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Last night I drove a ways out of town to go to my friend's birthday party and also visit a new potential "man friend" (see below for more details on him lol). I knew I was going to stay the night there, so I packed all of the food that I needed. Apple for a snack for that night, grapefruit for morning, 2 gluten free crackers for mid morning, and turkey with asparagus for lunch, as well as another apple for afternoon snack if I needed it. So I got to my friend's house and put my food in the fridge, then my new guy came to meet me there for the party. Anyway, as it turns out, huge college house parties are not fun at all if you aren't drinking lol. Z (my new guy) and I did not end up staying for long before he asked me if I wanted to just stay with him for the night instead of dealing with fighting a bunch of drunk people for floor space for a place to sleep. He offered for me to sleep in his bed and he would sleep on his couch. 
When we got to his apartment, we literally just sat on his couch for hours talking and joking and being silly. It was something I havn't done with a man in a very very long time and it just felt so good to have a connection and to feel so relaxed with someone like that. He played guitar for me and made me tea and we cuddled (as well as other things too lol) and it was just lovely. It reminded me of what it's like to have a boyfriend, instead of just these "flings" that I have been having recently. We finally retired to the bedroom at 5 in the morning, and god knows what time we actually fell asleep (bow chica wow wow lol). 
In the morning, I realized that I had forgot my food at my friend's house. I had told him all about my diet, and he was so supportive of it (without me feeling like he was saying that I "needed" it lol). He actually went to the store in the morning to buy me a grapefruit, so I didn't have to "cheat" and eat a pear. He also bought me some chicken I could eat for lunch. The only thing I messed up on was not eating a veg with it, and I also didn't have a mid-morning snack, but i'm sure it'll be fine. 
We spent the afternoon cuddling. And watching a movie. And cuddling some more. It was great.
Anyways, I am very smitten over him. I can't stop thinking about him and I wonder when I am going to see him again. He is sooooo SEXY. and talented. and smart. and fun. and I feel that "spark", that I have been waiting to feel with someone for awhile now. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I want to make him my boyfriend lol. Granted, that is if he really is as dreamy as he seems to be so far. Only problem is that he lives 2 hours away.... but I guess that just means more "sleep over parties"! hehe.

**Just for fun I put everything having to do with my diet and food and exercise in bold to see how much I was staying "on topic" lol.**

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Suh-weeeeet about the new fella. He sounds lovely! And well done on the 5 pounds this week- you are kicking ass!

Keep it up, sister!


you can do it. 

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