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  • Name: Nadalie
  • City: Saint Paul
  • Region: Minnesota
  • Country: United States

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Height: 157.5cm
Start weight: 220.60lb
Current weight: 186.00lb
Goal weight: 135.00lb
Lost to date: 34.60lb
Remaining: 51.00lb

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The day comes to an end

don't I sound all analytical...ha

so yeah, I drug out the Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD and O.M.G.  I now know without a doubt that I don't ever want to go on Biggest Loser!!!  HOLY COW!!  I only made it for 20 kicked my arse!!! SHEESH!!!

I'm also VERY SORE from my trainer yesterday - it got steadily worse as the day progressed.....lordy.....

so yeah, tomorrow I hit the gym!!  WOOHOO!

100% POP! GO ME!

Gym baby

I did it!!  60 minutes on the ellitpical - and OMG my legs hurt!!!!

Otherwise a POP day! YAY!  Why am I not in bed?????

Getting hungry - should prolly go soon before I do something stoooopid!! 



this going back to work stuff is for the birds! SHEESH!

I'm exhausted and going to bed early tonight!

I did not make it to the gym but I did a one mile walk with Leslie (WATP).  I also got my BIggest Loser workouts today so I am attempting them on Sunday prolly....I'm going to the gym tomorrow after work and on Friday as well.  Most likely on Saturday too after my WW meeting sooo that leaves Sunday!  I'm excited to try them!  I also got the fitness book for when my time with my trainer ends (which is only 4 more sessions so after Friday - only 3!!!).  I'm ready to fly solo.....

okay, exhausted as I said and off to bed!!



First day of the New Year!

WOOHOO!  I'm 100% OP - I even rode my recumbent for 30 minutes! YEAH!

The bad news is - I have to go back to work tomorrow - UGH!  I so don't wanna go but at least it is that sense of normalcy that I need to succeed!

So, that means it's time to get back to the gym too!  I've joined a challenge to do 1000 minutes of exercise in January- that translates to 33 minutes per day!  I can so do that!  Especially considering when I do go to the gym I'm there for an hour!!!

And my own personal challenge - to be in ONEderland by Valentines Day!

Alrighty then - I'm off to bed coz, ya know, I gotta work

Welcome 2008!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

so tired

and no idea why....sheesh

at any rate, Day 2 POP under my belt!  I was trying to finish up my journaling at WW and the site is all funky!  Starting next Saturday I'm going to journal on paper AND online just so I know I got everything!

Man, I could sleeeeeeeeeeep so I think I'll go to bed now - good grief!!!

Day 1 POP

Feels good to be POP again! 

So, my goal is ONEderland by February 14, 2008!  I can do that!!

Just wanted to post that I had a successful, albeit busy, day!!


Back to it

I face the scales tomorrow to view the damage I've is what it is and I'm okay.  I know I can do this!!!!!!!!!

So, back OP tomorrow and back to doing what I need to do to get healthy!!!

I'm ready!


While I do love the feeling of the season, I cannot be happier about it being over!

WIth that said - I've stayed OP today too - *whew* - I think it was actually easier getting back OP than I thought....which is a good thing!  I think that icky tummy helped a lot!

At any rate, I don't EVER go out or party on New Years soooo my "holiday season" is OVAH! YEAH!  I plan on going to the gym tomorrow too - I've put it off wayyy too long!!

Anyway - I'm off ...need to do a bit of laundry.....haven't done much today which is good!!!


sick all night

last night...

man, my tummy has been yucky today I was kind to my tummy - ate light and healthy and feel a bit better for it....

I was going to wait until Wednesday to get back OP and in a way, I really can't start fresh until Saturday as that is when I reset my points and I don't want to change days - but I am going to track daily and do my best to only eat my Target Points between now and least it is SOME damage control.

I'm so ready for 2008......

hope you all have had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS EVE



I'll check in tomorrow night to post how I did