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Spritely Enough for Zumba?

I just got home from my very first ZUMBA Fitness class, and GOOD GRIEF... What an experience!
I've often wondered how many calories I could burn if I just went out dancing all night, since often after an all-night Salsa-club fest I've been sore the next day.  So, apparently tonight my question was answered:  Zillions!  At least, it feels like zillions. 
The Zumba instructor might be all of four-feet, seven-inches tall, but she is ALL Energy.  A bouncing, shimmying, sashaying ROCKET of energy with a headset-microphone and a boombox.  I've always loved to dance and have prided myself in the past on being able to use my ample hips for at least something good: Latin dance.  But tonight, I looked like a complete SPAZ!  It was fun, don't get me wrong, but I literaly aplologized to the ladies behind me for what they were having to look at during the duration of this experience.  NOT quite as Spritely as I thought... 
I really enjoyed it, though.  Good music, good attitudes, and a GOOD workout.  I can't wait to see some results--both in improving weight-loss and my dance "skilz." 

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Zumba is by far my most favorite workout.  I can't say enough about it because I do lose more effectively when I'm staying with it and it makes me feel good. Must release all those chemicals that make a body think happy thoughts!  I'm sure you didn't look like a spaz - just move even if you don't know the steps and they'll eventually come more naturally.  Every one started off new at some poinnti. If I don't know it or can't keep up I just cha cha until you get to the next steps! LOL I'll bet spritely will be a word for us both to use soon!


At least you are going.  It probably doesnt matter how accurate your moves are. As long as you are moving you are fine. Keep up the great work!

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