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  • Name: melissa199
  • City: Detroit
  • Region: Michigan
  • Country: United States

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Height: 177.8cm
Start weight: 266.80lb
Current weight: 263.50lb
Goal weight: 249.00lb
Lost to date: 3.30lb
Remaining: 14.50lb

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my update (weight loss and ttc)

So, here is an update of my life right

Weight Loss Journey

Has been at a standstill. No one's fault but my own of course. I feel really on the ball today though. I started taking my phen again and weeww.. I forgot how much engery they give you.. I am like so amped up right now.. and I love it. I have a new workout DVD at home called 'Turbo Jam' it totally kicks my butt and I love every second of it!! It's not too complicated to follow, it's got good music and the woman that host's it.. has a lot of energy. I feel really back on track today and I plan to stay that way.

TTC Journey

This was DH and I's first cycle of trying. I wanted to weigh less going into this whole TTC thing.. but I just can't wait anylonger. But I figure I still have about 2 weeks until we can 'try' again.. and I am hauling booty to try to get like -10lbs down by then. I am still going to try to lose weight durning this whole journey, but just not take my phen anymore. I have been taking a prenatal vitamin for the last few months and I just started taking an Omega Complex that has the 3's, 6's and 9's in it. So, tomorrow is supposed to be CD1 so I got my fingers crossed that this next cycle.. is THE cycle.. :-)

Biggest Loser Challenge (Dec 8th)

TTC Weight Loss Goal

Stop the Pitty Party! And gimme some of your advice!

I just can’t seem to get my a*s moving! I feel like I have been letting myself down for the last 6 months! I was on a roll until about spring time of this year and ever since then… nothing. I got down to 248.5 and I was feeling really good about myself.. now… I’m back up to 258.8 and I feel terrible! I have to get out of this whinny mood of mine that I have been in and kick it in gear. It’s so hard for me to get motivated after work to do workouts… it’s like, I’ve been up since 5:00am and sat at a computer all day.. and I get home at 5:15pm and I am whipped! So, enough of that… I AM going to go home today and muster up the energy and get on my gazelle for 30 minutes!!


I am thinking about signing up for a local run here in Detroit. Maybe if I commit myself to something, I will do better. I am starting to get more motivation and it feels good.

moving and now... back on the ball

I was so overwhelmed with moving and putting tons of sweat equity into my new home that all I had time for was fast food. I know, it was an easy way out, but when your working on your house all day long and most of the night.. it seemed like a great idea! Yeah, well.... I've gained to prove it as well. But, I am not upset at all.. it's a minor set back.. and I am going to get to my goal very very soon!
I bought that workout DVD "Turbo Jam" I got it from and only paid like $12.00 for it.. I am excited to try it and now that I am finally in my own home... I can do whatever I want.. whenever I want and I don't have to worry about anyone buy myself and hubby... ahh.. what a great feeling!

Week 46 and back on track for good!

I am in my 46th week of my eating healthy lifestyle. I have been taking phen throughout the process.. not all at once, few months on… a month off and so on. On June 5th, week 41… I got down to 248.5 needless to say I was ecstatic. Well, since then I have had some stress, vacation and just overall not being a good girl and I got back up to 257.5 (+9lbs gain) yeah, upsetting. But, I am re-focused… and I lost -2.4lbs of that +9lbs gained so far and I feel great. Of course I am upset that I gained it back, but I can’t let that bother me. I will get it back off and I will put it back where it belongs… to never be seen


So, I am re-adjusting and re-evaluating my situation. DH and I want to start a family, but I said I wanted to be down to 239.9 before we even started trying. But, the more I think about it the more I think I want to lose. So, I am going to lower my TTC goal to 235 from 239.9. I feel this is going to be better for me and really.. come on, it’s only 4.9lbs but I know it will make me feel better about everything.


Also, I have been really really slacking on working out. I just don’t have the motivation like I used to. But, I am turning a new leaf and I am gonna get on it! DH and I will be in our new house soon.. within a month… and now is the time for me to really focus on me before we get into the house and baby making duty. So…. See ya in the Program and Pill Board.. and running the Challenges over there!! Thanks for all the support!

Week 41 Update! I feel Fantastic!

Wow, these last few weeks have been amazing. Hubby and I are finally closing on our house sometime this month (don’t have a date yet, but it’s this month) and I have been doing really good with my healthy lifestyle. Everyone has been telling me how good I look and it feels amazing!! Here is my life as of TODAY after 41 weeks of trying to live my healthy lifestyle:


-39.5lbs (288 – 248.5)

-41.0 Inches off of my whole body

-5.05 Points in my BMI (40.7 – 35.65)

-3 Sizes (24 – snug 18)


The weight loss has averaged about -1.0 a week, and I can so live with that. I am so grateful, I feel absolutely wonderful right now! I am wearing stuff that I wore around the time I got married in Jan 07. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been this small… well, if you want to call it that…lol. I really want to lose like -18.6 more pounds before Hubby and I start TTC. I would love to be back in the 220’s. Being 5’10” I actually looked really good in the 220’s. I still wouldn’t wear a 2 piece.. anything, but.. I was close. No double chin! I am so close it makes me want to work harder. Thanks for all the support on here everyone! See you on the Programs and Pills Board!!

I am back, and I am going to kick this challenge in the booty!

I have seriously been M.I.A from here for like the past 6 weeks and I apologize. I have been caught up in side jobs, and getting ready to move into my new house that I was not paying attention to me anymore. Thank God I have not gained a lot back, just about 2lbs or so, that is actually really good for me. I am getting confident that when I do get down to goal, that I won’t pack the pounds back on like I have done in the past. I am focused on me again, and I am learning everyday how to balance everything life throws at me. I have not always been really good at juggling several things at once… I usually would have stuffed myself with food to cope with the stress… but not any more… I am learning everyday.


Now, I am going to kick the “Spring into Summer Challenge” Butt… and I can’t wait! See you all on the slimmer side soon!!

Off weight loss topic, but great news for me!

This is sort of off the topic of weight loss but I thought that I would share this with everyone.


I’m officially a HOME OWNER!  YAY! I am so excited… I am nervous… I am proud… I am…. Just… a bunch of, but it feels great! I can’t believe this finally happened and I couldn’t be more excited today. Now… I just have to get my weight under more control… and then start havin me some babies..LOL!

36 Week Update with NSV's and SV's!!

This week has been amazing! I have felt so good and have gotten some more motivation as well. I saw an old pic of my and my hubby (well B/F at the and I looked so thin in my face… it did not make me sad at all… it made me excited to look forward to what I am gonna look like again…soon. Back in August when I started my new lifestyle, I would have cried… but not this time.. new attitude.. new outlook on life totally! I will post the pic to show you all.



So, DH and I are temporarily living with my parents. We are going to start looking for houses within just a few week.. I am so excited… we have been here for like 1year and 7 months so far just trying to save money and make sure our jobs are secure. We both went thourgh layoffs and DH lost his job in 2007. But everything is all good now and has been for this whole year, so it’s time to leave. Anyway, I have a lot of stuff in storage. I went down there yesterday and got some old clothes that were too small at the time and hoped that they would fit. I didn’t think they would but I was gonna be happy if they were close. Needless to say… almost everything I brought back totally fit except a few shirts!! If I lost like 5-10 more pounds I could wear the other stuff… and there was still a lot of clothes that I left there…. I so want to go back and get them all…LOL. I couldn’t believe it… I fit into the size 18 capri pants that I haven’t wore in years, and 2 pairs of dress pants… I was in aww… I couldn’t stop smiling yesterday!!



Friday April 10th was my W.I and I was 252lbs. I am the weight I was when I got married… that makes me very happy! I am so close to my goal.. I am just so excited to keep going. I know I could have lost more… but at least it’s going down.. that’s all I can ask for! I have lost -36lbs since August 2008 that’s 36weeks and about -1.0lbs a week! Here are my measurements and stats as of Yesterday April 10th, 2009:


Neck ………... -1.25

Arms ……….… -2.00

Forearm …... -1.40

Wrist ……….. -0.75

Chest …….…. -4.50

Abs ………….. -7.00

Stomach ….. -4.50

Waist ….…... -4.50

Hips ………... -6.00

Thigh ……….. -4.00

Calf ………….. -1.50

Total Loss -37.40 Inches


Weight = 252.0

Total Loss = -36lbs


Current BMI = 36.15

BMI Loss = -4.55


Current Size = 18-20

Pant Size Loss = -2.5 Sizes (I am can wear 18-20 depending on make)

Current Layne Bryant Size = 4T from 5T (4T’s are loose, might be able to wear 3T)


Total Body Fat % = 31.88%

Total Body Fat Loss = 0.37% (from 32.25%)

A few new exciting things :-)

Melissa’s News as of today 4.1.09


General Crap:

I have not been myself lately. TOM is just about here and this time.. PMS was terrible. I wanted to eat everything.. sleep all day and be pissed off at everyone and everything… not my normal self AT ALL! But, today I am feeling better and defiantly more motivated!! I am not excited to see what the scale has to say on Friday, if I can manage to stay the same I will be VERY happy!



I posted some very embarrassing pics of me…LOL, but I thought it would be good to get them out there and to stop being ashamed of how I look. I know I look a lot better but I still have a long way to go and I’m ok with that right now. I can’t wait until I start looking more like my sexy self again. As of right now I am averaging -0.9lbs a week. Hey.. I can’t complain about that, even though it was like -1.5lbs a week… at least it’s almost a pound… YAY!


A year ago:

Isn’t it crazy how you look and suddenly your huge! It’s like you ask yourself, “How did this happen, how did I LET this happen?”  It seems the weight is coming off a lot slower than I would like but hey.. it’s still coming off.. right?  1 year ago right now I was 35.4lbs heavier. Detroit Tigers Opening day is April 10th,2009… though I didn’t go to opening day last year, I did go to the next game after that. I remember not being comfortable in the seats at all and I felt like everyone was starting at my fat a*s.. oh.. and.. I quit wearing tank tops pretty much for all of last year. So this year, I am going to enjoy my Tigers games and I bet I will fit a lot better in the seats and… when it gets really hot out there… I am gonna wear a ORANGE tank top (for the tigers) and be proud of it!



So, my clothes have been fitting a lot better! I tried on my Capri pants from last summer along with a skort and they were so big I can’t wear them at all! I was pretty excited about it! Also.. this is going to sound funny and I actually got a laugh out of it as well…umm… so since my clothes are fitting better… I didn’t even think about my underwear until like 2 days ago…LOL..LOL..LOL.. I got a drawer full and couldn’t wear but not even ½ of them..LOL. So, looks like I got a lot more undies to wear not too, because I can wear a lot that I couldn’t wear last year! LOL.. probably TMI.. but I thought it was pretty cool.. and funny!!

Bi-Weekly Measurements and Stats

I have been meaning to post since Friday! I have been so busy at work and at home I haven’t barley had time to sleep more than 5 But anyway… I had a fantastic week last week! I stayed on track on the weekend like I wanted to and boy, did the scales show it! I am ready to post my bi-weekly stats that I have been meaning to post since Friday, March 13th. I am going to measure again next week (3/27) and will post those as well. I HAVE lost a bit more since last Friday, but I will just give you all my stats and everything for last Friday, March 13th!


Measurements in Inches 3.13.09

Neck…….…… -0.95

Arms……….… -2.00

Forarm……… -1.40

Wrist………… -0.75

Chest………. -4.50

Abs.……….… -6.50

Stomach…… -4.50

Waist…….…. -4.50

Hips….….…… -6.00

Thigh.………… -3.50

Calves……….. -1.75

Total Inches Lost:  -36.35


Weight = 253.8lbs

Total Loss since highest = -34.2lbs


Current BMI = 36.21

BMI Loss = -4.49 (from 40.7)


Current Size = 20

Pant Size Loss = -2 sizes (so close to a 3 size loss)

Current Layne Bryant Size = 4T (from 5T) Only place I can get


Body Fat Total = 31.78%

Body Fat Loss = -0.47% (from 32.25%)


My Notes for this bi-weekly update: I got my 18’s zipped up!! They are very tight and I would not wear them yet, but I got thme zipped and they almost wearable outside the house.. maybe just another 10lbs, down to like 243 or something… I can’t wait! YAY!


Also, I am running another challenge! Meet me in the Programs and Pills board and check out the thread titled, “April Showers Brings May Flowers Challenge” for the dates March 18th – 22nd it’s our start week!