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Hi, everyone!

I meant to leave a message about this a while ago - I decided I needed a change and decided to get another EP account.  
So if you still want to know what I am up to, please PM me and I will let you know where I am now :)

Hugs, Svanita


To say I cried like a baby over this is a dire understatement. SO touching and inspiring!! 

The Flood

This song just sums it up for me perfectly.......


Hello, y´all!!!
I am still here. I am well. I am just a little overwhelmed with life just now and getting my head on straight. But in short, I feel well rested for the first time in many years. I feel a whole lot fitter. I have actually got a tan for the first time in like 20 years. There's a sparkling twinkle in my eyes and I can actually see myself when I look in the mirror. My body has again shown me it is capable of so many wonderful things. And I have learned that even if injury and/or sickness comes along, it doesn't mean my plan is down the drain, it just means that my plan has to change for a bit. Easy as that.
So, as I settle again into the real world (with a short 8 day holiday on a beautiful island as a bonus :) ) I currently feel the need to be a bit quiet. That never lasts long, but for now, please bear with me as I find my bearings again and figure out what it is I really want :)
Love you all and miss you. I hope to be around reading blogs again soon!!


I love it here!! Love, love, love, love it!!  I can-t say nice enough things about this place, really!! Just to give you an idea, I mostly wake up around 7 am, take my time getting up in peace (oh, glory), then go for a 500 m swim followed by either a soft aerobics or swim aerobics class. From there I go to a ready breakfast of wonderful things and after that head to a massage or a "class". They have short classes on different health related stuff. At 11, we have terrific walks in the beautiful nature around here, for about 50 minutes. When I get back, a yummy lunch is served - there is always some soup, some sort of veggie menu and loads of veggies and salads!! (The food here is almost completely vegetarian, apart from fish 2 times a week - Tee, you would love it!) After that, I mostly go to my room to just rest for a while. IN the afternoon, I either have a class, a health bath (SOOOOOOOO relaxing - had one so far and crashed into bed and slept for an hour afterwards), or tai chi. At 5 we have relaxation with a leader and dinner at 6.15. To say nothing of the access to a beautiful swimming pool with hot tubs, kneipp baths etc. and access to a great gym!
I already feel so much better, and I haven-t been here a week. I still need to relax a bit more and I will have to start my journey within soon, too, but for now, I just love every moment. This place is filled with great people, so you always have good company if you like, but if I prefer to, I can also retire to my room and be alone for a bit :)
Just a bit of heads up on how I am doing. Big hugs to all of you!! I am sorry I am not reading blogs, but this computer is just sooooo slow and there are many people who want to use it, too!!

Health resort!

Well, I arrived at the health resort yesterday and I must say, I love everything here. Though, sending off my boys was really hard, both my babies started crying when they realised that I was actually staying here....... Called hubs in the late afternoon and everything was good by then, but the boys had asked him 5 times if he was staying home. Bless their little hearts! They will all come to visit next weekend.
In any case, I have a nice room all to myself, and a good bed. The food is delicious (I could have eaten a cartload of the baked veggies they served last night!) and it is wonderful not to have to bother cooking or cleaning (they are cleaning my room as I write!).
I got up early this morning and went for a swim and a round of kneipp-baths (wading through hot, then cold water) which was great, the swimming pool is wonderful!!  Also went to see a doctor, who was really nice. A program will be put together for me based on his suggestions. I did have to stand there in my undies........ urrrrrrrgh! He did say I was not fat - I am heavy, yes, but that is partly due to large muscles.  He was in fact quite astonished by what I do weigh. Which was rather flattering. IN any case, there is a walk outside at 11 am, then lunch and at 12.35 (funny time) I will get my program of things to do :)
I still have some trouble sleeping and am a bit jittery, but I haven-t been here full 24 hours yet, so I still need time. But I will get there, and I can already tell that this will be amazing for me!!
Well, better go now, and read or look out the window or whatever till it's time for me to go for that walk.
There is only one computer with internet access here, and it's sloooooooooooow, so I don't know how much I will get around visiting and commenting, but I miss y'all!!


I´m off to see the wizard - the wonderful wizard of Oz,

because, because, because, because, because...............
of all the wonderful things he does!! :)

Just finishing my packing and getting things organised around here, leaving in about 2 hours!! I am really excited and I know this is going to be great for me. But I am sure going to miss my kiddos and hubs!!

Will try to drop by now and then to give you a heads up on what is going on........

At home, unpacking and packing :)

We arrived home at 4 am yesterday morning, after two wonderful weeks in Germany. We had such a lovely time there and great luck with the weather the whole time. The boys´ german has gotten a lot better and they really enjoyed all the things we did there!! 

I spent yesterday unpacking, washing and cleaning etc., in order to have everything as nicely done as possible before I head off to the health institute tomorrow. I really look forward to it - and I need the time off!!

I won´t be taking a computer there, at least not for now, but I think there is a possibility to access the internet when needed, so I may write now and then. For now, I just really need some peace and quiet........ :)

Busy!! And off we go!

Hi, everyone!! I have been busy. Busy is even an understatement, I have been totally swamped!! BUT I managed to clear up my desk as far as in any way possible in such a short amount of time and so can go on my vacation with a clear conscience!! It seems so unbelievable but we are leaving in a matter of hours! I will be going to bed soon, as we have to get up around 3.30 am to drive to the airport. We are flying to Luxembourgh and travelling by train from there, so we will be at the in-law´s place at around 9.30 pm german time. A long day, but it will be fine.

I am not sure how much I will be able to blog from over there, if at all. So please don´t think I have vanished, just because I am quiet. I am just on vacation!! I will look forward to catching up with everyone when I come back!! :) 

Oh, and I am now off from work untill July 19th!! That is CRAZY!! But much needed and I am determined to use this time to really unwind and relax.

Well, better go pack the last two things and then head off to bed :) before I go, a picture of my new haircut I had done today!

Take care everyone!! Gonna miss you! 

To blog or not to blog??

My head is still spinning about over all the changes that are coming along. KerryKat asked if I would be able to go on EP and FB while I am at the health institute. I am not sure. Not because I don‘t know whether there will be access, but more because I don‘t know if I really want to be able to go online much while I am there...... Seeing that I am sick because of stress, I sometimes think I should just cut myself off completely. What do you think?