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  • Name: justkeepswimming
  • City: Millbrae
  • Region: California
  • Country: United States

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Height: 157.5cm
Start weight: 191.00lb
Current weight: 170.00lb
Goal weight: 134.00lb
Lost to date: 21.00lb
Remaining: 36.00lb

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Yay!!! I'm graduating from massage school tomorrow and I am officially certified from the state of California as Massage Therapist and Health Educator! woooo! Go me! First thing I have started and FINISHED in a long time. Granted, it was only 8 months, but  I think about all those years at University(ies... gosh, I was all over the place), being stressed out and unhappy, having severe anxiety attacks almost every time I would sit in a desk just for a normal day of school. I am so proud of myself for standing up for myself and going to school for what I want to, even if it may not be ideal to some people. 

My amazing and supportive parents gave me this necklace (see below) tonight so that I could wear it tomorrow for my ceremony. It's definitely a piece I will have forever, white gold, yellow gold, and diamonds. So beautiful. I told my mom how much I loved it and she said, "Well if you think you like this one, just think about the present you would get if you went back to finish your bachelors degree!" lol. straight up bribery. I don't mind though, she doesn't know this, but finishing this program has given me the confidence to go back and finish my bachelors.... but very very slowly and at my own pace. I'm a very lucky girl. :-)

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