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Seriously, something has GOT to give...and it HAS to be me!

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Monday Ramblings

As you can see, I have not blogged for a long time on EP. I am in a tail spin of sorts. I cannot seem to lose any weight, track my calories, exercise (because of the foot pain), and a little depressed. I went to the doctor on Thursday because I was hoping that he would be able to tell me if my ankle pain was the result of my tripping down the garage door steps...he didn't even look at that. I am not sure if he was in a bad mood or what, maybe not a morning person...but I am totally not happy with the appointment. I have a physical appointment on Wednesday and I am going to have them look at it too. It isn't swollen or anything...it just hurts almost like I strained a muscle of something. Anyway, as soon as my foot starts hurting, the ankle starts more too. Making it REALLY hard to walk on my left foot.

The garage sale Saturday was not very productive financially. I think I made $130...and spent $130. Most was on stuff that I really needed and could use (except the Little Tykes car for DS), but it is still frustrating. I do have about 12 boxes to donate, but now I just need to load them in my car. After I do that, and take the 8 bags of aluminum cans to the recyclers, the garage will look much better. I probably should do that while DS is sleeping! LOL

I am trying to look at this as a new week. A new week of goals, vision (if I can get one), and motivation. Can I lose 50 lbs by December???? Let me do the math....50 divided by 5.5= a little over 9 lbs a month. LOL...I cannot lose 9 ounces a month. CRAP! I really need to do it though. I will be happy if I can lose the 50 by January 1 too, because in December it will be more vanity pounds as Jillian Michaels calls them. ;)

I just do not know HOW to get a focus. I have sooooo many irons and plates going that I seem to only be able to run on ER mode. I know and understand that there are people with bigger obstacles than me. We are all in different "boats", but our goal is the same. Lose weight, become healthy. With that goal in mind...it should at least be 'easier'. But, alas, it is not. Exercise is a part, eating is a part, emotions are a part, commitment is a part, what I am trying to say is that there are MANY parts. Some parts are not a problem for some people, other parts are bigger for some than others. I guess I just need to find out what parts are MY problem (I am thinking ALL of them)!

With all of that, 900 interruptions, and eating lunch right now (tomato soup made with milk with a slice of Pepperjack cheese). Probably not the best of lunches...but better than the Big Don's sub from Donato's that I wanted!!! LOL ;)

I have a lot of things to do this week and today. Here is a partial list. I know that I will be adding more.

Take out van seat
Load yard sale stuff (Tuesday)
Take yard sale stuff to drop off place (Tuesday)
Take cans and chairs to recyclers (Wednesday)
Take chairs apart for recycling (Tuesday)
Get stuff for Mary
Take TV from KM's room to curb
Take out bulk pickup stuff
Gather trash
Take can to curb
Change our bedding
Change Brianna's bedding
Write out questions for doctor visit
quick pedicure-DONE (myself..so not a good one even) LOL
New shoes (Tuesday)
Drop off Dad's bag of stuff (Wednesday)
CR ONeal about rental-DONE
Call about jewelry buying-DONE
PT places-holding off til July after insurance changes
PT appointments-holding off til July after insurance changes
Call Urban Active about summer rates-DONE
reserve library books-DONE
write customer letter-DONE


Finally getting my part from NordicTrack. Good thing I am not using it right now due to the injury. I did learn something from all of this...just like DH always says...don't buy new technology the first year! ;)


If I didn't have a migraine it would be even better. I really never understand why *I* get excited because it is Friday. Being a stay at home mom...Friday really doesn't mean that much, other than I will be even busier! I have more people to attend to for the next 2 days. I have church to go to, horseback riding lessons shuttle, volunteering to do, and the normal chores that are here Monday through...well, Friday. The spark just isn't there.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love it that my husband is home on the weekends. It is just that even he says that the weekends are just too busy. He has things that he needs to do to like lawn mowing. I did the first one of the season, but I just really do not do a good job. Our mower is long and heavy and I just cannot control is like him. I do try though. If I get a chance today...that might be something that I do for him just so he has a free hour. Now, I cannot do the trimming because I have no idea what the mixture is that is needed, and both of our trimmer leak... YUCK!

Last night I made lasagna for dinner. About 10 years ago, Prego pubished a recipe in the coupon section of the Sunday paper that I clipped out. I had made lasagna before this recipe, but found that is was way too time involved and sort of messy. After this recipe was published, I make it a few times a year. The only thing different with this recipe is that the noodles are not cooked beforehand. That made me a lifetime lasagna maker! When I told this to our Italian friend, he about died! WHAT?? Not cook the noodles? And, HE makes his sauce from scratch! Then, I explained that the noodles soaked up the residual water and flavors making it taste even more awesome. Next time he made it...no cooked noodles. His parents noticed the difference right away...and it was a good response. Look, just shaved 30 minutes off his time too! (And his lasagna is the BOMB!!)

So, anyway, I made lasagna and it was the best one I have done yet! I don't measure well when I cook. I get that honestly off my grandmother! And, I have a hard time cooking for under 6 people. Another gift from her. I made a 13x9 pan of lasagna, heaping over the side, for 3 'adults' and a toddler. Can you say leftovers? LOL I sent home a huge slice with my mom, called the neighbor and sent home a huge slice with her, and still have 3-4 servings! But, like I said, it was the best one ever!! The thing I did different is I cut up meatballs (into 1/16 pieces of a 1.5" meatball) and put in two layers. Then, I always use two different flavors of sauce (3 cheese is a staple and last night was fire roasted tomato), cottage cheese, and mozzarella cheese...baked it for 1.25 hours...and done. Took 10 minutes to put together (not counting the cutting time for the meatballs) and 1.5 to be on the table! Wow, my mouth is watering discussing it. I better change the subject! emoticon

As for my list, it went well yesterday, but I knew that I was not going to get a lot done! I had things on it that are just not a priority. Today, will be much of the same. I do have a few people coming to get some things out of the garage, and that will help my efforts. I am in a major dejunking (or what I like to call de-crapifying) spree. I truely think that it would be much easier if I just take the stuff that I use daily, the stuff that I really am attached too (husband, kids, dogs included) and have a huge tag sale and let everyone else take the rest! I just am sick of all the stuff!! I have slowly been decluttering for years now! I am not a hoarder, but with homeschooling, you just collect stuff. Stuff that you plan to use, want to use, looks interesting, and then, you lose it and find it WAY after the fact. THAT is what I am dealing with. Also, lets add that DH and I are recovering packrats (more him than me and it is for stupid stuff). Like, for him, he thinks he needs to save every computer part box that he buys for his computer. We actually have a box of boxes for parts he no longer has...but we cannot throw them out until he is SURE he doesn't have it somewhere else. Good Grief!! LOL Me, I collect books, homeschooling stuff, and "momentos". *SIGH* I also have collections...he does not. I did have a shot glass collection that I sold a couple of years ago...so now I just have my penguin collection that is on CraigsList still (has been for about 9 months now). There are only a few I care to get money out of, so that may be my next doantion! LOL

Well, here is my list since I am just rambling...

Balance checkbook
Wipe off counters
Spray around house
Go through contacts for painting
unload dishwasher
load dishwasher
run dishwasher
meet people from CL
oil change
DD shower
get gas for mower
mow (maybe)
make list for store
go to store
dust LR
clean toilets-DONE
put away clothes

I think that is it. I am hoping to get something decluttered too, but if not, I will get some done this weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!! emoticon

Foot doctor, TO DO list, and Exercise...*sigh*

This is part of the list that did not get completed yesterday....

make a goal list for the challenge (HOW am I going to lose 18 lbs??)
make pages for sample album
change air filter in furnace
finish flower baskets (need more flowers)
plan backyard deck
put away clothes
vac LR
vac kitchen
write letter to self
unload dishwasher (DD)-DONE
figure out which pics I want where on the website (my site...not the homeschool site)

Here is what I am adding...

load dishwasher
run dishwasher
clean off island
dinner-planned (grilling out if not raining)
frame military awards for DS's room
clean up kitchen

That is it...however, I am thinking a lot of this may be a weekend list too.

I went to the foot doctor this AM...with good news and bad news (of course)...

Good news
**EVERYTHING is fixable without surgery (at this time)
**pain is somewhat gone because of the cortizone shot that I got
**prescribed prednisone for inflammation (which is good because I have a pain on my right side that hurts every hour of every day...and that will take that pain away for the time I am on it too)

Bad news...
**no walking/exercise for the next 3 weeks (probably longer according to him, but we are going from this appointment to the next first)
**no barefoot walking (or for me sock feet walking and no Crocs)
**torn Achille's Tendon...so stretching exercises 1 minute, each foot, four times a day (the stretching part is a good thing)
**Prednisone (DH and I are TTC...sooooo, this med is not a good thing)

I am totally thankful that God put this doctor in front of me. I learned a lot...like I have an extra bone in my left foot (that is not the reason it is hurting...it is genetics and I guess a lot of people have it), I was not totally stretching (AKA not stretching properly) my calf and Achille's Tendon which did not help with the tear (but it did help tear it on the treadmill), and that my foot structure is excellent! Those are things that I would have never known if I did not go and see him. For that...and what he is going to do for me to get me well...if GREAT! He did tell me that my calf and tendon are not flexible and that anyone that is as "unflexible" as I am should NOT be working out...especially on an incline! Well then...tell me how you really feel! LOL

So, starting today, I am going to work on the stretching exercises that he gave me...just one. I will probably try to do a bunch of floor work that will not require walking or even standing. I HAVE to do something...#1- I am in a challenge! and #2- I do not want to turn 40 weighing 180...or really even over 150! *sigh* This is just Satan trying to railroad my efforts into me going back to doing nothing...eating unconsciously, and not even trying to make wise decisions. SATAN...in the name of JESUS...LEAVE!!

That just brought to mind a story...a writer once wrote (I am thinking CS Lewis, but I am not positive) that he heard something when he went to bed and lit the lamp so that he could see what he was hearing. When the light came on, the devil was standing at the end of his bed. He said he was about one inch tall, so all he said was, "Oh, it's you" and rolled over and turned off the light. His point being that if we all knew that the devil or Satan was only an inch tall, we would squash him like a water bug instead of giving him so much 'credit' for the bad in our life. Not saying that he is wrong...I try not to give Satan anymore power than he deserves...which is none...but, he is right in the fact that I have stepped on bugs, spiders, etc bigger than 1". So, when I say that it is just Satan trying to railroad my efforts...it doesn't mean that he is going to win...or that he is winning. It just means that I am a little derailed at the time, but I will bounce back with God's grace and be able to combat his efforts! Christian/believer or not... we all need to get up, dust ourselves off, and keep moving forward. I tried to do this with my foot, but felt that it needed attention, prayer, and *I* needed education as to what *I* was doing to afford this result....and now I know. I have been empowered. Reminds me of a song...

i'm trading my sickness
i'm trading my pain
i'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord

i am pressed but not crushed
persecuted, but not abandoned
struck down, but not destroyed
i am blessed beyond the curse,
for His promise will endure
and His joy will be my strength

though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning.

So, I am pressed but not crushed, struck down, but not destroyed, and I AM BLESSED BEYOND THE CURSE!!!!

With that...I am going to go and work on my list! Blessings everyone.

PS...anyone have any good ideas for floor, non feet needing exercises?? LOL

Hi. I am Ronda...and I love lists!

I make a list everyday...for the weekends...I make one on Friday. I don't usually get those done because of all the weekend commitments that we have, but at least I know what I need to do if I DO get the time!!

I sometimes put things on my list that I didn't plan to do but did anyway...just so that I can cross it off. I even put my shower, DD's chores, and eating. I am a little (OK, maybe a little more than a little) OCD (or CDO for those who like the letters in order!). LOL

I have a spring/summer goal list (which may not get done since we are on a major debt reduction kick). I have a list that I titled "List of Eternal Things To Do". That is more like a major spring cleaning list!

I am having a HUGE difficulty losing weight. I cannot seem to keep track of my food, I injured my foot doing the treadmill and was ordered by the doctor to see a foot specialist and do not do my 'exercise' for at least a week or two. (It has been almost 2 weeks...tomorrow).

It is getting nicer here in Ohio, so I have been getting my minimum of 7500 steps in...that is good. However, without the tracking of food...I am not losing. I keep going on and off soda. I bought a 24 pack of Coke yesterday just so that I have it if I want...and I won't go out to get a soda fountain one. (I love the fountain ones better...so cans will satisfy, but I can 'regulate' them).

My goal for the 8 week challenge that I am hosting is to lose 10% (18lbs). I need to make a plan for that though. As I have posted before, my goal was 50 by June 15th, and now I have made the deadline August 17th...my 40th birthday! However, I must be crazy because I cannot even reach the 10% mark!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while

I don't know what has gotten into me. I have not completed a list in days!!! But, today, I WILL get this list done! I have too...I have no clothes to wear #1... emoticon

So, here it is...

put away laundry from last week-DONE
put away laundry from today
gather baskets and hangers (DD)
unload dishwasher (DD)
load dishwasher
run dishwasher
unload dishwasher
plan dinner
balance checkbooks
clean off island
weighted bar
Sam's Club to pick up pics
work in office again?
change flowers in pots
DD shower
ds bath

I did get a few things in my office done today. We have an online curriculum sale going on for the homeschool group for our past church, and I have a few things that I would like to get rid of. I am hoping I can...but if not, I will sell them at the yard sale or save for DS. The list is due by Friday! *sigh*

Not sure if I will get to my treadmill again today. My foot is acting up, and I was actually told not to do it for a week or two to see if it would heal. I really do not want to do that...but I may have to anyway. I have done really well keeping my steps past 7500 without it...except yesterday...I only made it to 5700 about. I guess the muscles and tendons are swollen (doesn't look like it on the outside) and I guess the bone is irritated too (never heard of that one). If it doesn't heal on its own, then a foot specialist will have to come into play. Whatever, I will just go through the pain then. He said he didn't *think* I could injure it to permanent damage, but he wasn't 100% sure since that was not his specialty. emoticon

I have trouble sitting still though. Not ADHD kind of active, but I know that I have stuff to do and cannot rest until it is done...OCD is more my 'disorder'! emoticon I am hoping that it heals soon!

Today though, I played outside with DS...well, he played and I watched mostly and then tonight DD, DS and I went out in the dark to swing because someone was setting off fireworks. DS loved them since they were far enough away that they were 'quiet'. He will love the fourth of July this year...as long as we can keep the noise down. All and all, it was a good day...at least I think it was.

Well, I am needing to go to bed. I usually cannot sleep after DH gets there because of his snoring...and, when I try to get there first...he follows...I am going to try to get there first now and get to sleep! LOL

Yea for Me

Down another 1.8 yesterday during the WI. That is a total of 5 lbs the month of March. I will post a month end review Thursday!

I hope everyone is doing well. I find it hard to keep track of 2 'blogs' but know that I am lurking even if I am not posting!

Just tooting my own horn...

I did two rounds on the treadmill today!!! Burned 500 calories...and am way under my daily allowance today! I have lost about 1 lbs since Mondays WI!!!

Titanic Tuesday

This day is flying by. Of course, it may be because I didn't get up until noon. DS has been waking up a few times a night, and since quitting all the sugar...my butt is dragging!!!! I feel good though, no headaches from not having sugar (still getting caffeine from the tea), and I WI again today....8 gone (but not recording that since it is not WI day). I am loving this!! I will have to admit that SpaDiva said that the soda is too much calories to waste...and countless others have said the same...but it just took time to really get in the mindset (and lots of prayer) to finally make the leap from sugar. And, I am loving it. DH wanted me to pick up some Orange Crush last night at the store (that crap has 50 more calories that Coke!!!). I ALWAYS just crave a soda when I even see the package...last night...nothing. It didn't look gross, but I didn't start salivating! emoticon I got it for him, but told DD that I did not want her having a ton of it or even one a day...one a week, I may be able to approve.

On the home front today, I have a ton to do. Do I want to do it...no. But, I want the steps from doing it to show on my pedometer. LOL Here is my TO DO list for today...

change address with gas company
Vac kitchen
Load bags of trash in car
Check mom's bank account
Order checks for FIT
vac LR
restock diaper bag
call Atty-DONE (left message)
Call Marmon-DONE
Load dishwasher-DONE
Run dishwasher-DONE

That is it. Nothing really major, just the usual stuff. But, at least my house is not a disaster area. So far today, I have had 200 calories. I really need to eat something else...like lunch...it is 1:30!! LOL

Happy Tuesday....OH...THE BIGGEST LOSER is on tonight!!! I still have 66 minutes to watch of last weeks episode! emoticon I only watch it while I walk on my treadmill now...so one episode lasts about 4 days...and then I have Undercover Boss that I DVR, and sometimes Doctors...I get my crap in that is for sure. And, the treadmill is much easier if I am watching something that I enjoy!

Weekly wrap up

Last week I did more and accomplished plenty. Obviously, I did not lose ALL of my weight, but I did lose something...which I am extremely proud of myself.

jumping jacks- 175 (goal 175)
treadmill- 155 minutes (goal 150)
weighted bar- 3 days (goal-3)
steps- 53,867 (goal is 52,500)
no sugary drinks- 3 days (goal is 6) (I don't want to not be able to have one if I want...just not one a day)
WI- -2.2 (goal -3.3)

Not bad...and I did my weighted bar 3 times last week. I gave up the sit-ups for the weighted bar. I really need to build muscle so that I can burnt he fat faster! I, also, went 3 days last week (I started on Thursday) without drinking any sugary drinks. I want to be able to have a soda if I want one, but I don't want it controlling me or my weight. I am happy with the loss, so I will be doing it again this week. I am not seeing any changes in store...so I will have the same goals this week!!

So, at least with the work I did last week, I saw a reward!!! THAT is what I really needed... some number feedback that shows on the scale (not that I am not happy with the 3.5" loss, too). emoticon