Fighting the Fat...It's Winning.

Hello fat? I don't want to be friends anymore. Thanks. Bye.

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Better Days

I haven't felt this good about myself in a really long time. I am seeing much more change in my body than weight loss. I am almost to my 20 pound weight loss mini goal, although I don't think that I am going to hit the mark this week. I ate out this weekend, but tried to stay on the healthier side of things. Although, it's hard to do that anytime no matter where you eat out. But I feel AMAZING!!! My family is noticing the changes and they are so happy for me!! Weigh in in the morning....hopefully at least 2 pounds down but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully I can make it through what is looking like it will be an intense week and keep up with the working out.
On another note, I was able to get to the park and play with my daughter this weekend!!! I don't know when the last time was that I was able to go out and run and play and have a good time with almost brought tears to my eyes to be able to enjoy the weather and the day with her and not feel physically worn out at is a GOOD DAY and I am looking forward to the better ones to come!!!

Beating the Fat and feeling GREAT!!!

WOW what a week this has been. Well, I love the new job but the hours are running me ragged...Up at 430 am with the little one, out the door at 545 am, and not getting back in until close to 11pm...yeah I'm losing my mind a bit! Being in classes all day, working nights, trying to maintain being the best mom I can be not to mention trying to sustain sanity...but I dare not complain!!! Life is good and I'm feeling great!
I decided that I needed to go ahead with a cleanse. I wake up feeling bloated and I have been cutting out greasy food, fast food, sodas, sweet snacks - yet with the bloated. So I started the Master Cleanse this week and surprisingly I'm doing quite well with it! This is day 3 for me and I am not really craving any food or having any hunger pangs. Probably becuase I'm always running and not really thinking about what's going into my mouth. This weekend at home will be the real challenge...trying to keep from eating out of boredom!!!
And I am please to announce that I have surpassed the 10 pound weight loss mini goal! I am down to 177.2 FINALLY out of the 180s!!!! I can't even say how excited I pants are  loose and I'm down a bra size!!! (BTW I'm DDD, so I have to say that going down a size or 3 is DEFINETLY a MUST!!!) TMI??? Well, I'm just so excited!!!!!

Getting There...

Yay 2 more pounds lost!! Ok, so I didn't make the 5 pound loss that I was hoping for last week, but I lost 2!!! With no working out and just eating healthier, I thought I would be lucky to get 1!!! I'm not hugely disappointed...Yay for losing the fat!!!!
Also, I worked out this morning before leaving the house for about 20 minutes - I was really rushed for time. So I crazy for trying to work out early (4am)before I leave in the mornings AND coming home late and working out again?? I'm just trying to average and hour a day and really fight this fat. Overdoing it or just really dedicated and motivated???

What a week...

I am not at all confident about my weigh in tomorrow. I did really well throughout the week with my stepping outside of the plans I have set for myself. one year anniversary was this week....oh boy with the food!!! I ate off of the "under 500" menu, but the drinks put me over that!!!
And I started a new job this week...YAY for that but not for the scheduling. School all day, work all night, and mommy all in between. Yeah, it's pretty crazy stuff for me right now. I'm doing my best not to cope as usual - with all the cheese or all the chocolate I can find, but that has been really REALLY hard. I haven't been able to work out in about 3 days, and that has left me feeling...blah. It's been a blah day, blah weekend, blah blah blah. Hopefully my lack of stress eating will show me something good on the scales tomorrow...I'm tired of being FAT!!!

Feelin Good!

First official weigh in this morning...3 pounds lost! I am pretty excited and feel soooo good after all the working out that I did last week. Another 4 am workout this morning...thank you BIggest Loser. Wonderful motivational start to the new week...Yay!

New Dawn...New Day!!!

Well, I was completely out of it last night and went to bed feeling workout. But I am SO very proud of my efforts today...I woke up motivated by my 1.6 pound loss in 2 days...again, baby I hoped on the treadmill at 4 AM and followed up with some intense cardio pilates!!! Amazing...1 little pound and I feel like I've accomplished something....the little things in life!!!

Baby Steps....

I don't know if it's just me or if this "lifestlye change" thing is REALLY getting hard. I have been CRAVING a chocolate bar like nobody's business....oh chocolate!!! But, I keep thinkig about these workouts and how ridiculously hard it is for me to just get through 30 minutes - and then I'm back on track. Last night was the most trying so far. I was WAY tired and wanted nothing more than to get a chicken sandwich and a vanilla milkshake and call it a night. Instead, I did an INTENSE 45 minute workout and had a bowl of oatmeal. Take THAT fat!!!! Today, it's a little much work to do tonight not to mention I am feeling every move I did last night...but again, I know it will pay off in the end. It HAS to.

Fat: 1. Me: zip.

My child is three. I have been telling myself for the longest that this thing hanging from my midsection is a residual effect of the pregnancy. DENIAL much??? But no...what I see are the residual effects of the binge eating, the stress eating, the happy eating, the "I'll start working out again tomorrow" eating...yes. I have come to terms with the reality of this situation. I. AM. FAT. Wow. And my three year old is the first one who told me. How's that for reality? But that word. FAT. It's such an ugly word. So I think I will call myself...pleasantly plump in the perfect places. Sounds good right? Or am I still in denial??? Well, if I think of it in terms of grades...right now I have a C, and I want an A. So, my "perfect places" get an NI. I mean, even the perfect of perfect places need improvement after the years sprinkle a dusting of ware and tare over them, right? Well then. I am what I am and am on the way to improving the "perfect places".


Today was my first day getting back on that horse and I felt like I was thrown off and kicked IN. THE. FACE. I couldn't breathe after 4minutes running on the treadmill. Really? So sad. But I did make it (through a combination of running and walking) 20 minutes, and finished up with 30 minutes of beginning level Pilates. I feel pretty good.


And then the chocolate cravings. OH CURSE THIS VALENTINES DAY!!! The sweet milk chocolate candies, dark chocolate chocolates, sour gummies (yes, that's right. I stole sour gummies from my kid's bag and ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF THEM.) I ate at least 6 pieces of candy this afternoon. Sabotage of self....doesn't get any better than that. But I know that I can make this goal. 60 pounds. 60 pounds. I just have to keep telling myself that...not to mention looking at those DREADFUL "before" pictures I took of myself this afternoon!! Wow...I was just craving more chocolate and the thought of the photos...yeah I'm back in. 60 pounds...60 pounds......