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Above 70 again

The activities didn't make me gain as much weight as I thought they would. However, once they were done, these weeks before my exam have not been good once.

One day feels like two, and I eat as though it was. I haven't found time for exercicing, but for eating a whole lot more than I should. Clearly, it's time to change.

It's time to take care of my self, to rest and become focused, I have to start studying like crazy soon! (Starting to wish I hadn't volonteered for so much) 

Tomorrow I'm going to aerobics with a friend, I'm very grateful to have her!
Perhaps I'll get more energy as I start training and stop eating so much, that's how it worked in the passed.

Don't think I'm going to make my small weight-loss goal, but one week later I am going to make it!

Hope you have a healthy day!

Under 70 kg

Under 70kg!
And I lost exactly 3kg!

Now, my weight usually goes up and down a bit, and I have to look for the general trend to see if I'm loosing weight (you can see the ups and downs in my graph), but these past 3 days I've just been loosing it ;) 

(by the way; the platue in the graft is when I was sick, I partly gained weight or lost nothing, but mainly I just didn't get out of bed to weight myself. It was not high on my priority list, getting well was)

This is going to be celebrated with some me time; and my presents to myself for when I got here. Incens and some nailpolish.

I added the nailpolish because I really need a new undercoat and overcoat for all the parties that are coming up.

I'm fully prepared to gain some weight this weekend, and possibly a bit of next week, but  I'm still sticking to my new eating schedule! It seems to be working! :D

Hope you have a good one too!

Losing it!

Almost not sick!
ttom though.

Losing weight again!

I hope to reach under 70 kg soon! Then I'm going to give myself that present!
Perhap's I'll even make it to my 68 kg goal by my birthday in a month 

(I hope I don't turn back up here sunday morning and wright about how much weight I gained during the 20th anniversary dinner I'm going to on saturday, or sunday in a week after another dinner...)

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Getting better

Done good all day, but just ate a bunch of cookies. Approximetly 400 kcal. Did great all through the day though, except on the meeting with the cookies. And then I took some home...

Soon getting well enough to start training, but I'm going to wait a bit. I don't want to get sick again!

Really starting to like soup, and in 2 weeks I'm moving to a room with my own fridge and cookingplace (not a real kitchen). Hopefully that'll really help my eating habbits, not harm them.

Hope you're doing great!

// Ebba

The end of two weeks

Few things are as wonderful as good company, this time I'm reffering to the CultureClubs crayfish-dinner that we had last night (and I was (as president of the club) quite busy trying to make it work). 

My cold has moved from the throat to the nose, which I'm quite pleased with because now I recognize it and can focus on getting healthy. Before I kept wondering what was wrong...

Freshmenweeks are over, a bitter sweet farewell. It's going to be nice to sleep for more than 6 hours. 6 hours were the max, 4h more standard.

I'm behind in school, but I have faith! Same when it comes to loosing the weight I gained back these weeks, but I do worry about making my time goal. My present for when I get below 70 kg is going to be wrapped (by me) today if I find it in my cleaning fit... 

Have a nice weekend!

Why am I wearing clothes?

Hi there.

Today I woke up wondering "why am I wearing clothes?" for no other reason than that it was very uncomfortable. My conclusion; I have a fever. Other clues to me bein sick is; hardly being able to talk, throat hurting, sneezing, no strength, room to hot or cold, and I so long for that old VCR with a NationalGeografic Adventures;Ancient Greece  with the voice telling the story (in swedish) being the wonderful man Arne Vajse, who hosted the swedish Christmas Eve celebrations on swedish television for years. 

By the way, we celebrate more "eves" than "days" in Sweden; christamseve, easter eve, misummers eve etc. 

Health plan going out the window, soups in bags an crackers to be bougt as well as throat medicine today. Atleast the weightloss worked untill now. Only 10 more days of freshman-week! Can't decide wether I'm sad or not...

Hope you have a sick-free day!

Baking soon

NOT a healhty night last night, but I still lost weight this morning??? Must be a result from earlier good work... Guests coming to bake soon! I'm going to try not to taste the dough or the cookies, let's see how it goes! 

Freshmen weeks!

Freshmen-week's going better than expected (this is only day 2 and it is far from over, only 3:30 pm now!) The new freshmen are wonderfully social and excited! I did eat a burger but otherwise it has been a healthy 1½ days. 

Not counting the absurd amount of bread I just ate, portion control is probably going to be a key to futher weightloss.

Cold is coming on earlier than expected, everybody always get sick during freshmenweek. Now it is soon timer for a culture club related meeting at the nation (se some posts below) and then for a second meeting in a different part of town, and then I more or less have to join the "pre-party party", whichi ofcourse is followed by a party in a different location.

Atleast I ride my bike alot during these weeks  Sugar-free soda is my drink today, and a couple of parties ahead. It's good to have one of the people in the welcoming-group sober, and to be frank most of us are in my group but not always in the others. Nevertheless someone's always sober in every group, and I really don't mind being sober. I didn't drink at all during my freshmen-weeks and had tons of fun anyway!

Now, time for that pre-meeting that I'm not looking forward to :S

Wishing you a healthy day! 

PS: I've also started doing Yoga in the morning, about 15 minutes-½ hour, it's strangely addictive!

Cause and effect

A special time of the month combined with my parting with my family this week did result in me eating more than usual. Not only were the breakfasts long, and I ate over several hours, even though the food could have been eaten in 30 minutes. No, we also had a delicious farewell-meal.

The farewell-meal, in itself a bit bad but nothing that I wouldn't allow my self to eat during usual circumstances , was followed with 3 delicious bites of rich chocolate in front of the TV. A movie, family gone to seperate parts of the house, later the choclate intake had increased drasticly. My stomach actually hurt.

Not being able to exercise due to cold and drinking lots of hot chocolate (ttom) did not improve results...

Nevertheless, I did get my lowest weight in during that time, but back in my dorm room I've now gotten into the habbit of bad food, which for me means adding sugar to every possible snack (quite litterary I'm ashamed to say). 

Today I meet my friends from the University during a day with instructions and a night of dinner and partying that follows. We're going to prepare for the welcome-weeks, when we welcome new students. 

In reality that means late nights and, with all probability, bad food for 2 weeks. I'm also starting to realise that what time of day I weigh my self makes the scales differ with about 1 kg. Next problem; When and how often to weigh oneself?

And more importantly; how to reduce the sugar....

Monday appointment

Hello, nice to see you!

Yesterday I went training in the morning for 45 minutes, and then went to someone I have not been looking forward to seeing; my dentist. I've never been scared of the dentist, but this is the year when I start paying for my dentalcare   (I turn 20 in october) and my wisdom teeth have started to come in my lower jaw.

My mother never had any wisdom teeth (Lucky!) and my father had great trouble with his... Turns out one of mine is growing straight up, (good going tooth!) while the other one is crooked.The order in which they do any healthcare in sweden, including dental, is that they don't do anything until they have to.

Which in some cases is the best option, and don't think I don't like our system because I do, but still it would have been nice if my dentist had atleast told me to come to another checkup in a month or something... Instead she said "It's going to hurt and when it hurts your going to want to go to the emergancy". I'm hoping that she implied that they'll take it out then....

Other than that she was very nice and friendly, and although the x-ray procedure always hurts, it was a nice visit. Now I'm back in my parents home and my brother's mowing the lawn. Going to the gym tomorrow, and taking a day of today in order not to stop training once school starts...

I'm not quite sure how I reached that conclusion, but it probably made sense then. Now a snack and later a walk.