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The First Day

I just got married. It seemed to have come out of nowhere, and I barely fit into my dress. Imagine being afraid it won't fit three days before the wedding. I can't take that back. I can't change the fact that I didn't look my best on my wedding day. I can't change the fact that I got back from my honeymoon and gained another 8 pounds. I'm 2 pounds away from 200, and I've told myself that I'm never going to let myself get there.

I read an article on yahoo about people who used blogs as a means of weight loss. I think I can see how that would work. Maybe if I make it public, then I'll stick to what I need to do to make this happen. I've always been the kind to hide what I eat. Eat a little in front of people, then pig out when I'm alone. With my husband working and me only going to school twice a week, I'm alone a lot. So I'm going to post it all here. I don't expect it to be read, but I'll know that it can be, and that's all that matters. Someone could stumble upon it and read. I want to be an inspiration to people, not an example of what not to do. I'm so happy right now. I'm exactly where I want to be in my life plus 60 pounds.

About Me:

I'm 20 years old, 5' 2" and 198 lbs. I wear a size 14 and would like to get myself to an 8. I'm a naturally big boned person, so I don't expect to get smaller than that, but I think I'd look good there. I'm about to graduate with my bachelor's in management, but I'm getting my teacher certification alternatively. I want to teach middle school math.
My husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon and it was amazing! We're planning on going on another with friends in a year. That's my goal to lose my weight. I may not reach it, but I'm going to get damn close.

I've tried fad diets (low carb particularly) and it truly does work. Temporarily. I lost almost 20 pounds in a month. But I've gained it all back, plus some. I did weightwatchers. I actually think it's a good diet plan if you can stick to it. I lost about 10 pounds in a couple of months, but have gained it all back plus some since. So I'm done with all that. I'm going back to regular old calorie counting and exercising. But I'm not going to religiously count calories, just kind of pay attention to them. I'm going to have a food diary, and write down everything that I eat. And that once again needs to be public so that I can't hide the pop tarts from the world, because no matter what my body knows that I ate them.

I want to lose 20-30 pounds by graduation. I hope to have 60 off in a years time. My commitment to myself is to not give up. If I overindulge one day, just get right back up the next.

Exercise is going to become part of my daily routine. My plan is:
Sunday: Yoga
Monday, and Friday: 20 min Zumba and 20 min Jillian Micheal's video that can kick my butt (I've already done this today and am pooped)
Wednesday: Either Zumba Cardio Party or Zumba Live
Saturday: Zumba Sculpt and Tone
I plan to take it easy on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I have class both of those days. I think I'll aim to play my Wii fit or something.

As far as this Blog goes, I will update at least once a week, maybe more as I feel I need to. I'm using this as a weight loss tool and I have to commit myself to it. Even if I gain weight in a week, I'm going to write about it.

I think that's it for now. See y'all later!