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Height: 165.1cm
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Goal weight: 200.00lb
Lost to date: 13.20lb
Remaining: 41.80lb

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well i did a mid-week weigh in, doesnt count but its worrying up to 145. WTH?  im doing everything right...i havent cheated...there may have been a day or two that i havent had enough veggies but thats it.  UGH!
Im due for my "real" TOM next week that might be the culprit, but comeon!  Cut a sister some slack.
I worked out really hard tonight, im lovin me some cardio coach.  It pushes me to work out harder than i would have normally.
Tomorrow night im meeting up with my ex bf for dinner.  He feels he has a lot to say or get off his chest so we can part on amicable terms.  Its been a month since i ended things, and even though it was my decision it hasnt made things any easier.  My heart is torn...i have no doubt that the things that needed work he is capable of fixing, for a little while. But i think theyd go right back to how they were after he gets comfortable again.
Rock, Hard place...there I am.  It will be nice to see him, after all, we were together for almost three years.  I dont know how its going to end after wont be easy.
Ok well im off to bed early tonight, planning on gymming it up at 6am.
Goodnight ladies!


another 2 pounds~!!!  WOOHOO!! I didnt get to the gym or exercise at home as much as i wouldve liked this past weekbut i did what i could, 2 pounds i am more than happy with!!
Dont have a whole lot of time right now to blog more, but i will later :)
Happy Ressurection Day to all!

ok so....

im all messed up...I started taking st johns wort to help myself feel better, i even took a little under the recommended dosage.  Im on the pill...and i found out after the fact that taking st johns wort can lessen the absorbancy of the pill.  Causing me to get my monthly friend TWO whole WEEKS early.  UGH!!! I feel like crap and im definitely retaining water, im up a pound and i havent cheated at ALL!!!
Anywho, on a positive note i pushed through the cramps and went to the gym after work at 9pm.  WOOO!! Go me!
Have any of you heard of cardio coach? Um amazing!! I used it tonight for the first time and i do believe im hooked!!
Its a motivational workout thingamabobber that you download and put on your ipod/mp3 player and listen to it while working out.  Its like your own personal trainer. Go to for more info on it... im in love :)
ok im tomorrow! 


Thanks for the support ladies.  I am so psyched!!  ONTO week two!  I ended up taking off yesterday from exercise, and only got half of my errands done...but thats ok, i needed to relax. I did the biggest loser workout at home tonight, and im a little sore now. 
im ready to go for tomorrow...6am gym, 30 mins treadmill, 20 mins bike, 15 min circut in the womens weight room.  I feel unstoppable!!

Weigh In Sunday

Down 7.2 lbs from the start (last sunday) of phase one!! WHOOHOOO!!
Onto this week...have to run to work now, will blog again later tonight!


Is my day off, but theres always so much to do!
I have to clean the entire house, including mopping the kitchen ( I LOATHE that) laundry, grocery shop and meal plan.  Oh and I teach a class Saturday mornings (like a CCD class for 3+4year old's).  SO somewhere in there i have to find time to workout.  I'll be wearing my bodybugg during most of the day, hopefully the cleaning will count towards some of my caloric burn.
I found a great 30 min workout on demand.  Its the biggest losers last chance workout with Jillian (love her) and it definitely gets the heart pumping.  She does interval training, so weights then a little cardio, back to weights etc. 
Work is good, high stress and busy as always (I manage a salon) we are going into our busy season...lots of proms and weddings to prepare for.  Yes im off Saturdays bc we're open 7 days a week so I work every Sunday.  I am SO looking forward to having Easter Sunday off.
Hmm what else...oh, im so sick of veggies and matter how hard you try,t heres only so much of that stuff you can handle. Sunday ill begin week two of phase one, and that means the last week of hell.  I cant even tell you how excited i am to be able to have an apple or some whole wheat bread or even a sweet potato.  How desperate am i? lol
I feel like i always start things, but never finish...with myself atleast. professionally I get things done yesterday, but why do i feel like its "ok" to put myself on the back burner??  Its not ok.  This is why this fresh new start is so important to me.  I need to love me before anyone else does.  And shouldnt you love yourself? YUP!
I have a mini vaca coming up in June, im so excited!! I'll be going away for 4 days and i CANNOT wait!!
My goal is to FEEL as good as humanly possible in these next 12 short weeks.  Yes, I want to look great, but i can remember how great i felt when i was around 200.  Of course my long term goal is to lose about 100lbs, but Im focusing on the first 50 right now.  Thats a big enough feat.
Ok ladies....i might try to squeeze in some on demand exercise time later!
Have a fabulous Saturday!!

Starting fresh

YUP! Im back, and back at it again.  I have a new fouund energy and motivation.  I started this wwek with phase one of SB and so far so good.  I will weigh in every sunday...and hope to drop about 50lbs really quickly by using phase 1 and 2 of sb, and working out 2x a day...sundays being my off day.  Im also using my bodybugg as a way to track what i am actually burning. 
Sorry ive been mia my friends. My last blog on here was back in november. Since then i am now single....and im not quite sure how i feel about it but im taking it one day at a time!! i now have free time to focus on myself, and getting healthy.
blog again later!!