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I felt that if i documented this, maybe just maybe it would be a

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  • Name: prettyinpurple
  • City: Garfield
  • Region: New Jersey
  • Country: United States

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Height: 160.0cm
Start weight: 242.00lb
Current weight: 234.20lb
Goal weight: 125.00lb
Lost to date: 7.80lb
Remaining: 109.20lb

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Quick update

so ive been sick the past week and a half (think i might have ha the flu) so i havent really been keeping up with my workouts and such

sad to say steelers lost the super bowl lol my friends and i had a super bowl party and went all out this yea

my birthday was on the 7th but i spent the entire day sick lol still sick so i just didnt celebrate it. my sister arranged to come down for the weekend from NY to make it up to me (lol)

i havent done a weigh in so im not too sure where i stand with that, but as soon as im back at 100% health ill be right back on top of things 

im probably going to upload some pictures as soon as i post this

i hope everybody is well!


Day 4: a new week begins on a good note

so its 11:24 and im only just getting a chance to update lol

i woke up this morning and i can honestly say wow im feeling yesterdays workout lol !

im hoping this week is as successful as last week! i just did my weigh in so i have my start weight for the week and well saying im pleased is an understatement !

at the beginning of last week i was 242 lbs 

today i weigh 234.2!


i didnt believe it at first so i zeroed out my scale and reweighed myself several times and each time it read the same number 

so todays weigh in is marked as a success story 

crossin my fingers that i can keep this type of progress up!

i hope you all have a wonderful week!

good luck!


day 3 - part2: gymnastics on the brain

i was thinking a lot about gymnastics today 

i learned the best music to get me going is more aggressive instead of upbeat it makes me want to push myself =]

i jumped rope for 45 minutes to warm up my muscles and get my heart rate up (cant stretch cold muscles!)

i did a lot of stretching today and im finding even though its only been a few days since i decided i wanted to get back into gymnastics my flexibility is coming back relatively fast

my pike stretches are so much easier my right and left splits are almost perfect (gonna start doing over splits to perfect them) but im still having trouble with my straddle split but its improving!

i need to get mats because falling on tiles isnt very pleasant

after stretching my legs i did a few back bends into bridges to stretch out my shoulders 

and then i did wall walks to help with upper body strength

cant throw stunts if you cant hold yourself lol

i need to do some serious work on my upper body strength

i tried doing frog stands and almost face planted so i guess its back to standard push ups lol

(for those of you who dont know what frog stands are its an upper body gymnastics conditioning exercise where the gymnast puts his or her hands flat on the ground with bent elbows in a squatting position and leans his/her knees on their arms and slowly lifts their feet off the ground using only there hands to hold them up, it was one of my favorite conditioning exercises as a kid)

i remember when it was so easy for me to do frog stands and i didnt need to do wall walks either i just went straight into hand stands lol hopefully i can get back to where i was 

not a lot of people realize how brutal gymnastics is lol i can thank gymnastics for me having decent stamina for somebody just starting to work out daily and appreciation for the soreness lol

i was talking to a friend earlier she was asking why i was so excited to be doing all these work outs and stretches and this is what i told her: 

"you had to have done gymnastics to appreciate the pain of falling, stretching until it hurts, working until your body shakes, and most of all smiling through disappointments because you know that just means pushing yourself even harder to reach new goals"

i guess i can also thank gymnastics for my mind over matter mentality and my determination as well

gymnastics can be a nasty sport but ask any gymnast and theyll say the same thing - when it comes down to it they wouldnt quit

theres a lot of pain sweat and tears but when it comes down to it its 100% worth it

nothing feels better than landing a new stunt that you thought youd never get

i miss that feeling

once i hit that mile stone of being able to throw decent stunts again (hell even if its only a round off or a hand spring) i know im going to look back at this and smile because yea its a whole hell of a lot of hard work but nobody can take that pride away the pride of building yourself up and knowing you came so far starting out with nothing but solid determination and support of the people around you

anyways tomorrow is my next weigh in (i do them every Sunday to start off the week) i cant wait to see if ive lost any more weight (crossing my fingers!)

hope everybody is doing well!

a new week starts tomorrow, good luck to everybody!



Day 3 - Part1: Just a Rant.

today was off to a pretty slow start in terms of me being enthusiastic.

i was up pretty late last night, i couldnt sleep

my brother was upset and arguing with his (now ex) girlfriend

i woke up at around 7:30 - 8:00 oclock this morning to type up some paper work for my father 

i wasnt very hungry i actually really wasnt hungry at all, but i know not eating isnt good so i had half a bagel 

i put on some music and was getting ready to get in a quick work out when my brother woke up

he was on the phone with her they were arguing. i feel terrible he truly loves her.

she went to florida with her friend for her birthday, and she didnt even have the nerve to break up with him before she went. she broke up with him last night as she was sitting on the beach 1300 miles away with another guy. hes devastated and its killing me knowing how bad hes hurting.

all my drive was completely diminished seeing him like this. my brother is the type to not let anybody hold him down, but for her, he straightened his whole life out for her, he gave her everything, not only material objects, but he loved her with all he had, and he still does. ive only ever seen my brother cry once in my 17 years of living today was the second time i saw him cry. he may be a jerk sometimes but hey thats what older brothers do they annoy their little sisters, but all in all hes a good person with a big heart and he deserves to be treated so much better than this he treats her like a princess and she treats him like crap. im sick of girls treating him so poorly.

for now im having lunch (a turkey sandwich) and im turning my sadness/sympathy into anger and im going to let it out with a good work out maybe take out some aggression on the punching bag who knows

ill be posting again tonight after i see how the rest of the day goes

sorry this was more of a rant than anything 


Day Two of Blogging: Midterms & Small but Satisfying Results.

so midterm exams are brutal this year i had my english and ecology exams on wednesday (thursday we had off because of inclement weather) and i took my algebra II exam this morning

the ecology test was easy im sure i got an A on it but english not so much the test was easy in terms of me knowing the material but it was just like crazy long so i didnt finish so im a little apprehensive about where i stand with that Algebra II well i pretty much went in blind math has always been my strong point, but this year ive been sick a lot an ive missed a lot of school so i fell behind so i know for a fact i didnt do very well on that 

i only had the first exam today so the second half i had free but i had no ride back to my town (i attend a regional high school) so i spent the 2 and a half hours walking around outside with a few friends of mine 

over all today was a pretty good day

my father got home earlier and told me that he can see im losing weight which totally made me happy he said its showing mostly in my stomach and legs which i know are usually the hardest to get rid of! =] 

anyways i have a pair of jeans im going to be using to show the progress as of 13 days ago i couldnt even get them up all the way (my thighs are huge!) so im going to be trying to fit my big butt into those by like maybe mid to late february out of curiosity i just went to try them on again and surprised the hell out of myself i put them on and got them up all the way but naturally theyre still pretty snug on my thighs and of course i havent lost enough weight to actually button them but its progress! i got them up where as 2 weeks ago they were sitting in the bottom of my dresser drawer unable to be touched! id say these past two weeks have been a success and im hoping i can keep this type of progress up!

well i think this would be a great place to stop for today.

i hope everybody's week has been going as good as mine!

my next weigh in will be on Sunday im very excited to see where i stand!

Thank you all for the support im so glad i found this site!

keep up the good work everybody!


First post. Some info.

this isnt going to be formal...youve been warned.

kay well i'm 17 and ive been big my whole life and i decided i dont want to be fat anymore

im about 2 weeks into my weight loss journey 

my goal is to be just a normal teenager im sick of getting depressed every time i try to find cute clothes

i know with my bone structure i will never be a size 2 but thats no excuse for how big i am

i grew up in a family that LOVES food and i know that i want the cycle to end with me

i want to be able to go out with out being so self conscious of how i look i want to be able to wear a bathing suit with out dreading people seeing me in it

granted i dont look like i weigh 242lbs but i do and it disgusts me

i started out almost 2 weeks ago and i was somewhere between 255 and 260

my next weigh in is on Sunday and well see if i lost any more weight

im only 5'3 so my starting goal is to lose about 60 lbs by August 1, 2011 and get down to  182lbs (just a starting goal)

my ideal weight id say is probably going to be around 125lbs i have a very wide bone structure so i dont think i could go any lower than that with out looking like a walking skeleton so my over all goal is to lose somewhere around 117lbs 

<3 prettyinpurple