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Height: 157.5cm
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Goal weight: 134.00lb
Lost to date: 21.00lb
Remaining: 36.00lb

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BFL- 5K and Only 4 Days Left!

I only have 4 days left of my 12 week challenge and I can't wait to see the results! Eating has been really tough on my this week. Some days i'll be super busy and unorganized and not get enough calories in, and then I also had 3 parties to go to, where I didn't go out of control, but I definitely cheated. I am definitely going to work very very hard in the next few days to make the most out of it.

I am a little nervous for the end of the challenge to come. I know I have made a LIFESTYLE change, and I am not going to go back to my old ways, but it will be Christmas Eve, Christmas, and then a whole week in New York where there will be a lot of eating and drinking going on. I want to enjoy myself, and definitely rest up, but I do not want to go out of control. Ideally I would like to maintain until I start my next challenge on January 11th :)

Tomorrow I run my 5k. I am excited! Don't know if I am ready for it... but I know I can do it, I have done it a ton of times before, I just have to keep reminding myself of that. Aiming for under 40 minutes. I'll post the results tomorrow :)

BFL Day 80: Pics from my cocktail party

heey all, just checking in real quick. I added some pics from my very first cocktail party that I hosted. I felt totally hot... and I like the pics... but I think I looked even better in person lol. Just wanted to share them :) .... oh yea, and I was wearing the most awesome patent leather red pumps everrrrr! but of course the "photographer" was always someone's boyfriend who never think about showing the shoes!

BFL Day 78: I Am Still Alive

hey everyone, just wanted to check in and let ya'll know I am still alive. I have been doing well physically, but not so well mentally and emotionally.... which is weird, because usually when one is good, they are all good... but I guess this time it is different. I am using exercise as an outlet for my frustrations and it works, for awhile, but all my problems just keep coming back. I just know I have a long way to go in my journey to overall well being and I guess I have to face some of my issues in a different way.

OK... venting is over. It probably didn't make any sense... but I am just really so tired right now. Anywaysssss.... my last week of my 12 week journey. yay! I am extending it a few days actually, so I will be taking my weights and measurements and pictures on December 24th instead of the 21st. I am really excited to see my results and I am even more excited to keep going with my transformation.

BFL Day 70: 2 Week countdown!

So I lost 2 lbs this week.... I wanted to lose the 3 that I had gained last week, but that is okay, I am still happy. I have not made much progress these past 2 weeks as far as inches lost or bodyfat lost because of my little setback on thanksgiving week).... so that means that these next 2 weeks of my challenge is the final effort to make some progress before the challenge ends. I CAN DO THIS!

BFL Day 66: THANK YOU!!!

Just wanted to sign in real quick and say thank you to all of ya'll who have been encouraging and supporting me with my journey. Each and every one of your comments I take to heart and I appreciate them every day. Every time I am feeling down, or I have something to share, or I just need to vent, I know I can come on here and count on you guys to lift my spirits or cheer me on or just listen. So THANK YOU and you all are absolutely fabulous!

I'll be back later with a post on how my day went :) Off to go run 

BFL Day 65: Just checking in

I just finished watching The Biggest Loser... and I don't think I stopped crying the whole time. Since the beginning, I wanted Rebecca to win (she better win the at home challenge at least!), but since she got kicked off I am rooting for Danny. If they can do it, if they can run a marathon, completely transform their bodies and lives after everything they have gone through, then so can I... and I deserve it too and there is nothing that is going to get in my way!..... sorry, i get worked up after TBL haha.

I had a really great day today and stayed positive. I got my first weight-loss compliment from someone other then my family and you guys from a woman at Curves. She said, "I forgot your name, and I havn't been here in about 4 weeks, but you have lost weight and you look really great! How did you do it?" I told her "It's from Curves! and a little bit extra" (which is a fib... because it was a lot of extra... but 

My burn for today was 3000 calories and I ate around 1100 (eek, a little low, but one day won't hurt). This past week set me back, but I am REALLY determined to get those 3 lbs off (maaaaybe 4) by the end of this week and at least some progress as far as inches since I do my 10 week measurements on sunday . I am going to be religious about wearing my bodybugg everyday and really paying really close attention to eating clean and watching portions this week.

Activity (3000 calorie burn for today)

-30 minute walk
-30 minute Curves circuit 
-30 minute run on treadmill (getting ready for my 5K! )
-45 minute LBWO
-15 minute run

Food (yikes! no veggies lol, at least I took my multi)

M1: Special K protein plus cereal with milk
M2: Roast Turkey, light mayo, 1 slice whole wheat bread
M3: iced coffee w/ milk 
M4: 2 slices canadian bacon, 1/2 cup veggie chili 
M5: hard boiled egg
M6: 1 egg, 2 slices canadian bacon, whole wheat english muffin

Tomorrow will be a 30 HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the treadmill, walking, and Curves. Eventually I gotta start running outside to get use to it, but I just like going to the gym, so the treadmill will be okay for now.

BFL Day 64: GOALS- Only 3 Weeks Left!

Ok, so I got back into the swing of things today. It was hard, but i stayed very very focused. I ate completely clean and my bodybugg said I burned 3100 calories, and I ate about 1500, so yay! Since I only have 3 weeks left of my challenge, I wanted to go over some of my goals

By December 22, 2009 I will...

1. Weigh 169 lbs or less (right now I am 177 because I gained 3 stupid lbs this week!)

2. Have 29.9% body fat or less (Right now I am 32. something)

3. Fit into and look good in some of my old size 31 (euro sizes) jeans (ehhhh.... I dunno.... I can finally get them on, but barely buttoned... so we will see)

4. Run a 5K (signed up for one on 12/20)

5. Successfully complete the 12 week challenge (well on my way... with a few minor setbacks, but I will push through)

BFL Day 61: Really, REALLY crumby week :(

I have been completely MIA this past week. I am not doing too well. Got some bad news from my Doc. the other day that has thrown me for a loop. I'll be OK, it is nothing life threatening or anything like that... it is just something that is going to make it more difficult to achieve some of the goals I wanted to in my life and it is really hard adjusting to it. 

I've just been really down (I actually think that is an understatement) this past week. I ate hardly anything and didn't get out of bed for 3 days, and then since wednesday I have been stuffing my face. I am not going to beat myself up over it, but it just reminded me of how I use to be ALL THE TIME--- sad, lonely, depressed, FAT, lazy and unhealthy... and it definitely was not a pretty thing to see and it was very hard to face that part of me again.

I am not giving up though. I saw some pictures of me in september (before I started BFL) weighing almost 190 lbs and then I compared them to where I am now (posted a pic of me on thanksgiving... I felt really good), and I know there is no going back. I committed myself to something and it is something I NEED to do. I think stopping and quitting now would do more damage to me emotionally then anything else going on in my life-- so quitting or "taking a break" from the program is totally out of the question.

Tomorrow I am just going to rest, begin detoxing myself off of sugar, drink a TON of water, and refocus myself. Hopefully on monday the weight gain won't be too awful for the week. I am also going to try to figure out a way (and the time) to incorporate yoga into my plan also-- it is something I use to LOVE doing, and i think it would really help my inner chi more stable (haha, I sound like a total hippie right now).


Hey everyone! Gosh, i've had a lot to say in the past few days, and EP hasn't been working! oh well... I'm glad it is back. 

I just started week 9 of the program! I took all my weights and measurements yesterday and i also took progress pictures! I am really proud of my results, however, I do know that I could have pushed myself more... so that is something I am going to work on the last 4 weeks of the program. 

I have 7 more lbs to lose, and 3.5% more body fat to lose in the next 4 weeks in order to reach my goals that I set at the beginning of the program. I know I am going to have to really push myself if I want to achieve those goals.... but I know I can do it!

Here are my results so far....

Starting Week 8 Difference
Weight 187 lbs 174 lbs 13 lbs
BF% 36.0% 32.5% 3.5 %
Chest 44 in 42 in 2 in
Bicep 14.5 13.2 1.3 in
Waist 36.5 32 6.5 in
Tummy 43 37 6 in
Hips 46.5 42.5 4 in
Thigh 27.5 25.5 2 in

BFL Day 53: Horny Workout

Well I read somewhere that when there is a woman present, men have a better workout AND when they work out while they are aroused or turned on, they are able to lift significantly more weight (duh, total testosterone spike). As a part of the BFL plan, there is something called the "Universal Law of Reciprocation"... which basically means that by helping other people and spreading healthy habits to others, it also helps yourself. So today, while I was bent over doing my one arm dumbell rows (with 22.5 lbs weights ) and the boys behind me were COMPLETELY staring at my butt, I just kept thinking to myself "Hey cool! I am totally giving back" haha. Hopefully they had a great workout because of me and my (not so great, but getting there... and looked abnormally good in my new workout pants) butt lol.