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  • Name: katsy1988
  • City: Macomb
  • Region: Illinois
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Height: 157.5cm
Start weight: 203.00lb
Current weight: 190.00lb
Goal weight: 115.00lb
Lost to date: 13.00lb
Remaining: 75.00lb

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A week in review

Well, it has been over a week since I said I would post again. I really need to keep on this seriously if I want to kick my butt back into shape!
A quick week recap:
Saturday- Went with husband to the zoo he works at. I got to see him train River Otters, which was amazing. He let me feed the Budgies, which was terrifying! Fourty plus little birds flying around my face, I wanted to flail my arms and cry like a little girl, but I stayed!! Then the other zoo keepers decided it would be a great idea to go to some new asian buffet. Bad idea for me...
Sunday- Feeling horribal about myself for Saturdays dinner, I decided to go for a run. Got up, changed into sweats and got my iPod ready and it's raining. Can't do the stairs like I wanted because the lady across the hall from me was fighting with her boyfriend and was kicking him out/ letting him move back in/ kicking him out/ letting him move back in/ etc. So I played with my new resistance bands. Didn't get much accomplished. Started a new video game called Ar Tonelico.
Monday- Went to a memorial service. Tried to sleep and went to work. One of my clients was just diagnosed with Bronchial Pnemonia (sp?) and she was sick and coughing all night. I felt terrible for her.
Tuesday- Got off work late, I stayed until my manager could get back from running an appointment so the client with Pnemonia wouldn't be home alone. We watched Alladin! Took a quick nap, then deep cleaned my apartment. I get paranoid when people are sick around me and I clean everything! Around 6 pm, my husband and I had to put the cat food up for Schroedingers surgery the next morning. Didn't sleep because I was worried about my poor kitty.
Wednesday- Took Schroedinger to the vet in another town about an hour away. Moped the whole way there while Schroedinger cried because he was in a carrier. 8 am we drop him off. He was getting nutered. I make a huge deal about it even though its such a small surgery but I was very against it! We have 2 cats, Midnite and Schroedinger. When we got Schroedinger he was still a kitten and his old owner said he was a female. We thought 'Wonderful! We have 2 girl kitties!'. Wrong. He was a male. So for the past 2 and 1/2 months I have been researching spaying/nutering pros and cons. Lots of reading and message boards and a terrifying slide show later we decide that we have to do it and it has to be him. He's younger and the surgery isn't as bad as it would have been for Midnite. It didn't make me any happier about it though. Since we have to wait around until 3 to pick him up we try to go fishing. It's too windy and the water was too choppy so we end up wandering Walmart for 5 hours. Plus side, I made my full christmas list! Schroedinger had his surgery and came through it fine. He was groggy and stumbled around the house for a bit until he fell asleep.
Thursday- Went grocery shopping!! I had been wanting to go back on this 3 day/4 day diet that I did back before the wedding that worked pretty well but didnt have any money for grocerys till then. Decided to start that at the beginning of my work 'week' Husband made salmon for dinner. I tried my hand at sushi. Both were a bit of a fail.
Friday- Did laundry. Visited client in the hospital. Her Pnemonia progressed so they sent her to the hospital. Went in to see her and she fell asleep in the middle of her 'HI!' Took a nap and got ready for work. Went in at 11pm and was met with a melt down between a client and a staff. Lucky me. Also, I knew that the day I was to start my diet, the popcorn I bought from another client who goes to Venture Scouts would come in. Sure enough, I eat my grape fruit half and glare at the box of cheesy popcorn. WILLPOWER!!!
Saturday- Got off work at 11am. Came home and made supper (my am's and pm's are switched from my job) I was very proud of my pork chop. Did only 2 sets of stairs but it was at least an effort. Tried to sleep, forgot to take my sleeping meds and was awake off and on. Husband made me breakfast while I was in the shower (1 egg and 1 toast) Went off to work. Another test of will power, the staff leaving told me that she made cheesy ham, broccoli, potato, veggy soup and chicken cassarole and that there were left overs and I should get some. I ate my 1 cup of cottage cheese and 8 crackers glowering at the refrigerator. Had a mental verbal fight with it at some point. Accidently said 'COMICON! SAKURA!' out loud. Thouroughly embarrassed I decided to clean the outside windows (at 3 am) thinking about how I am going to go to ComiCon next year as Sakura.
And that is my week in review. I got home a few short hours ago, made dinner and am soon heading to bed. Super lame post, I know but they will get better!!

Once upon a time...

Hey everyone! I'm not really sure what to put in this so I'm gonna start with a quick bio:
Married for almost 1 year
Job: I work in a group home to care for adults with mental, physical and developmental disabilities. I do the overnights which mostly consists of me cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cooking, getting the clients up in the A.M and getting them dressed, then more cleaning until I go home. For the most part (from 11pm-6am) every client is asleep so I am left alone to clean, text, read, draw or play my DS. From 6am-9am is where they all begin to wake up and its a bit chaotic at times but I love every one of them and all the staff I work with.
Hobbies: Read, Draw, Text (if that counts as a hobby) play video games.
Plans for this: I hope to post weekly with an update on any weight loss, new pics, and other random tidbits of information.
Um, my current work out/weight loss routine is nonexistant. So, after I buy my scale tomorrow, Ill be able to get an acurate reading on my weight and exactally how much I need to loose. The number I get to isn't really all that inportant, I just want to be happy in my own body again. I'm thinking of getting some resistance bands aswell tomorrow. Those would be easy to do at work.
I am really hoping that I stick with this and follow through...
Wish me luck!