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  • Name: Kellie
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Just a few more hours

until I am at the Twilight convention!!! I am SO SO SO excited.. I will get to meet Peter Facillini, Billy burke, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Michael Welch and a few others... I can't WAIT!!! There's a costume contest (I am Rosalie fro when they first moved to Forks and struck up the deal with the tribe), a vampire ball, a welcome party
 Now let's just hope I don't forget something at home....

Yep, I suck


I have been avoiding the scale for a while, just because I'm tired of stressing about it right now.. I have a convention I get to go to this coming weekend (WOOHOO!!! I get to drool all over Kellan and Jackson! YUMM!)  and I figure I'll stress about it when I get back...
 My oldest daughter just turned 8 yesterday (the 15th)... I feel so old! I can't have an 8 year old! (and a 6 year old.. and a 4 year old.. and a 2 year old... and a 4 mos old! YIKES!) I am 26 1/2, and I have 5 kids! I feel SO blessed to have them all, really, I do.. but sometimes it still shocks me if I sit and think about it too much .. LOL
     I have to say, though, that while my hubby and I do have our tiffs, he really si SO great! I mean, how many husbands would let their wives go to the city for 3 days to attend a convention for a book/movie? AND not complain abuot it or the cost? (though I did tell him that it can be my Christmas, V-day, Mothers day presents all in one ;)) ... I am just SO SO SO excited!!!
Now if I could only drop 50 lbs by Friday...



I decided to just take today off... I had a couple eggs for breakfast, 2 choc chip cookies (yumm!) and a small plate of spaghetti... LOL I'm EVIL! But tomorrow is another day... and another day 1 of another fast... I hear that once you get past day 3 it gets easier... and I can say that day 2 sucked (I'm thinking maybe THAT'S where my headache came from...) But we're gonna try it again! (and see what I gained back from being little miss piggy today in the morning... LOL)

Really? Still?


So I totally broke my fast last night... I was making hamburger patties and peas for dinner for the family, and they smelled SOOOO gooood.. so I had a small one (just the patty, no bread) and a small spoonfull of peas...and I STILL lost 2 lbs?  I'm good with that... although I'm pretty sure I know why/how... Evidently after almost 2 full days of nothing but water, my body didn't like the fat that was is the meat all too much. It made me *very* ill (not throwing up, but the other ) but still, I was UP 1/2 a lb whenI went to bed... but hey, I'm okay with that... 4 lbs down in the last 2 days! Now lets see if we can keep going in that same direction... I think I'm gonna have a couple eggs for breakfast (protein, yumm!), and then restart the fast and see where tht gets me.
    In other news....
              Creation has announced a Twilight centerpiece contest that will be happening at the convention near the end of the month. The prize is a $250 gift certificate (I don't know where to, though).. but I have NO ideas! Help!
    Me and 3 of the 5 kids still have a cold.. the older 2 that have it just have a runny nose, but I have a killer headache that came with mine, and if the poor babe's disposition the past couple days is any sign, then she has the headache too  poor little girl.
 ummm....    yep, that's about it for now...  I have been browsing other peoples blogs, and they can go on and on, writting interesting stuff about what's going on with them.. and I got nothing... LOL...  If I think of anything else I'll come back...

Day 2


Day 2 of water fast, 2 lbs down.. I have been doing a lot of research on water fasts, and think I have it pretty much down. There are people that go 40 days!!! Geezo peezo... I'm def not doing more than 10, though I highly doubt I'll go that long... LOL... I just can't imagine going that long without food... I'm hoping it will help my cold go away, though.. We all have it here, and it sucks ... Anywho... I'm really just hoping to get a little healthier, get my back feeling better, get over this dang cold and rop a few lbs before Feb 20th... (I'm going to a convention in San fran then... Yep, I'm a TM! HAHAHA)
 I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!



I weighed in this morning.. and it isn't pretty! 11 lbs more than where I STARTED from last time.. UGH!  Today I am starting a water fast. I'm not sure how long I can actually DO it, having to feed 6 other people here, but I'm going to try!

Oh MY gosh!!!


It has been ever so long since I've been on here! And I'm right bwack where I started from ...( BOOO!! hisss!! !boooo!!!!) But no time like the present to get my fat butt back on the wagon! (and hope the wheel doesn't collapse!) I will weight myself in teh am and get everything up to date and accurate.. but in the mean time, last time I Was on I was mama to 4 kiddos.. but now it's 5! I havd baby Gennavieve last Oct 1st.. Because I lost so much weight hubby just couldn't keep his.. er.. HANDS to himself, and I ended up preggo again.. which came with a ton of weight (like always :()  so now I have a whole bunch to lose again.. and this time without phen!! EEK! How will I do it??!?!?!!? Any help/advice y'all have would be amazing.. I have Power90 that I am starting again, but I'm the kind of person that needs results quickly, or I get very discouraged.. (yeah, I usually lose weight the unhealthy way.. but it works! )

3 months along on my journey, and...

Everything has been sooo chaotic lately with the holidays and such, but I do have a progress report!

It's been 3 months and I've reached my 40 lb mark! (I had lost a few lbs before starting back up here, so I'm counting those ;) ) ... now on to the next 40... LOL. I have been taking Phentermine, but really haven't taken it but a few times these past 2 months, and it's SO great! I think that being on it for about a month (except for weekends and the occasional off day) and I think that by not eating as much during that time my stomach has either actually shrunk, or my body just got used to not eating as much. It's great not to have that constant hunger anymore, and be able to say "no thanks, I'm not hungry"... I eat when I am hungry, and don't eat when I'm not, it's great! I get looks from my husband when I skip dinner once in a while, but I'm not hungry, so I'm not going to force myself to eat...

I am just so excited... I'm less than 1/2 way to the weight I was at when I got married 7 years ago, and 1/2 way to where I was when I was 17. That's the goal I'm shooting for now, those next 40 lbs... After that I will probably go for those last 20 lbs, but when looking at the whole picture, I'll be so happy to get to where I *only* have 20 lbs to go.. lol

Happy Thanksgiving and 1/3 of the way there!

I just wanted to wish every a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great day with friends and family, and make wise choices! All of the food is sooo good, but I'm planning on finding out around how many calories each food is per serving, and then trying to stick to a set amount... but we'll see!

  Also, I'm a third of the way to my ultimate goal! yaay! so... if I never hit a plateau again and keep losin gat the rate I am, I'll be there in another 5 months... What would be great would be to be at it by my birthday, which gives me an extra month or two (I'll be turning 26 next June!).. oh, I hope I hope I hope!!!

Back on track, but...

I don't know for how long... my stress level is at it's max right now, and I just can't seem to handle it... we have stupid *stupid* tenants that are trying to screw us out of money and say that they wanna go to court... but they'd lose miserably (I know the landlord/tenant laws front and back, and they don't have a freakin leg to stand on) but I seriously just can't handle the stress that comes along with it. I'd rather they just leave and disappear forever, but evidentally they don't want to do that (they're supposed to be out at the end of the month anyhow)... I'm calling tonight to see if they're just gonna leave, and if not, then I get to drag the kiddos down to the court house in the am and get the paperwork to kick their sorry asses out... but mentally I just feel like I'm about ot lose it. This, along with the stresses of Christmas and all the $ problems that are unavoidable, especially during this time of year, I just can't handle it.. and DH doesn't want to deal with it, says he'll see em in court... that I stress too much.. but he doesn't stress at all, which adds even MORE stress to me, since it then feels like I am shouldering everything.... I just want to curl up in a ball and wish the world away.....


    But I am down a few lbs....... lol