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Weigh Iin DAY!

Yay!  207.8.  Thats down 1.2 from last week and ill take it! 


Feeling the blahs

I got on the scale yesterday, although my official wi isnt until wednesday, its still 209.  What the hell?  Ive been eating well and exercising and its the same? Blah!

Ive been interviewing like crazy, i know i said that months ago... but ive narrowed down my search and ill be starting a new salon in two weeks.  Im really picky because i dont want to be in the same position next year.  I want to love where i work, and make money doing it! 

Im off to go do some house cleaning and then off to work.  Talk to everyone later!

Fantastic Time

Last night, omg.  He  is so yummy.  Great show.  I love all the 80's hair i saw in the crowd last night, i almost peed myself laughing.  I didnt get to meet him but i saw him toweling off backstage. Uh yeah!

Youll be proud of me i had 2 light beers (mich ultra, 95 calories each) and thats it.  Along with a steak tip caesar salad.  I have never had a beer before my gf karen introduced me to it about a month ago. Even though it totally grosses my bf out that im drinking beer, its far less calories than a mixed drink.  Hes convinced that hes seeing his "girly-girl" girlfriend slip away. NO NO, im a makeup, hairdye, fashion, stilletto lovin gal and i always will be.  So picture me last night, all made up... yes... stilettos, cowboy hat and skanky top.... poundin back beers. Insert * burp* here.

Angela your baby is growing up! Ok so i still  went to the gym this morning for 90 mins.  Im still sweating, lol. 

Im off to the hospital, friend hilary is in there after kidney surgery. OH joy.  I get to go listen to her woe is me. I love her, but its all about her... always has been. So ill go, hold her hand... and block out the talking for a couple hours.



Bret Michaels!

Mmmmm!  Im going to a poison concert tonight.  AND my bf (whos an exec chef in boston) is catering the backstage show.  SO yes, THAT MEANS...backstage!  UH holy blonde hair extensions, black eyeliner and dew rag bret michaels youre going to get molested! Im so excited!!

Ok so yes i went to the gym this morning, about 45 mins cardio, 20 mins strength.  Felt great.  Ive been eating on plan as well... 2 hb eggs with bananna for bfast, pumpkin seeds for snack, tuna and lettuce wrap w/ sf pudding for lunch... and dinner will be up in the air until im at the show.  Im aiming for a salad tho. There will be alcohol consumed, and i know..i know that means calories.  But ill try to be good.


I'll blog again tomorrow to let yall know how it was!

A Brand New Day

I feel good.  Heres the eating plan for today.  Not feeling up to the gym, but i am going at 7am tomorrow morning.

B: 2 eggs scramble with ff  mozz cheese and skim milk, yogurt parfait on the side

S: almonds

L: chicken and veggie stirfry

S: Plum

D: Carribbean chicken over tossed salad, sugar free pudding for dessert.

I will stick to the plan bc ill be at work and wont have temptation around me.  I took out all the bad stuff at home so itll be hard to break there too.  I feel fat, I feel bloated all the time.  That ugly muffin top that i had begun to shrink is back with a vengence.  Its there staring at me whenever i sit down, reminding me of my slip up. 

Last night i organized my closet according to fat clothes that i was BACK into, stuff that fit the 'smaller me' 4 months ago, and smaller stuff that i havent yet gotten into but I WILL.  THat was motivating me a little... I forgot about all the cute stuff I have.

Thank you for all your encouraging responses to my post yesterday.  I really am in need of support.  I have to do this for me.  Thanks girls.

Yep... you read the scale right

Up i go to 209, or atleast thats what the scale said this morning.  Ive had a lot go on in the past few months.  Ive had to say goodbye to some people that were making my life unhealthy.  I also had a death of a friend that was really close to me.  Horrible things, but excuses to not eat right, and rarely exercise. Truthfully, im still unmotivated, depressed, and stressed out.  But, i am making an effort, by at the very least, blogging here.  I know I need to get a handle on this before I end up at 266 again.  Thats not going to happen.

Bf's brothers wedding is on the 23rd of August and Im going to try to look as fab as I can before then.  

So tomorrow, I start a new.  I have healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner items in place to keep me on track.  Im back for good. WISH ME LUCK girls, PLEASE i really need it.



Im goin down............

To 199.4.  That means i lost 2.4.  Awesome.  Blog again later gals!

Im Alive

Just not blogging as much as i used to.  Im definitely still on the bandwagon.  This time for good.  Im not going anywhere.  Ive been eating on target and getting to the gym atleast 4 times a week. 

Im interviewing a lot right now to try to get out of where i am.  Its amazing what promises are made to get you within a company and what is actually delivered. I thought going into the job i currently have, tha ti would love it and be perfectly content...but here i am 9 months later... hating it.

I was offered the intstructing job, the pay isnt that great and i dont know yet if ill accept.  I had two interviews today for similar positions so keep your fingers crossed for me ladies. 

I will WI on thursday and im really excited about it...i have a good feeling.  Ok, thats all for now... hope everyone is well and having a great week.

The F*cking Scale

Today was the first day in over six weeks i stepped on the scale.  Im  up.  A LOT!  10.4 lbs to be exact.

But i am owning it.  Yes i even recorded it in my weight chart.  I decided last night... t hat no matter what showed up on the scale this morning...i am starting new, fresh.  May 1st and a brand new me. 

No more excuses, late night eating, or secret snacking.  None of it.  If i keep going the way i was... im going to put back on all the weight and then some.

NO WAY thats going to happen.