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Mommy/daughter day

Wow, so it is the first monday in 8 months that I didn't have school! It is so weird! I have a part time job right now at the hospital 2-3 nights a week, but now that I don't have school that means lots and lots of free time. I plan on spending most of that free time job searching. But, today, I spent my day off hanging out with my mama. 

We spent the day apartment shopping for me (decorating my NON EXISTENT new apartment, that I don't even have yet... wishful thinking, just sitting waiting for a vacancy in my grandma's apartment buildings in San Francisco), mani/pedi, buying invitations for my best friend's baby shower I am throwing, went to go see Bridesmaids, and then out to dinner. 

The day went well without me getting too fed up spending so much time with my mom. It made my her really happy to get to spend time with me. My mom is a great woman, but spending too much time alone with her is always risky. Basically, my mom is nosey, and controling, and judgmental (not in a horrible way, just in a "mom" sort of way), and the way she drives just makes me insane (always driving 5-10 miles under the speed limit, slowing down to go through already green lights, stopping way too soon before hitting a red light.... ugh, I can't stand it lol) BUT I know she just does it because she wants me to be happy and safe and successful. I just let her do her thing and indulge her with "juicy" stories and personal details and letting her take control of certain things, it makes her happy.... and I have learned to pick and choose my battles. 

The movie was pretty funny, a little too much bathroom humor for my liking, but very relatable in some ways- considering I have a recently suddenly pregnant/engaged best friend, while I have been living the single life for the past 3 years (and not because I want to, mostly because I have commitment issues lol). Anyway, we brought our sliced apple with cinnamon to the movies with us as a snack, and bought peppermint tea instead of my usual diet coke. 

For dinner, we went to a cute little restaurant near the theater and I had the seafood salad. OMG it was delicious. I asked them how they made it, and they said that they cook the seafood (muscles, clams, prawns, calamari) with tomatoes, olive oil, and lots and lots of garlic, and a TINY bit of cream, and then put it over a bed of romain and arugula. I asked if they could make it sans any oil and cream, and he said "OF COURSE! anything for the beautiful lady!". It was perfect, and all the tomato/seafood broth made a perfect salad dressing and the seafood is great low calorie low fat protein. 

The diet/detox I am on is pretty strict, but it is nice to know that I can still go out and make it work and not feel deprived. Even when I am done with the detox, I would definitely order that salad again, just the way I had ordered it tonight.

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I know how you feel, it is so important to share time with the family.  Continue doing a great job.  Enjoy your day and have  healthy Wednesday.

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