Dropping pounds and taking names

So...how many L-B's have you lost?

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  • Name: Mollianders
  • City: Tallahassee
  • Region: Florida
  • Country: United States

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Height: 180.3cm
Start weight: 200.00lb
Current weight: 194.00lb
Goal weight: 160.00lb
Lost to date: 6.00lb
Remaining: 34.00lb

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Weigh in...

Today I went to the wizard and learned that I lost another 5lbs this week. Amazing what a little working out and eating well can do to you. Now that I am spending this money I feel forced into succeding and making it to my goal weight. I have 6 weeks and I know that I am not going to be able to make it to 30lb lost in that time so I am going to extend one more month. This way I have ALL the tools to be able to make my goal by the beginning of the year. I have been tracking my food on calorie counter and I have been busting my rump to get things done around the house (in my mind I am burning calories!!)  So that is the update!

Back in the game...Thanks to SWIMKATT

So I wanted to begin dieting again but I couldn't because of my battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma over the last 6 months. I gained 15 lbs during the 6 months of treatment, but I am cancer free and that is ALL that matters!
WAYYYY back when, I met one of my bestie on here, swimkatt, needless to say, she and I became each others rock during our weightloss journey. I flew her to FL and she took all the photos for my wedding.
Well at the end of my treatment, she began working out like a mad woman and I was jealous because I was not cleared yet.
Last week I was cleared and I began my diet. Today was day 7 and WHALA....5.8lbs down! I ATE HALLOWEEN CANDY TOO!!!
Two mommas on a mission to be FINE!!!


Slowly I am losing but hey I am losing. Many people are noticing and that feels great! The fact I got into my pre preggo jeans is amazing to me! I know they are a 14 but still better than the 18 I bought when I had Olivia.
Updating and weighing more often!

NO weigh ins for me!

I have decided that I will not be going  to the weight loss doctor anymore. Reason being is that the 29.00 I spend there can be going to my daughters formula, diapers and college fund! I lost a lot of weight before and I know that I am capable of doing it again. I need to do it the cheap way and the right way. If I get to the point of a huge plateau again, I may consider going back! It is tough, really tough with working as much as I do.
But I am in the game and I WILL STAY FOCUSED!

Missed my appt and scared to go WI!

So last tuesday I was supposed to go to the Dr to WI. Well I ate crappy over the first weekend of WL. I need to get back to the Dr this week to WI. I have eaten well this weekend. My birthday is Wednesday and I got My Fitness Coach from DH. He knows that I have been wanting it. I attempted to do it and Olivia went into full meltdown mode. So needless to say I did HALF of the profile making on it. Now there is NOW way at this hour that I am going to do it. I am going to try to do it in the morning after her first feeding and while she is doing her first nap. DH is normally sleeping so he won't make fun of me.

Day One complete!

Today was the start of the lose the baby weight diet. I did pretty well. I think and know that I could have done better. There is a fault to this diet and it is that I feel one hundred miles per hour! I am hungry right now but I am fighting the urge to snack!

Baby Roche (Olivia) is here and 5 weeks old!

So this means I need to be on this diet  wagon! I went to the Dr today and I am all clear to be dieting like a crazy woman! I am going to clear my weight and I am going to be starting at 211! Hard to believe 10 months ago I was 176 and looking damn good for my wedding. I am starting and going to be working hard to make it to my goal of 100lbs of weight loss. My ultimate goal is 165! I know I can make it and I will make it! So it is off to the races and tomorrow starts day one!

Baby Roche will be here in less than a month

So I weighed at my last Dr appt and I was 230! I freaked out and cried so hard, but I know the weight gain is for the good of our baby! I wanted to start blogging again because as soon as this baby is born I am back on the dieting hard core. I miss how I looked! I felt pretty. Now I just feel big and pretty! I have just about 30 days to go! I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule so this means instead of Jan 29 we are looking at Jan 16! So exciting!


Sorry for not posting for so long for those of you that check on me!

Update on Mel and Baby Roche

So I have officially gained back 26lbs and I am 26 weeks pregnant. I know that after the baby is born I will have no problem losing the weight again! I am determined to get to my original goal of 165 and have lost 100lbs of my original weight! It is the hardest thing to gain weight but I am creating a life by gaining and I know that I am not eating all the unhealthy things I used to eat! I miss blogging but I am afraid that I will be watching EVERYTHING that I eat and I became obsessive about it before and I can not do it again. I will be back on soon enough! Will check back again soon!

Im gaining...

and freaking out! I am up to 190. I was 185 when we got back from our honeymoon. I am sure that had to do with drinking. I have been eating well for the most part through my first trimester. I am so scared of gaining yet I want to be able to not worry about it and have a healthy baby! Swimkatt did it, I can do it! Love ya T