Day One

Day One

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  • Name: lmowens1028
  • City: Houma
  • Region: Louisiana
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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 308.00lb
Current weight: 205.00lb
Goal weight: 245.00lb
Lost to date: 103.00lb
Remaining: -40.00lb

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New Me ...... Round Two I am again. We moved to Houston Texas in Jun of 2010 and I let that screw up my roputine. I have gained some weight back. BUt, I am not letting it get me down.
Threw away all sugary fat building foods and replaced with healthier choices.
I am not on the Phen this time and I hope to do it alone without the drug. It is hard though because I liked taking it. It really healped with the food cravings and over eating.
Anywho... walked or road a bike everyday this week and I feel better already.
Good Luck all! 

Been away...

Well it is miserable to see how long it has been since i have commented on my blog. It is true...if you stop writing about it you stop doing it. Blah...I fell off the wagon so to speak. I haven't been sticking to my diet for 3 months and quit working out. It is so sad. But I can tell you I did gain 6lbs back of the 30 I lost. Not too bad I guess...but I am getting back to it! I want to thank catta for inspiring me to start dieting again. They asked me for help and well...I gotta help myself before I can be any help to anyone else, right?
So, I am going to start working on me and my weight loss again!! Yea!!! This time I have a new goal. I want to lose 30 more lbs by December 1st 2010.
Good Luck everyone~

Weigh in today and much good News!!!

I shed 13lbs for the month of Feb. That is a total of 28lbs since Jan 5th 2010....Whoooo!!!! Hoooo!!! Thank you Wii Active! LOL

Feeling great!

 Weigh in today and 3 more lbs gone!!! I really feel diffrent now that I have lost a total of 25lbs since I started my new lifestyle.  I have curves in places that were hiding under all that fat...LOL  I can't wait till I can type on this blog that I have lost 50 lbs. My new goal is to lose 5 lbs by Feb 28th.  Thanks fr all your support!!!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!

15 lbs Gone

I went to my monthly meeting with the nutritionist and I am happy to report that I have shed 2 more lbs this week and that is a total of 15lbs this month!
I am really happy and my next goal is 10lbs for the month of Feburary.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Inches be gone...

Ok, another day and another great report. I measured myself today and here is the results:
Neck: a loss of 1.5 inches 
Waist: a loss of 7 inches
Chest: a loss of 5.5 inches
Hips: a loss of 5 inches
Since 01/07/2010
I am so excited! Friday is another weigh in day. I wonder how it is going to look. Hopefully good news. ^_^
Have a great day everyone!!!!

3 more lbs GONE!

Another weigh in and another smile. 3lbs says the scale. I couldn't be more happy! Eating healthier has gotten to be habit now. I am greatful for that. Working out has not been as often as I would of hoped with me being sick it is difficult. I hope to start a regular workout this week. I worked out yesterday and it was sooooo much fun!. I love Zumba! to have a bit a breakfast. Have a great day EP peeps!


Well...I woke up this morn and did my wi with little expectations. I looked at the scale and was shocked! I had lost 4lbs this week! AWESOME!!! I am happy...happy...happy! I am most of all excited that I am under 300lbs, finally.
Have a great day EP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rough week

So sad to report I had a crummy week. I have been sick with a UTi and no motivation. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I feel as though I may not have good results. I only was able to work out twice this week. =( But I did do my measurements and I am happy to report I lost inches since Jan 7... 1 in in my neck, 6inches in my waist, 1in in bicep, 1in in chest, 3in in hips, and 1 and a half in my thighs!!! So yippie!!! lol

Dinning out healty

Hello Monday!!!!!
Well I was on a mini vacation this weekend. Hubby finally came home from being away at work for 7 days Sooo we spent some time together. He is starting to eat healthier with me. I am so happy! We went to Outback Steakhouse and had a great lunch. My meal was less than 700 cal. and it felt great not to sit there and overeat or to eat stuff we used to eat there. A normal sitting we would eat more than 16oo cals. We planned our meal ahead of time and I adjusted my calorie intake at other meals, so i stuck to my plan! ^_^
Yippie! It helps to have this new book I have. Calorie Counting for Dummies and the restraunt website helped too. We plan our meals before we leave to eat out now. It is great...we are in control. So easy too. and still taking the Phen. It is really helping out.
Worked out last night with Zumba. I love it! Really good for begginers.
Have a Great Day World!