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Height: 157.5cm
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Goal weight: 134.00lb
Lost to date: 21.00lb
Remaining: 36.00lb

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It's been awhile....

Well it sure has been awhile since I posted. Since I started school, it has definitely been a struggle eating right and finding time to work out. I've gained about 6ish lbs and my pants arent fitting me anymore, and I am not feeling strong like I use to. 

I gotta do something though, get this under control before I am back up to 191 lbs again. I don't really have a plan yet, other then MAKING time for the gym, and journaling my food.... so I am starting off slow with that and then setting up my game plan soon. Maybe after the holidays I will muster up enough motivation to do a Body For Life Challenge again. 


Just came back from my week long family vacation to the wine country (only about 2 hours away). It was lovely, except on the second night I wasn't feeling well, and by the third morning I was in the ER because I was coughing up blood. It was just a bad case of strep throat. On the days I did manage to eat and drink I made up for the 5 days I wasn't able to, so I still managed to gain a pound... but it should be off within the next few days.

Now it is time to get serious for SPAIN!!!! I only have 3 weeks left to become beach ready (I would say "bikini ready"... but I know that cannot happen in 3 weeks). I am still a little weak, but I will start with walking tomorrow and then within the next few days get back in to my usual work outs.


omg omg OMG!!!! I am going to Spain! 

I have always wanted to go, and even with all of my travels around Europe I still havn't been.  I have this friend/kind of sorta more then a friend in the physical sense of things who was going by himself, and he half joking kept telling me that I should go with him. I kind of just brushed it off, but then yesterday, something just snapped in me and I woke up and was like "hmmm, why shouldn't I?", and then a few hours after that I called work to see if I could potentially get the days off, looked in my bank account to see how I was doing, and then I called Ramon to see if he still wanted me to go. Then at 10:00 last night, I booked the plane ticket! 

Now, there are a few things that make this crazy. One, is that I am leaving in less then 4 weeks! That is a rediculously short amount of time to try to get together everything and plan out everything. The other thing is, is that I have only really hung out with R about 4-5 times before, and I really don't know much about him lol. This doesn't bother me though, we get along really well and talk a lot and I totally trust him, but I know all my friends and family will be like "WTH, who is Ramon?!". I definitely surprised everyone (including R). When I told my mom I thought she might have a heart attack lol. She is definitely a worrier and is constantly scared that something bad is going to happen to me.... and I also think she is always going to think of me as a baby. My dad is just worried about what the sleeping situation is going to be like since I am going with a boy haha.... poor dad. 

I explained to the parents that I am living life and doing something fun and exciting and "going with the flow", living in the present, doing what I want and not letting people hold me back! My mom said, "You can't just pack up and leave without a plan with some boy you barely know...... it just doesn't work that way", and I say, "Why not? It happens in the movies, so that means it can happen in real life too" (haha, that is my motto by the way, it drives my mom nuts whenever I say it though). They know how I am though, they both said that they could tell I was getting antsy for some adventure in my life. Spontaneity and restlessness are just 2 of those special Jessica qualities that make me do things I do, and I think they are trying to finally accept that there is no changing that.

yay! a weigh in!

167.5! Ahhhhh!!!! omg I can't believe it... again! Last week I was so surprised to be under 170, and this week, I have a 1.5 lbs loss?! It just seems too good to be true! But I will take it! I guess this goes to show, when you stop thinking about things so much, they will happen.... now, if only the same thing could happen with my love life lol

yaaayyyy!!!!!! so happy I could cry.

yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! finally I am under 170 again!!!! 169.0 to be exact. OMG I got on the scale this morning and I almost cried, I totally was not expecting it. I have been between 171-175 for the past 6 months! I am hoping that my body may start letting go of the weight again now that it is past the plateau. Now I can't wait to be in the 150s again! 

I am going on a vacation the the wine country in a few weeks, but when I get back from that I am going to start another 12 week BFL Challenge. 

yay for vegas!

So Vegas was sooooo amazingly fun. No drama, no one got hurt, no one got arrested, no one lost tons of money gambling.... it went off without a hitch! My girlfriends and I did not pay for one drink, never waited in line for anything, and got into VIP every single night.... oh, the perks of being a girl and having good looking friends :) It sucks having to go back to the real world though, but I am feeling refreshed and the vacation was much needed.

I gained a few lbs when I was there, but i am hoping it is just water weight from all the drinking. We will see when I weigh in later on this week.

Found a "before" picture of me on facebook

So, my brother's girlfriend tagged me in some pictures from a vacation we went on back in september of '09. As soon as I saw it, I was like "omg untag untag!" I think it is the only photo of me at 191 lbs. Yucko. I really have come a long way, even though sometime's I don't always realize it or give myself credit for it. 

boo hoo

So ever since last monday, when I ran about 4.5 miles at bootcamp without stopping, I have been all sorts of messed up. First of all, first time in a long time that my joints started hurting. My ankles and knees... and then my shins, and then my neck and back. Now, it isn't just sore, but it is painful. I only went to bootcamp twice last week because of it. Now, ever since friday, I have been dealing with that AND sinus problems (allergies?) that are giving me the WORST incurable headache that never goes away. Today I took my dad for a hike in Muir Woods for fathers day (we were out there for over 4 hours). It was great, and I was really trying to enjoy it, but once my meds wore off, I felt like I was going to die and like my knees were on fire. Now, I can't turn my neck because it hurts so bad. ughhhhh, I am falling apart and I am DREADING tomorrow because it is monday, which means another run day at bootcamp.


sorry, I don't clean

holy moly cannoli! I am so sore. Not even sore.... more like achey. It is 3 in the morning and I woke myself up and I feel like I can barely move. Seriously, every single inch of my body hurts.... my forearms even hurt... my fingers hurt... my toes hurt... my neck hurts, and everything in between. uggghhhhhh!!!! sssssiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhh. I have bootcamp today... which means I have to get up again at in less then 2 hours. 

oh yea, so at the start of my shift last night, the head lifeguard goes, "ok, so you have to stay and extra half hour to clean tonight" and then my first response was, "who does? me??? oh." lol. Of course, with any of my jobs i've had, I am more then happy to help out and do my part and I am always a very good employee... BUT I DON'T CLEAN! annnd, in my defense, no one ever mentioned to me that this was part of my job. I mean tidying up I do, and I can vacuum and make things look nice, but as far as cleaning goes, that is more like an "uuuhhhh, that is a boy's job because I just got my nails done" kind of thing. I do other things that I am good at... things like smiling, and sitting, and giving people compliments, and talking to all the old people about old people things (aka Dancing with the Stars and their cats and listen to them complain about all of their ailments and all that stuff old people like to talk about) and giving people bandaids and MAKING SURE PEOPLE DON'T DROWN... you know, important things. So after a very long 6 hour shift, as I was literally on my hands and knees on the tile floor scrubbing the sides and the gutter of the pool with soft scrub and a bristle brush that seemed way too small for such a big job, I just kept thinking, "this is totally NOT what I signed up for". So yea... not so happy... and not so good for my already aching body either. 

My poor baby Mimi girl

I am having a very upsetting past few days. School problems, work problems, boy problems, family problems, WEIGHT LOSS PROBLEMSSSS... all of those things I can deal with, but now my cat is sick and I just can't deal with it. My kitty cat, Mimi, who is now 13 isn't feeling well and I am a nervous wreck about it. Seriously, she is the first person (well ok, she isnt a person, but whatever) I wake up to every morning and the last person I talk to at night and she never leaves my side. Just the thought of something happening to her just sends me into a state of panic. I swear, if this is how I feel with my cat I don't even want to think about how I will be when I have kids some day. Anyway, the vet came to see her today and said that she has the worst arthritis she has ever seen in a cat and she is in a lot of pain (and she is limping), and she also said that she has a lump on her thyroid which could either be cancer or not, but either way it needs to be treated. So she said that she is 90% sure that everything is treatable or curable but she will probably need radiation and she will get shots every few months for her arthritis. I just want to fix her and make her healthy and happy and make sure she is not in any pain... but I can't and that just wrenches my heart. Every time I think about it I just can't stop crying. I also need to figure out a way to pay for the vet bills... today's visit alone cost $436 with all the lab tests and everything and then if she needs radiation and checkups and medication and everything else it will come out to be about $2000.

I'm sad