My weightloss journey to my ideal weight of 50Kg

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  • Name: curlymess13
  • City: Dubai
  • Region: Dubai
  • Country: United Arab Emirates

My Weight Loss

Height: 160.0cm
Start weight: 69.00kg
Current weight: 67.00kg
Goal weight: 50.00kg
Lost to date: 2.00kg
Remaining: 17.00kg

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Good Update


Just wanted to share a photo of me in a pair of UK size 10 jeans!! SOOO happy to have reached this milestone!! =D

Hope to keep going on till I reach my perfect weight.

Good luck to all,



Bad Day

Ugh... I binged today!! BIG TIME!!!
I've been having a VERY bad week and spring break has been quite horrible so far... hadn't had a single moment for myself... everything I've been doing has been for my friends... and yet, they're all still mad at's a long story but the bottom line is that I gave up a lot of my time and energy to support a group of friends with a project they've been doing, yet no one seems to appreciate it and everyone is blowing out on me for things that are out of control... honestly, i feel suffocated, confused, and kind of hurt!! And so, today, after reaching boiling point, I took all my frustrations on a terrible binge because I simply couldn't handle facing my friends again... and right now I feel like crap... I've disappointed my friends... and myself!
I NEED to get over this though... what do I do next?? I don't want this one binge to halt my efforts at a lifestyle change...
I'm sorry for rambling but I really need help right now
This is driving me crazy
Hoping things get better,

2 Down

Down 2 Kg since last week!!! I couldn't BE more psyched about that!!! =D =D
I'm feeling very optimistic about losing weight this time... I've had a very tough week full of disappointments... and i'll admit it, I did binge on a chocolate bar.. but I quickly picked myself right up and got back to working hard and losing weight... I feel very proud of myself for not falling into my binge cycles just because I've had a tough week. Hopefully, this change will be forever...
Just started Spring Break!! YAY!! I'm gonna use this time to exercise, eat well, and most importantly.... GET A TAN!!
And I just got another eason to shape up... I'm going to be singing in my school's talent show for the first time ever... I'm so nervous/ excited about that... and I want to look my absolute best when I get up and perform... the talent show's going to be in early may.. I have a lot of pracitce to do... but I KNOW that I can conjure up enough courage and confidence to face the crowd and sing... and looking good is only going to boost up my confidence; I don't want to be up there singing and thinking about how fat I look :/
Hope all is going well with everyone else's weightloss journey
Stay strong,

So Far So Good

Well, the past few days have been pretty good. Been eating balanced meals and trying not to deprive myself of anything... I've learned in the past years that I cannot function if I go to extremes. For years, my "diets" consisted of starving myself and exercising for hours at a time, which would soon enough be followed by extreme binging cycles. So now, I'm trying a different approach: 5 small meals a day and for now, 30 minutes sports everyday. I've also been trying to vary my exercise routine by taking part in team sports, practicing yoga, and going swimming now that the weather over her has become perfect for the pool.   I still haven't stepped on the scale but I feel lighter and happier.
One thing that I've been stuggling with is food cravings at night. According to my plan, my last meal should be at 7:00 p.m. However, after the last meal, my cravings get worse. It's not that I'm hungry, I just crave sweets. Got any advice for that?
Wishing you a healthy day,

It's My Time!

Well this post is just an introduction...I'm hoping to keep on posting as much as possible.
I'm a 16-year-old highschool student and I've been struggling with my weight since I was 12. For the past 3 years I've been on a repeated cycle of losing some weight then quickly gaining it all back.,. and then some more...
However, this year I've decided that I will NOT let myself go back into that destructive cycle. I've already managed to maintain the weight that I lost during the summer, and I'm planning to keep on losing weight till I reach my ideal weight of 50g.
I have decided that 2011 is going to be my year, and that losing weight will no longer be one of my new year's resolutions for 2012.
I want to lose all the weight by 1/1/2012... it's possible... and it's going to happen.
I'm so sick of hiding behind my weight... I'm so sick of allowing my weight to hinder me... It's time for me to rise above my emotional eating, poor food choices, and lack of motivation.
I need all the help and support that I can get... so if anyone wants to be my weightloss body, please do contact me.
Stay strong, stay motivated! =D