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Height: 154.9cm
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Goal weight: 199.00lb
Lost to date: 7.00lb
Remaining: 36.00lb

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I feel like I'm back in control of this weight loss thing..

It's been a few months since I post and decided I need a bit of structure in my weight loss life.  I have returned to Weight Watchers.. going to meetings, using the online tools and really committing to the long haul.  I've been to my third weigh in and have  lost 9.2 pounds.  I had let myself gain up to 249.4 pounds.. OMG!  Anyway I do feel so much back on track and in control.  So far I am enjoying the meetings and like the ease of online tracking everything. 
My new dog Amy is doing great.  Have not see any signs of the cancer returning in her foot.  The surgery wound is all healed.  She still goes to Grandma's for day care.  After she got all healed up I left her at home with my other dog... she decided to climb the fence and go to Grandma's down the road anyway,  Funny dog.. now she has tags that have both mine and my mom's address and all of our phone numbers..
Good to see a few of the old members posting again...

Writer's block.. writer's cramp.. writer's lazy

wellllll it's been a long long long time since I've posted.  I didn't realize how long it had been.. I look at the other blogs but don't write my own... thanks Shelly for checkin on me.. and it's so good to see Gwynn back.. and others.
Well since my birthday I've not lost anything zilch nada much for that motivation.  Since then life has been a bit odd.. all of last year and even some of this year has just been not normal for me.  I've been in a funk since not long after my birthday.  In mid August I lost my 10 year old  sweet sweet golden retriever Honey to cancer.. I miss her exuberant joy!  I think my funk began there. A week or so later I went on a long road trip with a long time guy (former boyfriend) friend to pick up his motorcycle after he got hurt on the way to Sturgis and had to leave it.  What I thought would be a wonderful time turned out to be not so fun.. he was ultra moody. We have never ever had cross words with each other and I was not used to that..we spent way to long together looking at corn and bumpy roads.  But we got to S. Dakota black hills,, he was still grumpy but the scenery made up for that for a bit.  Then I made a huge error at work and they called me back.. flew me back so I could go on a business trip to Orlando...which in a way was a blessing.. I got out of the trip without the long drive back, I got to see a dear friend who just a few days later had a stroke and died, and then I finished it out at the beach... I really think that whole mistake thing was really a God thing so that I could see my dear friend Beulah one more time.  Although I have had a horrible time at work and feel like I've lost my bearings there..  it is getting better... so I feel like I've been in funk city and have had no desire to try and lose weight or do much exercise. ...which then I go to the doctor because I'm feeling stressed, having headaches, my knee hurts.. I find out that I'm probablyh peri-menapausal, have a little bit high  then did a blood test and also have the beginnings of type II diabetes so I GOT TO GET HEALTHY NOW....after that my mom's 15 year old lab had to be put down... I'm a huge animal lover and my pets are my children... I was with her till the end and then had to also comfort my grieving 80 year old mom.  This was her baby..   About a week later I got a new pet to keep my lab company. An 8 year old golden mix named Amy. Her previous owner had to go to senior care due to health reasons and couldnt' keep her. Amy is sweet but had what we thought was a fatty tumor on her foot... had it removed Tuesday and found out it is a form of cancer.. fortunately now it is at a low stage but we'll just have to see how things go. Right now she is healing from the surgery. She has to wear a cone.. poor thing. But she is a delight and my mom who lives very close has been babysitting.  I think is keeps her mind off of her dog.  amy has a lot of personality.   She's healing our hearts and hopefully she'll live a long time dispite the cancer she has. 
Today.. I was lazy.. it's 9p.m. and I have not changed out of my jammies. I've just done stuff around the house.. but I have been very diligent in my eating so that's good.   Today for breakfast I had 2 eggs and fresh fruit, lunch for a pizza soup.. which is low fat high fiber I got from a diet book... snack was yogurt dinner was some more soup and then for a night time snack I made a frozen fruit desert in my ninja blender thingy... frozen mixed fruit, honey, and skim milk.. OMG soooo good    0 fat and probably 100 calories.  I need to dust off all my healthy recipes and my walk away the pound tapes and get back on track...

48th birthday today YIKES

This morning I got on the scale after a weekend of eating anything and everything... olive garden, grilled out and peach cheesecake  Oh my!   My scaled played a dirty trick at first it said I was down about 5 pounds from the last time I looked last week and then I got on it again and it was down 2 more pounds.. then I realized there was a technical problem so I pick it up and move the batteries... get on it again and.. well the truth revealed... uggg 246.  All the high calorie birthday celebrations are seen on the scale.  Today I 'm 2 years away from the big 50 and I tell ya I don't want to be fat and fifty... I don't want to be fat and 48 but I am and only I can control weather I'm fat at 50.  I want to be healthy for the next 50 years of my life.  
Today I will spend my birthday at the vets office with my golden retriever getting her stitches out.  I'll be cleaning house and mopping floors.. I took the day off of work to try and get organized in lots of aspects of my life.. my house (clutter issues) my diet (make a eating plan for the week).  I swear there is a direct correlation between my clutter and my fat.. I read the book it is sooo true.  
Hope everyone has a great week!!!!  Be healthy

Hump day

Today was an off day on the EA Active challenge.. I did wii tennis and boxing just to get some movement  eating has been good too... except I bought peanut butter for the dogs pills and I've been getting into it more than I should.
Today started with taking mom to doctor for cataract surgery. My dog is better so I cancelled her appointment to look at her leg and will go monday to get her stitches out . Thank you Lord for her feeling better.  It was nice to be off work even though I was n't as productive as i would like to be...
one more thing to whine about... my bottom lip is swollen I don't know if it is something I ate....I think I'm allergic to something in season salt or old bay.. this happened before... or I could be allergic to fish... I've been puting som blistex and other things for lips..  and I took some benedryl which is really kicking in

Monday Moanday

I bought a used Wii last week and bought EA Active.  I now have sore muscles.  That's a good thing.   Today I started officially the 30 day challenge on it with a friend that works for the same company but in another state.  We both have a bunch to lose.  If I can finsih this post quickly I'll be in bed before 11 pm which hardly ever happens. 
This past week my 10 year old golden retriever Honey finally got lab reports back from lumps we had removed.  It came back malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors.   She's had 3 surgeries since the first of may. Today she has hurt her leg and can't walk very well and has decided to sleep outside.  I gave her some pain meds left over from her surgeries and maybe she'll feel better in the morning.  I'm worried about her.  It sucks being single when things like this happen.  It be nice to have a beefy man in the house.  I do have a friend I think I could call to help if need be and one of my neighbors if I have to put her in the car to go back to the vet. 
Monday good things... I thought I was going to have to spend a lot of money to get an alternator replaced but the car repair place that said that I really think was trying to sell me something I didn't need. Turned out to be only the battery - I took it to an alternator/ battery place.  saved a lot of money. 
I had coffee with my favorite man.   Later I got an email from him that said I looked very nice... that's a great boost to my day.  ahhhhhhh
Here's hoping day two on the challenge goes as well as today.. eating good, exercise good, I'm hopeful!

Heavy fat blubbery sigh!!!!!!!

I can't believer I've let more than a month go by without posting..I said I wasn't going to do that on my fresh start,.. well the fresh start started well and then was not so fresh and then by the end of june and july 4th went stanky!  Why why why why can't I put a few weeks of good eating and good exercising together.  Tomorrow is stab 2 at the fresh start.  I cleaned out the fridge and put all the healthy things at eye level and easy to get to. I have some fruit I'll either be juicing or making smoothies with. 
I went shopping with my mom today - she wanted to take me birthday clothes shopping early because she's having surgery a few days before my b-day later this month.  Shopping was frustrating.  I did get a couple pairs of shoes, and a couple of clothing pieces but I got pants that fit and felt good but dammit they are knitty polyestery material this is what I didn't want but they were they only ones that fit everything right.. natural fabrics if they fit my big butt stick out at the waist. I probably could find some but I was shopping with my 79 year old mom too. I don't shop well for myself with others.  I want to get smaller sizes not larger so I got to get back to my exercising and eating healthy. 
Anybody seen Gwynn?  I've been missing her posts.  I read much more than i post.. I have to work on that.

WATP in the pool

A friend let me borrow his pool while he is out of town so I took my laptop and set it on a chaise next to the pool and put my WATP tape in it.  I did a 3 mile walk along with a few laps and some added walking and kicking around the pool.  Then I did some modified pushups and some tricep dips.  Unfortunately he sold his house and I only have a few more weeks to do that kind of exercise.   I feel good after doing that and .   Eating is doing good too.  I hope to see a little movement on the scale in the morning.  What makes me feel best about the past week is I feel great!  Amazing what eating healthy and moving more will do for you.. go figure...
Hope everyone has a great healthy week.

Doing good on the fresh start

I'm into the third day of my fresh start and I'm doing pretty good. I have only drank water, coffee and I made a frozen lemonade as a treat.   Eating has been very good. I've been eating as I planned except for lunch today when a coworker asked if I would go out to lunch today.  I think she just needed to get away. I had a salad with dressing on the side and dry toast.  Tonight I was going to grill out and I picked my first little yellow squash from the garden.  then I got a phone call from an old friend and we talked for hours,  And then I had a couple of more phone calls so I ended up just eating raisin bran and not getting any exercise. I will walk and do my workout in the morning because I don't have to go into work until later in the morning.
I went to visit my dog who is having a bit of an extended stay at the vets. She had a 7.5 pound lipoma (fatty tumor) removed and they are cleaning up the incision.  I miss her and she misses me  - she's still very active and they have a cone on her head which she hates. Poor baby.
I hope all of you are doing very well and have successful weeks.

Fresh Start

a lot of people have been doing a fresh start on here and have been doing very well...,I think I'm going to jump on that bandwagon... I hope they don't mind.
So starting right now. I'm beginning. 
Hello I'm Julie - I live in Georgia and I'm so dang tired of being FAT!!!!
I'm recommitting to a healthy lifestyle of exercise, low fat high nutrition eating, and drinking lots of water. 
I just weighed and gasp I weight 244.4 pounds.. this is just about my highest ever.. I've been playing at this diet thing way too long.  The last time I was under 200 (my first goal) was 2002.  I was so active then and social and happy.
This month I commit to doing at least 45 minutes of sweaty cardio 5 days a week
80 oz of water every day
zero sodas
zero fast food
two days at the gym doing weight training and hills on the treadmill
and posting my progress or cry for help at least once a week
Wish me luck, pray for me, hold me too it... please email me if I drop off the face of the earth.. I need to lose this weight I need to be healthy.. I will be 48 in 8 weeks.. I would like to be in the 220s by then.  I don't want to stress about getting to the number I just want to be healthy and happy and lighter...
On a great note.. I just completed a 4 mile watp tape.. and feel great....