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  • Name: laurie_b
  • City: Belleville
  • Region: Ontario
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 175.3cm
Start weight: 220.00lb
Current weight: 220.00lb
Goal weight: 155.00lb
Lost to date: 0.00lb
Remaining: 65.00lb

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Only Day 5 - I Ate Too Much! Ugh!

I am discouraged and disappointed in myself today.  This morning I had a muffin (when I really did not need it), and this evening I had a 2 cookies and a hot cross bun.  Initially, I was getting ready to say that I was really hungry today (I did have an increased appetite), but I now realize that I ate the cookies and bun because I was a bit stressed out.  My 5 year old son can be very challenging, and he was really pushing my buttons today.  Unfortunately, I tend to eat when I'm stressed out, even if I am not overly hungry.  Well, I am going to try not to let this "slip up" defeat me.  I can be pretty hard on myself when it comes to this kind of thing.  I am looking forward to a new day tomorrow.

Less of an Appetite

I am thrilled to report that I still have less of an appetite (for the most part) which has helped me in reducing my portion sizes! I ended up having my Cobbler Salad today for lunch and it was absolutely disgusting! I bought it from the local Metro store.  Yuck... I definitely will not be buying it again (it cost me $6, so I was a bit disappointed by it).  Anyways, the chicken tasted really salty and did not seem like good quality breast meat to me.  Also, it had a tonne of bacon in it (underneath some of the salad) that was not very appetizing either.  Basically, all I was able to enjoy from it was the egg, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and some, but not much of the lettuce.  I also had some nuts/seeds.  Surprisingly, this was enough to satisfy me. 
So now I am trying to psych myself up for going to the gym on my lunch break tomorrow.  This is the challenging part for me at this point in my life.  Realistically, I could work out for about 20 minutes (with 5 mins to change before and 5 mins after).  That would still leave me with 20 mins to eat my lunch, or I could even nibble on it back at work.  But this seems like such a run-around or rush to me.  This is the problem.  I need to look at it differently! I need to change my mind-set and get into the routine.  I know that once I start going, I will look forward to it.  Exercising is definitely a good de-stressor, which is something I could certainly benefit from!
So, I am going to pack my gym bag now! Wish me luck

Day 2 - Going Well!

I have eaten well today and have packed a nice "cobbler" salad with egg and chicken for dinner (I work this evening).  Unfortunately, I did not make it to the gym this morning, but I did play Wii Fit (Step) for about 1/2 hour.  I have my "monthly friend" and it is extremely heavy for about 2 days, making it next to impossible to do anything strenuous during those days! :(  I plan to get on track with exercising on Friday or Saturday.  It's supposed to be mild/nice outside too - so it would be nice to get outside for a walk!

"Interesting" Jumpstart to Healthy Lifestyle

...the night of February 13th I knew that something was happening.  My stomach just didn't feel right, and I felt "off" in general.  Unfortunately for me, I caught the stomach flu.  Let's just put it this way - everything in my stomach and most, if not all of what was in my bowels, was emptied out! Sorry, it's gross I know! Well, I ended up losing almost 10 lbs from the ordeal (and yes, I tried to keep hydrated).  So, now that I'm feeling better again, I thought this was a good opportunity to start eating well and hopefully exercising more often also! I would like to head to the gym in the morning.  I wish I could commit to this, but I just find it so chaotic getting my 2 kids ready in the morning and getting out the door on time! FYI: I'm not a morning person either  :S

My goal!

Well, here I am.  I am not sure of who, if anyone is going to read this...but somehow doing this makes me feel more accountable.  I have a problem with sticking to positive lifestyle changes. I am about 5'9 and now 220 lbs.  I would like to lose 65 lbs and get down to 155 lbs.  As a short term goal, I would like to lose 30 lbs by the end of June 2011.  Now, I have said this before and have not followed through - but I would like this time to be different.  So, here I am declaring to the "internet world", that I am going to lose 30 lbs before the end of June! Woo hoo!