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Height: 162.6cm
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Current weight: 140.00lb
Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: 15.00lb
Remaining: 5.00lb

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Hi everybody!

Hey Guys! I missed you all very much.  What is going on with precious? Nothing much.  I am still 140 lbs.  I am eating what I want to eat, and I am still wearing a size 10.  Ok here is the superbowl question.  I don't feel like I am making the right choices.  I mean yeah it is great to eat  whatever and still fit into a size 10 but I feel like I noticed myself more when I was 5 pounds lighter.  So I think I am going to diet again for a month to get my weight back down to 135.  I hope it won't be hard but currently I feel like I am heavier (:inches wise) and I don't really feel great about myself. 

What do you all think?


Did you miss me?

Hey guys,

Sorry I have been missing but I have had my own little drama party going on.  I have a new boss who is "needy" to say the least and I have been a political nerd for the last few months.  So I have been a little busy.  I have been keeping up with you guys through Endurer.

What's going on with me, well I am 140 pounds again so I am back to drinking my water and trying to eat right.  I have been working in casemanagement on the weekends and love it.  So everything is gravy here.  My husband still bitches and complains here and there but he is ok.  I still like him so I guess I will keep him. Atleast he is potty trained(lol) The kids get out of school next week and are going to the YMCA for camp.  Can't wait! they love swimming!  I will keep in touch and I hope everyone is doing wonderful.


Ba rack the vote today!

Remember guys whomever you desire to vote for just make sure if you are able to vote today that you do!

My weight is stable.  I am still around 135-137.  I have not been like the perfect dieter but hey I do my best, well maybe not my best. But I do me. lol.   Why is it so hard for us to stick to a plan to lose weight? I think it is all Mental. 

Well I am going to get back to work now.  Take care and remember to vote!


What's UP!

Hey nothing going on here but the rent.  I have an interview on Wednesday for a nurse educator.  Yeah I know (I thought you liked it there with Endurer) I do but I just like keeping my options open.  I don't want to get comfortable in one position while missing out on another. (You feel me?)

Anywho, I am about to go walking with Endurer.  You know she completed a 5K on Saturday.  She had a blast.  I am so proud of her.  Did I tell her that? No she might get all mushy and shit.  I will just tell yall.

I hope everyone has a fantastic MONDAY!


I have so much going on where do I start?

Hey girls,

Ok last night my husband and I got into a huge argument over my sons spiderman outfit. yes you heard me spiderman messed up my happy home.lol~

I can honestly say that my husband doesn't appreciate anything I have done for him while he has been in school.  I am not sure how I want to handle this issue.  My first feeling is to take all of my credit cards/accounts that are joint and have everything in my name and only leave him with his socks! but lets rethink this....Should my kids suffer because of his dumb ass? meaning when I am at work he does things with the kids.  No money no entertainment no eating out etc.  I just hate that I ever signed the dumb ass contract which stated (I will support you while you are in school).  If I could do it over I would have said ~ good luck with your endeavors! lol For real this argument got really, really ugly....

Anywho, I feel confident that my kids have a more solid future knowing that we both now have degrees and if anything was to happen to me, He could provide for them....Nuff of this shit~

I ate like a fuc*** Pig yesterday.  I felt sooooo ugly inside just dumb ass choices.  I also drunk like 50 pepsi's why (I don't know)...So today I am trying to be good...My appetite is bunkers today.  My stomach and I are not on the same even playing field.  This is how my morning went:

Me: I had chicken minis this morning and a diet pepsi -5pts

Stomach: Are you kidding me? you better feed me Seymore!

Me: I ate 2 small reese cups. -2 pts

Stomach:  Now we are talking, what else you got...

Me:  I went to the kitchen heated up my lunch keep in mind it was only 11:45.  What in the hell am I supposed to do for the rest of the day?  I finally felt full.  -6 pts

Stomach~ Now was that hard?

Getting my stomach to shut the hell up (PRICELESS)


Meeting with the new Boss!

I am getting a new boss today and I don't know if I will like her or not.  Apparently she got this job because she is good friends with one of the directors that works here.  I don't know guys she looks a little suspicious! Anywho it is what it is .

Now back to the "Precious" sorry I have been in and out but the first of the month reports are always due and that takes up a lot of my time.  I'm in a good place right now.  On Monday I weighed in at 135lbs! Guess whose back? anywho today went down hill in a shit basket.  I had a meet and greet with my new boss.  I had a turkey spinach wrap that wasn't bad but then came the desserts.  They had this HUGE brownie that I am nibbling on.  Why can't I just say no?  I feel like if I don't stuff my face I am somehow missing out. NOT! I am just being dammit greedy! anywho I plan to exercise it off with Endurer and maybe I will find some time at home to exercise.

I have a question for you guys.. why do men always think with their Willy Wonka's? This past Sunday I worked 12 hours came home,showered,got the girls ready for school and then got in the bed.  Why did I get a tap on my shoulder from Willy Wonka? You busy....Yes Bitch I am sleep.  Ha Ha of course that didn't stop Hammer!

I tell you men are disquisting sometime.  And I promise I only enjoyed it a little bit....:)



Hi guys,

I am really doing a great job thus far.  I weighed today at 137.  I can't count it because my weigh in day is on Mondays.  I am eating good and counting points and drinking my water.  Hey, yesterday I bumped into this private trainer at work and she said that she was helping a lady who was obese.  She said she was up to 350 pounds and she had lost 50 pounds on weight watchers easy.  Then she could not get the scale to move.  When she asked the lady to write down her intake for the day she found out that the lady was eating alot of 100 cal snacks.  Low calorie, but HIGH protein and carbs.  So she suggested that if you find yourself at a standstill with losing weight to monitor your carb intake.  So what does that mean for people who are on WW and monitor Calorie intake and not Carb intake- the suggestion is to eat snack foods like veggie's/fruits etc. Of course still eat other snacks but alternate in days.  This will give you a change in Cal/Carb. ratio.  I thought that was cool!

My husband is acting like a small turd.  He is feeling the heat a little from being in nursing school (whatever been there done that get over it!) Now he can get a chance to feel a small fraction of the stress I felt when I was in Nursing school.  But he didn't have a newborn baby that he has to breast feed or a toddler who wants all of Mommy's attention but whatever dude, do you!

I'm so supportive,


138 (gotta go gotta go....)

Hey Guys,

I weighed in yesterday and my new weight is 138.  Its coming off guys.  I got my discipline game face on! I want to make one quick statement.  I know 140 doesn't sound like a lot of weight but I don't want to return back to 160-155.  We all have our reasons for wanting to lose weight.  If I offended anyone by crying about losing 10 pounds I apologize but remember this is my blog so if I offend you then stay away! ok that was mean but I want to be able to discuss that I want to lose weight and not feel like I am offending anyone.  Women why do we need to be 2000 lbs. before we are considered overweight or not like our weight or size?

Ok enough of that I love you guys.  I just need support here!  That is why I blog.



Say it aint so....I am still 140 pounds.  I wanted everyone to know that I decided on Monday to change my over eating routine and go back on a diet.  Yes I said the "d" word.  This go round my goal is 130.  I felt that if I was going to do the damn thang I should really do the damn thang! lol Anywho I did 30 minutes on the tred monster.  I read in my tred book that for active weight loss you should work out for 48 minutes not 30 "WTF".  So I am home all this week with the children for spring break.  I am also training for my case management position during this time.  I will try to read a few blogs but it may be next week before I can really get back into the swing of things.  I have decided also that when I don't blog and when I don't calculate points my weight blows up.  Ok Lard Ass is signing out for now! wish me luck I know I can do this.


PS.  Aren't you all tired of Endurer playing cat and mouse? Here today gone tomorrow.  She just wants attention......

Guess what I got?

I have gained 5 pounds.  I weigh 140lbs. WTF.  Its like it happened overnight or something.  Desperate times calls for Desperate measures! Time to get BIZ-EE.... Wish me luck!