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Height: 157.5cm
Start weight: 191.00lb
Current weight: 170.00lb
Goal weight: 134.00lb
Lost to date: 21.00lb
Remaining: 36.00lb

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Moved my blog

Ok, so, I have been on EP now for years and years, it holds a special place in my heart, but it really isn't how it use to be. lots of spam now a days. I switched my blog over to

If ya'll have an account on there you should add me! 

I feel a little bit like I am cheating on EP 

Mommy/daughter day

Wow, so it is the first monday in 8 months that I didn't have school! It is so weird! I have a part time job right now at the hospital 2-3 nights a week, but now that I don't have school that means lots and lots of free time. I plan on spending most of that free time job searching. But, today, I spent my day off hanging out with my mama. 

We spent the day apartment shopping for me (decorating my NON EXISTENT new apartment, that I don't even have yet... wishful thinking, just sitting waiting for a vacancy in my grandma's apartment buildings in San Francisco), mani/pedi, buying invitations for my best friend's baby shower I am throwing, went to go see Bridesmaids, and then out to dinner. 

The day went well without me getting too fed up spending so much time with my mom. It made my her really happy to get to spend time with me. My mom is a great woman, but spending too much time alone with her is always risky. Basically, my mom is nosey, and controling, and judgmental (not in a horrible way, just in a "mom" sort of way), and the way she drives just makes me insane (always driving 5-10 miles under the speed limit, slowing down to go through already green lights, stopping way too soon before hitting a red light.... ugh, I can't stand it lol) BUT I know she just does it because she wants me to be happy and safe and successful. I just let her do her thing and indulge her with "juicy" stories and personal details and letting her take control of certain things, it makes her happy.... and I have learned to pick and choose my battles. 

The movie was pretty funny, a little too much bathroom humor for my liking, but very relatable in some ways- considering I have a recently suddenly pregnant/engaged best friend, while I have been living the single life for the past 3 years (and not because I want to, mostly because I have commitment issues lol). Anyway, we brought our sliced apple with cinnamon to the movies with us as a snack, and bought peppermint tea instead of my usual diet coke. 

For dinner, we went to a cute little restaurant near the theater and I had the seafood salad. OMG it was delicious. I asked them how they made it, and they said that they cook the seafood (muscles, clams, prawns, calamari) with tomatoes, olive oil, and lots and lots of garlic, and a TINY bit of cream, and then put it over a bed of romain and arugula. I asked if they could make it sans any oil and cream, and he said "OF COURSE! anything for the beautiful lady!". It was perfect, and all the tomato/seafood broth made a perfect salad dressing and the seafood is great low calorie low fat protein. 

The diet/detox I am on is pretty strict, but it is nice to know that I can still go out and make it work and not feel deprived. Even when I am done with the detox, I would definitely order that salad again, just the way I had ordered it tonight.


Last night I drove a ways out of town to go to my friend's birthday party and also visit a new potential "man friend" (see below for more details on him lol). I knew I was going to stay the night there, so I packed all of the food that I needed. Apple for a snack for that night, grapefruit for morning, 2 gluten free crackers for mid morning, and turkey with asparagus for lunch, as well as another apple for afternoon snack if I needed it. So I got to my friend's house and put my food in the fridge, then my new guy came to meet me there for the party. Anyway, as it turns out, huge college house parties are not fun at all if you aren't drinking lol. Z (my new guy) and I did not end up staying for long before he asked me if I wanted to just stay with him for the night instead of dealing with fighting a bunch of drunk people for floor space for a place to sleep. He offered for me to sleep in his bed and he would sleep on his couch. 
When we got to his apartment, we literally just sat on his couch for hours talking and joking and being silly. It was something I havn't done with a man in a very very long time and it just felt so good to have a connection and to feel so relaxed with someone like that. He played guitar for me and made me tea and we cuddled (as well as other things too lol) and it was just lovely. It reminded me of what it's like to have a boyfriend, instead of just these "flings" that I have been having recently. We finally retired to the bedroom at 5 in the morning, and god knows what time we actually fell asleep (bow chica wow wow lol). 
In the morning, I realized that I had forgot my food at my friend's house. I had told him all about my diet, and he was so supportive of it (without me feeling like he was saying that I "needed" it lol). He actually went to the store in the morning to buy me a grapefruit, so I didn't have to "cheat" and eat a pear. He also bought me some chicken I could eat for lunch. The only thing I messed up on was not eating a veg with it, and I also didn't have a mid-morning snack, but i'm sure it'll be fine. 
We spent the afternoon cuddling. And watching a movie. And cuddling some more. It was great.
Anyways, I am very smitten over him. I can't stop thinking about him and I wonder when I am going to see him again. He is sooooo SEXY. and talented. and smart. and fun. and I feel that "spark", that I have been waiting to feel with someone for awhile now. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I want to make him my boyfriend lol. Granted, that is if he really is as dreamy as he seems to be so far. Only problem is that he lives 2 hours away.... but I guess that just means more "sleep over parties"! hehe.

**Just for fun I put everything having to do with my diet and food and exercise in bold to see how much I was staying "on topic" lol.**

5.8 lbs this week! and boy talk.

Yay! Weighed in this morning as my officially weekly weigh in, and I lost 5.8 lbs this week! horrayyy!! My hard work is paying off :-)

So, in other news. I have a date tonight. I met him at a singles event last weekend (not speed dating or anything, it is just where people meetup in san francisco and do fun stuff... we all went to a beer garden and then dancing afterwards). So, I had talked to him a little bit online before we went, and then he showed up a little bit late, but I think it might have been love at first sight lol. He is dark and handsome, and very exotic looking, and he has lots of black hair on his arms, so i kept looking at it daydreaming about what his chest would look like lol. Ya'll must think I am crazy, but I love body hair on men. He also had a little 5 o'clock shadow going on which i love. Beautiful honey colored eyes. And, he has a really nice body too, I usually like bigger/muscular tall men, but he is shorter and lean... but I couldn't stop looking at his biceps. mmmmm. lol. I don't mind that he probably weighs less them me.... because it won't be for long! lol. (and he obviously didn't seem to mind.....)

Anywho, we have a lot in common... we are also both leos and I can definitely see the traits. He seems to have the same love for life that I do, and he likes to travel and is very open and understanding to different cultures, which is something that is very important to me. He is so smart, and he likes to laugh, and he has this little edge about him... but without a chip on his shoulder. AND if I had any doubt that it was love at first sight, later on that night when we were dancing, I knew it was love lol. Out of the heat of the moment, he decided to lick the sweat off the back of my neck and then give it a little nibble..... ummm yea. I am in love. It is official. 

Little background knowledge on me, I don't get "sprung" off of men. EVER lol. I have been a cereal "dater" for the past 3 years. I'll date a guy, 1, 2, maybe 3 times, and then I get bored, or they do something that bothers me, and I really have no problem kicking them to the curb lol. (gosh that sounds harsh haha). I've had a lot of "Just-for-funs"... and it's been fun, but I really would like to find someone that can compliment me and my personality and I can do the same for them. At first, part of it was I didn't want anyone to get close to me so that they could hurt me. Then part of it was I just wanted to be single. And now I think it is that I think pretty highly of myself, and I don't want to just date some schmo just because they like me. So, it is kind of a big deal when I find someone that I am really interested in and I can't stop thinking about.

I'll update ya'll on the progress lol


Yay!!! I'm graduating from massage school tomorrow and I am officially certified from the state of California as Massage Therapist and Health Educator! woooo! Go me! First thing I have started and FINISHED in a long time. Granted, it was only 8 months, but  I think about all those years at University(ies... gosh, I was all over the place), being stressed out and unhappy, having severe anxiety attacks almost every time I would sit in a desk just for a normal day of school. I am so proud of myself for standing up for myself and going to school for what I want to, even if it may not be ideal to some people. 

My amazing and supportive parents gave me this necklace (see below) tonight so that I could wear it tomorrow for my ceremony. It's definitely a piece I will have forever, white gold, yellow gold, and diamonds. So beautiful. I told my mom how much I loved it and she said, "Well if you think you like this one, just think about the present you would get if you went back to finish your bachelors degree!" lol. straight up bribery. I don't mind though, she doesn't know this, but finishing this program has given me the confidence to go back and finish my bachelors.... but very very slowly and at my own pace. I'm a very lucky girl. :-)

Chocolate Orange Bundt Cakes with Grand Marnier Chocolate Drizzle....

Made these bad boys for a potluck tomorrow, and I didn't even have a taste OR lick the spatula! man, I am good. :-)

Day 5 Weigh-In!!! -3 lbs!

Day 5 of clean eating and following program to the T. EVEN drinking a GALLON of water a day! I am down 3 lbs so far and I am very happy with that. Yay! Definitely gives me motivation to stick with it. Off to go eat my morning grapefuit!

Random- I had a dream last night that I got a super sexy boyfriend, but instead of having a car and driving everywhere, he would hang-glide everywhere he had to go lol. So he would pick me up for our dates in my backyard with his hang-glider. So weird. I need to analyze, let's see if this is in my dream book..... lol.

Weight loss graph?

So, I updated my tracker at the bottom of my page for my ultimate weight loss goal, but I can't seem to figure out how to change my graph so that it says the same and so the red line is to where my new goal is. Any suggestions?


Ok, so I'm back. After many attempts to get back on track, I am here, 15 lbs heavier again. Wanted to catch myself before I got back up to 191 lbs! Healthy new lifestyle starts NOW! 


May 14-June 26 (44 days)- Cleanse and Detox. Very low calorie, very low fat, low carb  and CLEAN food only!

June 27-July 21 (21 days)- Start adding calories, working out, still no refined sugars

July 22-August 3 (12 days)- Maintain and healthy living

August 4- October 21- Body For Life Challenge- weight lifting, clean eating, etc


1. Lose 35 lbs by August 2, 2011 (My birthday)

2. Lose a total of 50 lbs by October 21 (my Vegas trip)

3. Weigh myself every day. Keep myself in check and keep the scale going in a downward motion until I am where I want to be

4. FIRST, be able to fit into my high school clothes (size 8)

5. THEN, have all of those clothes be too big on me so I'll need a whole new wardrobe!

STATS (Starting May 14)

Weight: 184.2 lbs
Body Fat: 31.1 %
Neck: 13.5
Bicep: 13.2
Wrist: 6.5
Bust: 43.5
Under Bust: 38
Tummy: 40
Waist: 33
Hips: 44.5
Thigh: 27
Knee: 17.5
Calf: 15.5
Ankle: 9

Total Health Scale Number: 516.5 Goal #- 421

ewwwww, Before picture :(

Merry Christmas!

Hey all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I know I did. I got a new MacBook, so now I can actually come on here and post without worrying that my computer will crap out on me all of a sudden. yay!