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Day 68 - 199.5 to 197.0 in ONE DAY!

Okay so if you have been reading my blog, you will know that it took me six days to (seemingly) lose one ounce.  In truth it took six days for me to lose somewhere from 0.5 pounds to 1.0 pounds.  But you would also know that 199 point anything was my mini-goal "Mission Number 07 for the LONGEST time it seemed.

Well YESTERDAY I weighed in at 199.5 and was so overjoyed that I finally crossed over the threshold.  Many of you came to support me with nice comments and I appreciate that very much.

Today is a GREAT GREAT DAY.  I went on a run this morning and when I got home I hit the scales....and.....and...............197.000  OMG.....two and a half pounds in one day.  Thats the crazest thing.  Maybe my scales need to be calibrated....or fresh batteries.  I weighed four times in about 5 or so minutes.  Each time, no flucuation....197.00.

WOW.  Thats an average of 0.69 pounds per day over 68 days.   I just hope that tomorrow does not bring me a gain.  If you watch your graph and mine....sometimes a big loss is followed by a gain.  What I call peaks and valleys on the graph.  I will try and keep realistic expectations about such a huge that if a gain comes I do not get frustrated all over again.  In yesterdays blog I stated that i hope 198 came quickly just to get my mind off of 199...LOL  I had NO IDEA I was never going to see 198!

Here are some interesting numbers from my body total inches lost in 68 days:

Chest: 3.5

Hips: 4.5

Waist: 5.5

Neck: 2.5



Calf: plus 1


Pretty darn good!   FIVE inches lost in the waist....for me thats incredible!

Day 67 - HALLELUJAH 199

I FINALLY hit 199.5.  Its about f-ing time.  Six days at 200.....craziest thing ever (for me).  I am so exhausted about this stupid number that I hope 198 comes quickly....I just want to stop thinking about 199....PERIOD.

Oh and by the way....the goatee is GONE.  :)  As promised.

Rhonda said that she still likes me better with I may grow it back....  But I think I will go without if for a couple of weeks.

Day 66 - I dont know what to say...

I dont have much to say today except that my scales MUST be broken....they say 200.00.  I should start blogging Day 1 at 200, then Day 2...etc.  Its a little ridiculous at this point and yes you can say I am number obsessed at this point.  Not so much number DEPRESSED, as I am not unhappy with me at the moment....I just want to make my end goal by my end date.  Any lack of loss at this point jepordizes getting to my goal weight of 175 by the end date.  I can keep the diet going, but I really do not want to be dieting through the summer.

I will touch back in towmorrow.

Day 65 - Molasses

This weeks weight loss feels slower than molasses in December!  I have bounced back and forth over 200 to 201 for two days.  I noticed that some blogs show weight loss of 1 pound per week and a loss is a loss, progress is progress.....but for me, that pace is not satisfatory for my personality.  When I decide to do something, I am pretty much balls to the wall.  That means that weeks like this are a struggle for sure.  I started my weight loss at a pound PER DAY, then I slowed to 3/4 pound per day and then down to 1/2 pound per day.  This week has been one pound...period.  UGH!  That has to stop....or should I say things have to pick up.  I am going to have to try and step up my gym sessions.  I have 4 weeks left on active weight loss and the original calculation of 3-4 pounds per week would have put me at my goal weight by the end of the "active weight loss" period.  At this point I am going to have to extend that period in order to get to 175.  I have 20 pounds left to lose which means at an average of 5 pounds per week I need four weeks.  Three pounds per week means 7 weeks.  SO I feel like I need to really work hard for the next 4-7 weeks to land on target.

After active weight loss comes a maintenenace period, for six weeks, where I begin eating regular food again.  I am really curious at this point, as to "if" I will lose weight in that period or gain.  Obviously the goal is to "maintain" but after 84 days with no food (well 99% of the time) one has to wonder if ANY food will make you gain?  Hence the reason i want to be at 175...instead of 190 where my physician wants me.

Anyway, its time to step it up!

Day 64 - 199 bit me BACK!

Thanks for everyones comments and support.  Quick email as today is VERY busy.  The scales said 201 today!  UGH!  My first gain in a while.  It looks like I pissed 199 off BADLY with my popmus email.  Oh well.....time to show 'em whose the boss!

I had to do an early morning presentation today so i did not get to go on a run.  I packed a bag for the gym but I am just getting to my desk for the first time today...MUST WORK!

I just hope I can get to 199 tomorrow....and believe me when I say I CAN DO IT.

Day 63- I celebrated a bit too early.....

I think I gained a little too much joy and confidence yesterday as I stood on the scales.  I was CERTAIN I would accomoplish Mission No. 7 - 199 lbs. as of today.

It was not to be......

I am actually not upset about it.   I went out with Rhonda last night and had some nachos.....not very many but still solid food.    The scales would not budge off 200.00 this morning.  And I even went running.  I hope that I can make headway tomorrow and the after effects of solid food dont creep up on me even more over the next few days.

Stay tuned....

Day 62 - Dear 199

Dear 199,

You must be aware, very aware of your pending doom.  For days I have stalked you and you have pushed me back.  Today was no different.  But today I felt your strength give, almost to the point of failure.  You must know that tomorrow is the end?

I almost convinced myself that today was the day you would see your demise.  In fact, I was on the border of excited, only to see you resist with great force.  I went running this morning to ensure your failure and it proved to be worthy, allowing to me to come within ounces of your doorstep.

So now I have arrived in full force.  In fact, I am standing in your doorway and you have no where else to run. 

Say your goodbyes.  Chose your last meal.  Write your last words.  There is no tomorrow for you.


(total body weight of 200.000000000)

Day 61 - Looking for 00

My most recent goal is Mission No. 7 which is to be at 199.5 pounds.....basically anything in the 100's.  I have struggled slightly since last Wednesday but am happy to say I am at 201 this morning.  Its not 199 but its getting there.  I did not go running this morning (too cold for my blood) but I did pack a bag for the gym today.   I am going to be so excited to see 200 lbs, just knowing that ANY loss gets me to Mission 7 Accomplished. 

For anyone reading this blog, you know that I always write "to" my goal the day before I achieve it (for example "Dear 40 pounds" just a week ro so ago).  I am really looking forward to "Dear 199" which I am hoping to write in the next day or two.

Day 60 - 201!

Wow I cannot believe it has been 60 days since I started this program.  WOW.   My blog at 30 days said the same thing!  LOL.

Today was a good day.  I went for a long walk with Rhonda and came home to a total body weight of 201.5 pounds.  Just 1.5 pounds from Mission No. 7.....and oh oh oh oh its driving me crazy.    These stall patterns seem to come every once in a while and I just want to kick it in the ass!

Day 59 - Brrrrrrrr

Wow it was suddenly cold today!  I lost 0.5 pound today but that only gets me within 0.5 pounds of where I was three days ago.  Sheww.......the days of averaging a pound a day are gone gone gone!   I am averaging about 0.5 pounds a day now.  That means I am barely going to make my 70 pound goal by the end of the "Active Weight Loss" period (12 weeks) on the OptiFast program.  I guess I will just have to leave it be and keep sticking to the program (perhaps MINUS the popcorn).