husband wants to have thai curry tonight. It is a mistake in the menu plans but the chicken needs to be used up!
Now the indian curry recipe is delicious and free on slimming world! The thai curry has more slimming world syns in it about 15 to be precise! That is a days worth of flexible syns and I have not had any syns today or yesterday and the menus are syn free the rest of the week. My husband is very supportive and so probably wouldn't mind but because he is so supportive he must really want Thai!
So my question I need help with is do I be the good wife and make thai and just ensure I remain as strict as I have been the rest of the time, or do I insist on making indian curry to be as syn free as possible?
Opinions please!
L x

Have a 'Souper' day! and here's the recipe!

Me and my son just had our lunch - the butternut squash and parsnip soup. It was yummy and I feel very full, as is Harry!
If you want the recipe I came up with

1 butternut squash cut into chunks

3 large parsnips cut into chunks

2 onions cut in half

Dried (or fresh ) thyme and rosemary

4 garlic cloves

Fry light

200ml vegetable stock

200ml water and more to acquire the consistency and thickness you like for soup

Spray a baking tray with fry light and roast the ingredients until soft and parsnip slightly caramelises. It is best to do this no higher that 150*C and let it take its time.

Once they are ready blend them together with the stock and then add in the water to taste blending all the time. If you wanted to you could add milk for a creamier soup but I think it is lovely as it is. Next time I might not use stock and simply use water. I am not sure it needs the stock or maybe not that much.

Sorry it is a bit vague –  but it doesn't actually follow an actual recipe!

It makes plenty of soup but you could freeze it!

I hope you try it and like it!

Lou x

PLEASE stop raining!

Please stop raining! The weather here today is terrible. My son is at nursery and my delivery has just been collected so I want to get the dog walked before I pick him up. I would really rather not do that in the rain!!
Sometimes the British weather makes me want to weep! It is certainly not outside exercise friendly! I know I can easily use it as an excuse but I shall walk her! Might do the DVD rather than run tonight though!

Day 2 and full of optimism!

It is 8:10 in the morning and Harry and I are getting ready for nursery. We have breakfast together most mornings. He has toast on a nursery morning - less mess potential as he's already dressed to go! 
This morning though I shall be avoiding the toast - but toast is so tempting! - and making a more sensible choice. 
I need to do some work when Harry is at nursery but I shall try to do some of my exercise DVD or walk the mutt (if my delivery guy has come by then)
So whilst I know it is early days I feel full of optimism and inspired by so many of you on here. 
Thank you