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Height: 167.6cm
Start weight: 235.00lb
Current weight: 241.00lb
Goal weight: 130.00lb
Lost to date: -6.00lb
Remaining: 111.00lb

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Superbowl Sunday for Super POINTS

Well, Superbowl Sunday proved to be Super POINTS for me.  I calculated AFTER the fact (not a good idea) and totaled a whopping 69 POINTS (my target was 33 which included 28 daily plus 5 flex POINTS).  Taking into consideration the availability to have a total of 35 flex in additional to my 28 target, I am still over by 6 POINTS for the day and left with no flex POINTS for the week.  I guess when you look at it that way, I still have promise for the week but my goodness, I really went overboard. I did not eat much in junk food and did get in 9 1/2 water servings, 5 fruits/veggies servings, 1 dairy serving, and did journal. In hindsight, I should have journaled BEFORE I went to our friend's home.  It would have better prepared me.

Ok, so I started today out right.  I did a 2 mile Leslie Sansone WATP with weighted balls. This is the goal I set for myself last week when I was doing 1 mile LS WATP ab workouts, to do 2 mile LS WATP weights workouts this week. So, I crawled out of bed this morning, half asleep and did it!  It kicked my butt and felt great. I was so proud of myself when she said, "You've done 2 miles!".            

 So, I look forward to the week and am hopeful for success.  I have started menu planning and mental rehearsing for any challenges I may be faced with. 

New Product and Success

For the most part, as you all know, my husband and I cook from scratch using the best ingredients we can grow or purchase. However, we also like things like pizza!!! We don't have a good take-out pizza place in the area and will often make our own or buy frozen.  Tonight, we decided to buy frozen. 

While driving to the store after work, my mind was racing.  I did not mind having pizza for dinner, if I was careful, I'd have the WW POINTS to do it (breakfast I had 8pts and lunch 4pts). .  I have been doing well this week and did not want to sabbotage myself over one meal. So, my first concern was if I could control myself on the portions I would eat.   The other thought was the fact that the crust would be made with wheat flour. I have a wheat intolerance.  What this means for me is, I can eat it but, it makes me feel hungry, I retain water, and I lose control of my eating because of these side effects.  They make me feel bad inside and then I react by stress eating--are you getting the picture?  If I cut wheat out or, eat it once a week max, things are ok.

So, when I got to the grocery store, I bought my hubby a DiGiorno Supreme Pizza http://www.kraftfoo and bought myself an Amy's Kitchen Rice Crust Cheese Pizza http://www.amys. com/products/ category_ view.php? prod_category= 3.  It was located in the frozen health food section. This is the first time I have ever seen a rice flour crust pizza, I was pleased. I also purchased Hormel Pepperoni http://www.hormel. com/brands/ brandview3. asp?id=54&catitemid=4 to put on my pizza (I would also add the following to it before baking: 1/2 cup mushrooms, about a 1/8-1/4 ounce of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Parmesan, some garlic, and oregano.) The pizza, after I doctored it up was worth 23 1/2 POINTS (21pts for the pizza, 2 pts for the pepperoni, 1/2 pt for the parm reg).

I served salad with lowfat dressing (1 pt salad--enough for 2 veggie servings) with the pizza (I ate half of my special pie) and Stewart's Orange and Cream http://www.drinkste flavors.html (hubby had the diet verson, I had the regular--warning it is 4 points--I was VERY surprised). I also munched on one serving of garlic soy crisps for 2 pts.

So, my :fast food" meal to me, was "good food fast" for 16 3/4 points. In the past, I could have easily eaten 2-3 slices of fully loaded pizza for 27 pts alone! The meal tasted great and I feel happy and satisfied.  I feel like I was able to control my meal and enjoy it!

By the way, during my shopping adventure, I went to the health food store and purchased a few more product I like including ezekial tortillas, brown rice tortillas, and spelt bread. I decided that being prepared will go a long was towards my goals to stay on track and lose weight.

Well, that is it! Today I ate 28 3/4pts of 33 available pts (28 pts 5 flex).  I got in 8 water servings, 5 veggie servings, 2 dairy servings, and 3 activity points (1 mile WATP and a 30 min walk with stairs at work).

I really hope I show a loss this week.  Weigh in is on Sunday. 

So far so good

Ok, so today was good, a bit higher in the points scheme of things but not bad. So, here are my statistics (for today and the week thus far). I think that things although not perfect are not bad either.

Today's Daily Target 33 pts (includes 28 pts 5 flex)

Used Points 38 pts

Activity Points Earned 3 pts

Overage (using activity) 2 pts

10 water servings, 8 fruit/veggie servings, 3 dairy servings, multi-vitamin, 2 essential oils servings


 Week's outlook thus far:

 Sunday: Target 33, Used 35, 0 Activity

Monday: Target 33, Used 31, 2 Activity

Tuesday: Target 33, Used 38, 3 Activity, Used 3 Activity

 Total Week's Target So Far 99, Total Used  104, Activity Earned 5, Activity Used 3

A Really Good Day

I wanted to share what a successful day I had today.  I hope this is not annoying to you all but, it really helps me stay on track. So, here goes...

I started my day with my One Mile Leslie Sansone Abs video, fed the critters, ate breakfast (3/4c cereal, 8oz skim milk, 1/2 banana), showered, dressed, and headed to work. It felt good to work out again.  I took time this weekend to get rest and feel like I have reset my clock.  I also was able to get in a 15 min walk with a colleague later in the morning at work.

 A few things happened today that were minor annoyances and in the past, I may have turned to junk food to deal with my frustrations.  One thing in particular is that I forgot my already-packed lunch.  Yes, I left it at home!  This was terrible because I had it in my daily plan and am really trying hard to stay on track this time.  Rather then going out for a high-calorie lunch (like I would have in the past), I opted to eat the fruit (2 oranges and 1 banana) that I had in my office and drink 16 oz water.  When I got home today, I was hungry.  Rather than grabbing junk and raiding the fridge, I ate the lunch I had packed (catfish, peas, and mashed potatoes). I took a nap, and then made dinner around 7pm (earlier than usual, another thing I am trying to do, eat earlier).  I made chicken fried rice. I also had 16 oz skim milk and dessert--strawberry/banana jello. I got in 12 servings of water, 3 dairy servings, 8 veggie servings, had my multi-vitamin, and essential oils today. I earned 2 activity points and have used 31 of my 33 points allowed (I have 28 regular points and 5 flex each day available to me.) 

 It is now around 9pm and I am full, finishing my water for the day, and not hungry.  I am not craving snacks. I am going to get a good night sleep too and will not stay up until all hours of the morning. I am happy today. (It has been a long time since I have felt in control like this.)

The plan for tomorrow is to get up and workout again, ask my friend to go on a walk at work too.  I will have a similiar breakfast, and have lunch packed (I won't forget this time).

Good Weigh In

Well, I am happy to report that I lost 2 pounds last week! I have decided for this week, I will journal and try to add more exercise in my schedule.

I was so happy to get in two hours of horse-time last night. I rode Whiskey and Wilbur and played with Fosse in the round pen.  We had a truly wonderful time.

A little success today--I think.

Ok, I think this is what could be considered a small success.  I had to come in to work today from 12-4pm.  Well, this morning, I did my farm chores, fed the critters, balanced the checkbook, paid some bills, and then had to get ready to go to work (shower, etc).  By the time I left, I did not leave time for breakfast nor did I pack a lunch.  I stopped at BK for a #1. Whopper with cheese, med fries, med pepsi.  Ok, yes, a bad choice, I know but, I live in the middle of nowhere and it was the only quick choice on the way to work.  Anyhow, I did not eat all of it, I actually ate a few fries (maybe 3 or 4 helpings), ate half of the sandwich, and drank half of the Pepsi.  I threw the rest out! I am not overstuffed, and actually, satisfied.  I do have a bottle of water here in my backpack for the afternoon.

What I learned was, I could easily order a smaller meal in the future and be satisfied and that I don't have to be part of the finish the plate club.  Part of me felt guilty for throwing away the food, I paid for it you know.  But then, I thought, I paid only $5.00.  I could easily afford to pitch it and the cost of it being on my hips would be much greater.

So, there you have it.  Was this a success?  I don't know but, I think so.  Maybe? 

Back to Exercising

Well, I worked out this morning before work.  It has been a long time but, it was worth it.  I just did a 1 mile Leslie Sansone video.  I also mucked out the run-in shed yesterday and that was a true workout.  Wish me luck--I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things.  I did lose three pounds and have kept it off (this is since the holiday buldge).

All well, have a great day all.  I am going to go drink my water and eat an orange.

Horses Heal

After a month without doing anything with my horses (holidays, travel, work, etc.), I was finally able to have a fun day with one of them.  He is my horse Whiskey, a beautiful Arabian gelding (more about him and the horses can be found on my other blog, The Natural Horse Lover).

Our day (more about that below) was fun, made me feel happy again, and I think, made me feel not so ugly and out of control.  I feel ready to start getting serious again about weight loss and healthier eating again.  I even sucked it up and posted my weigh-in numbers.  I think I can put the holiday blues behind me now and move forward. You all inspire me too by the way.

Our natural horsemanship club had a playdate/taping for the Virginia Tech Educational Sunday, an equine event on the last Sunday of February. The club was attempting to capture video clips of our horses and progress we have made, tasks we could do, etc. We will be using it at an event table this year.


 I took my horse Whiskey to the playdate today This is his first playdate without my other horses. He and I were able to perform several ground tasks and then, I rode him. This is the first time in a public forum with many horses, people, distractions, etc (it was also very windy by the way). I can only say that he was a pure gem. I decked him out in his natural hackamore, bareback pad with a red,white, and blue saddle blanket underneath, I tied my level 1 savvy string around his neck and knotted it like a cool necklace, front galloping boots (black), and glitter in his mane and tail. He was SO CUTE (and yes, I forgot to pull out my camera). We worked on obstacles, walking in the arena, backing, sidepassing (which by the way, he did down the middle of the arena beautifully--hopefully someone got it on tape).


 Well, that is the report. It was so nice to get in some horse time today. I love my horse, I love my life.  It is time to harness these feelings and get my weight back in line with the healthy guidelines. I can do it. (I think and hope.)



I am back, sort of

Well, it has been a month since my last post.  Things went okay over the holidays but, not well in the food and exercise department so, suffice it to say, I am a mess. I want and need to get back on track but, am also facing some very stressful things at work and feel like I want to give up altogether.  (I am in a run and hide mood.) I know, I am not exactly perky today, so sorry. I am having a pity party---you probably don't want to join me, it is certainly anti-productive. Anyhow, I just wanted to post and say that I am still here, just not doing too well these days. I'll post again soon. I hope you all are doing better that me.

Finally, I am Losing!

Ok, happy news, I have lost---5 pounds! I am weighing in on Sunday mornings (instead of Friday mornings) to coincide with my Lost Kingdom Yahoo Group (a weight loss support group I help moderate).  I thought that this may help me with my focus. My plan from now through the holidays is to do the best I can and not beat myself up if I am not "perfect".

I am finally feeling like I am getting back into the groove. I feel good about myself (and it has been awhile).  It is funny how the worse we feel, the more bad stuff we do to ourselves (like overeating and not exercising). Something to make you say as one of my favorite natural horse people, Linda Parelli often says, "how interesting".

I did a 2 mile Leslie Sansone Express Walk yesterday and rode two of my horses, Wilbur (the Thoroughbred) and Whiskey (one of the Arabians). I played with my third horse Fosse (another Arabian) on the ground.

So, my plan is to set three mini-goals for the holiday season.  This is a challenge I have posed to my  Yahoo Group, Plus Sized Riders.  I am the group owner and am always trying to think of ways to motivate the other members.

So, here are my three, mini-goals and why:

1. Eat breakfast everyday.  Breakfast boosts my metabolism and gets me off to a great start.

2. Exercise a minimum of 3 days per week, 30 minutes per workout.  If I can do more, I will, if not, that is ok.  Exercising makes me feel better which makes me eat more moderately.  It also boosts my metabolism.

3. Eat less wheat-based products.  I tend to gain and feel yucky when eating wheat-based foods.  I know I will have a few so, I will make wiser choices on what I will eat rather then eating indiscriminately.

Well, wish me luck!  I am looking forward to a successful holiday season.  I am measuring success by maintaining or losing without gaining.