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BFL Day 52: A Confession

Today was just OK. Not bad. not amazing either. I ate clean all day today except I did have a Mrs. Fields cookie.... naughty me lol... but I did enjoy it. I had big plans on christmas shopping/running errands all day until 4, doing the circuit at Curves and then going to the gym to do my UBWO after work at 7. I did do the shopping, and I did do the circuit, but I was just really really beat I could barely push through it (and really, I was trying). First of all, from doing deadlifts 2 days ago, I feel like I can't even get in and out of a chair without being in some major pain and secondly, I have not been sleeping well AT ALL (again... ugh... frustrating). I did push myself through to finish the circuit, but (after much debate with myself) I made the conscious decision not to go to the gym tonight to do my UBWO. I am not making excuses, but I really think my body is just telling me I need to rest. I did go grocery shopping today though, which ALWAYS helps me get back on track, and I will go to the gym tomorrow to do my UBWO.

BFL Day 51:"Please Don't Lose Sight of How Great Your Life Truly Is"

I'm on day 51 out of 82 of my challenge and I am sooooo unbelievably sore from my LBWO yesterday. My inner thighs and my hamstrings! JC! I can barely walk. But it is worth it. I am feeling renewed and good and hopeful and totally excited about making progress and making changes to get to the new me. I had an awesome day today and ate clean all day. 

Tomorrow I WILL have a kick ass UBWO (I am still sore from my last one! yikes!) and I am really going to focus on my back (because it is a big problem area of mine) and my shoulders because I will be wearing a top that really shows off my shoulders for thanksgiving. I am also going to go grocery shopping, be organized and prepared to stick to my diet, as well as try to get more fruit and veggies in. Oh yea- and keep chugging Emergen-C---- I REFUSE TO GET SICK!

I also wanted to share the Lesson-for-Life for today. It is one of my all time favorites....

(copied from Bill Phillips' BFL Success Journal)

"Please don't lose sight of how great your life truly is!"

"Maintaining an accurate perspective on your life can be a challenge. Oftentimes we convince ourselves that our lives are so hard, our circumstances so dire, that things couldn't possibly get worse. In times like these, it's vitally important to open your eyes and see the bigger picture. If you look, you will find people who are suffering true hardship and are facing adversity so much more challenging than yours. You will find people who would trade places with you in an instant, because, in reality, you are blessed, fortunate, and have so much to be thankful for! Please don't take your good fortune for granted. Please don't fall into the trap of believing that you are a victim of life. Please don't lose sight on how great your life truly is! And please realize that it is because of adversity that we grow, not in spite of it. Don't let your challenges hold you back; instead, let them fuel your desire to make the most of your life!"

BFL Day 50: Pink Weight Lifting Gloves

Hey everyone! I had a great awesome day today. I woke up this morning and there were the cutest pink weight lifting gloves sitting next to my bed. My mom was going to give them to me for christmas, but I kept complaining about my calluses so I guess she decided that Santa Claus would come early :) They totally make me happy.

I am down a pound and went from 33.7% body fat to 33.3% body fat from last week, yay. I ate 100% clean today, rocked my LBWO, did 3 sets of planks, 200 sit ups, and I did the circuit at Curves today (I was able to use my smart keytag and really push myself since no one was there),.... oh yea, and I did deadlifts with 32.5 lbs weights! That is my personal best! woot woot! Gonna swim tomorrow I think for my cardio and try to get some more veggies in 

BFL Day 49: End of Week 7!

Man, this weekend was rough. After my free day on thursday, I just could not find the will power to get it together and get my head back in the game. It had something to do with the weather being cold (freezing to my standards), it had something to do with my parents being out of town (the whole, "if no one sees me do it, it won't count" mentality that is a very bad habit I've picked up over the years from my mom always trying to monitor everything that I eat while I was growing up, so whenever she was gone and not looking I would binge eat), it had something to do with my thyroid medication being too low, and it had something to do with my emotions this week... all things I know I have to work on and overcome in the future if I want to succeed at this. So it is noted, and I can move on.

I started to get my eating back on track yesterday, but I did not go to the gym. After I ate 1/2 cup of coffee ice cream (weird that I made the conscious decision to measure out the ice cream, but I didn't make the conscious decision not to have it at all...), I felt awful and I did do Wii fit for 2 hours (I didn't feel 2 hours worth of guilt from eating the ice cream, but it was just really fun I did not want to stop lol). Today I ate clean but I was feeling totally lethargic and cold, and as I was laying down to take my second nap of the day and I shot up out of bed and I thought to myself "omg what am I doing!?! get up get up!" and then I threw on my gym clothes and went to the gym. Go me. I had an awesome UBWO and then 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on eliptical. I am totally going to be sore for the next few days.

Tomorrow I am going to eat clean, go to the gym to do my LBWO and really push myself, do the circuit at Curves while I work, and then do some extra abs before I go to bed. I will not have a free day this week (I may give myself a free meal though, I have not decided yet), so that means that my next free day will be Thanksgiving- and I have just got to push through until then. The end of this week I will be taking progress pictures and doing my measurements again, I am really hoping in seeing some changes, I know that I need to push myself though.

BFL Day 46: Free day number 2?

I had big plans for today. I was going to go to this super cool trampoline aerobics class I have been wanting to go to for soooo long, i was going to eat healthy, go for a walk, relax.... but instead I totally gave in to self pity. I woke up this morning with a food hangover from my god awful free day yesterday, and then my friend called me and told me she couldnt go to the class with me (it is an hour away, so i was not going to go by myself). When I went to call someone else to go with me, it occurred to me that I have no one  I really don't have very many friends to begin with, and the one's I do have are either flakey or they live very far away. It makes me really sad. And of course, my love life is non-existent. I was pathetic and called my "hook-up buddy" (yes, a friends with benefits, no strings attached thing that i've had for years....) to see if he would go to the movies with me, and of course he was "busy". I don't even want him as anything romantic... but i was just lonely! So then I went to the movies by myself. sad. I also ate horribly, and I did not go to the gym. Today was just very unlike me. 

I am just going to post what I ate today.... kind of to clear my conscience and then I will move on. 

bagel w/ cream cheese, raisenettes (360 calories worth of them), grande nonfat chai latte, 1 slice of pizza, burrito w/ sour cream and cheese and greasy chicken

Ok... and lastly, I am going to focus on the positive and not the negative... because that is what Billy would want me to do...

1. I got my burrito on a whole wheat tortilla... and I did not get rice in it... and I got black beans instead of refried. 
2. It could have been a lot worse, and I am glad I did not say "well, I already screwed it up, so I might as well eat more"
3. I did my situps, I did my mindset exercises (reviewing my goals, and WHY i want to achieve my goals), and I planned for tomorrow

From right this moment on, I am going to get focused. Tomorrow I have my UBWO, abs, and I am going to eat completely on program.

BFL Day 45: Six Sticks of Butter

So, whenever it is someone's birthday in my family, we always make a huge dinner for them, and we always make all of their favorite homemade things (not just one or 2 of their favorite things, I am talking about ALL of their favorite things). It is my Uncle's birthday tomorrow, so his favorite things are... Clam dip and potato chips, french fries with a mayo dip, deviled eggs, good wine, chicken parm., and chocolate layer cake. Now, like I said, everything is homemade... from scratch.... so I see every ounce of mayo that goes into it, every drop of oil needed to deep fry the french fries, the HUGE mound of cheese that covers the chicken, AND every stick of butter used.... and let me just say... it is just shocking.

 It is always my job to bake the cake. I decided to make a Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip Layer Cake with a Kahlua Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. ummmm.... let's see... chocolate. butter. cream. frosting. alcoholic after dinner drinks. sugar...... this is so not good... in total, SIX STICKS OF BUTTER AND TWO POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE WERE USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS BIRTHDAY CAKE. My arteries are clogging just thinking about it. 

I had a really good on program day with an awesome LBWO... until I ate a bunch of cake batter and licked a spatula full of frosting.... now I just feel sick. This is the first time during the program where I really feel like I cheated. Sometimes I will eat over my calories but it will still be clean eating, or sometimes I will have some extra fat at a few meals, or i'll sneak the smallest bite of something I'm not suppose to, but I very very rarely eat ANY refined sugar and I NEVER eat butter... except on my free day. Oh well. Free day is tomorrow and then back at it on friday :) 

BFL Day 44: Week 6 Measurments

yay! I know it has been awhile since i've blogged, but everything has been going great and I have been staying focused. I am over half way there! woot woot! Today was really good, I ate completely clean and I had an awesome swim session in the pool. Tomorrow is LBWO... which means I get to do squats! yay! 

I did my week 6 weights and measures on sunday, but I forgot to post... so here are my results so far :)

WeekWeight Bodyfat Bust     Bis waist abs Hips thigh
0 187 36% 44     14.5 36.5 43    46.5 27.5
2 181 34.9      42     14 34.5 41       44.5 26.5
4 178 34.4 42     14 34 40      44 26
6 177 33.7 42     13.5 32 39      44 26
10 lbs 2.3% 2 in       1 in  4.5 in     4 in   2.5 in 1.5 in

BFL Day 39: awesome awesome day

Hey everyone! Today was the first day in awhile that I did not feel absolutely exhausted.... I actually woke up today with a lot of energy. I also ate completely clean today, did my cardio work out, took a long walk, did the circuit at Curves about 4 times (not all at once... over the 3 hours I was working) and yes, I did hit my 3500 calorie burn goal for the day! woot woot. It is a little much and I don't plan on keeping my goal that high (it is usually 3000-3200) but I have been lagging lately so I wanted to really push myself today to get back into the swing of things. I feel good. I really want to finish this week off strong, I am almost HALF WAY THERE! I've gotta pick things up a notch. Tomorrow I have LBWO, so I am totally expecting to be sore for the next few days 

BFL Day 38: Less then Perfect

I know have been anything but perfect these past few weeks (with my foot problems and KILLER cramps and crappy mood... its been pretty tough). I have been going through the motions and doing the program, but I havn't been REALLY doing it.... I havn't been owning it and living it and giving it everything I have like I know that I can. And, as Billy would say, "You have to put in maximum to get maximum results!" (duuuuuhhhh, it is so simple!). I know that eating right and exercising and being healthy is a lifestyle change for me that I need to do for the rest of my life. I do not see BFL as a quick fix and I am not fixated on losing a bunch of weight all at once, but these 12 weeks are really about pushing myself and seeing how far I can push my body and my muscles, and that is the only way I am going to see the transformation that I want to see. I have a feeling that today is going to be a really good day. Set my calorie burn goal on my bodybugg to 3500, which is a lot, but I think i'll be able to make it work with HIIT, walking, shopping and Curves

BFL Day 37: PAIN!!!

Out of all of the foot problems I have been having, and all of the achey muscles and sore joints and hunger and detoxing off of sugar.... that is nothing compared to the pain I am enduring right now. I have not had my period in 6 months, and now that I have it, it feels like 6 months worth of cramps all condensed. I feel like i'm going to die. It hurts so bad and I HATE IT!!!!!!! grrrr. mad. very very mad. AND I feel like a big.... fat.... whale... cow.... a CowWhale. so not okay.

Sorry to any men who are reading this haha.