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Height: 185.4cm
Start weight: 506.00lb
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Goal weight: 200.00lb
Lost to date: 69.00lb
Remaining: 237.00lb

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Waivering, but trying...

Wow, this is hard!  I have had a really bad and unmotivating summer. So I slowly drifted back to alot of my old ways and habits. My raging sweet tooth is back and I feel once again like I must have dessert every day.  I am trying to avoid it. My trainer said try to remember instead of having dessert everyday, try treating yourself only once a week. That is helping somewhat, but not completely.
I am doing all of this to have a better life. At 33 I have never had a social life. In high school and college it was to school and home and that just continued to work and home. I never went out or had friends. In June and after losing around 60 pounds I met a couple of people at a restaurant and became fast friends. Good news right? Well now all they wanna do is go eat supper out every night! Not good for a diet, but I'm really enjoying having a social life.
So... I'm dieting to have a social life, but my social life means I have to eat out at often unhealthy places
So what do I do?  Nevermind, I know what to do, just gotta do it! lol
My elbow injury healed after 6 loooong weeks. I am having some back trouble right now that keeps me from standing erect. I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I injured it lifted some heavy boxes. I did return to the pool today to swim and plan to get back to my 5 day workout schedule. I am hoping to get back to how I was feeling in May. I felt strong and undeterable. Now I feel like I did at 506 lbs when I started. Since July I have overall gained only 3 pounds so I still have time to turn it back around.
Anybody have any tips for regaining motivation to come back from a lapse. I need all the help I can get. I'm still at around a 60 pound loss.
Thanks for listening to (reading) my meandering.

I'm Baaack!!!

I am finally feeling much better. It's about time. June and July have been awful, but things are looking alot better.
I injured my elbow weight training about a month ago. I haven't been able to lift weights, swim or do anything upper body. Good thing is it made me walk more. A new friend of mine has started walking with me and we try to walk 3 days a week, 1 mile each day. The "Fun Run" August 6th is probably out because my time isn't good enough yet, but next year for sure!
I am starting a local group meeting next week. We are going to meet each week, keep up with food journals, share healthy recipes, check out new exercise equipment, etc. I think that will definitely help me get back to pre-wall strength!
I was seriously afraid I would have gained over the last 2 months, but it looks like I've lost 7 pounds. I think most of that was in the last couple of weeks when I started trying again.
I still have no idea what I weigh. The scales I was using started giving me a big range every time (anywhere from 440 to 480). Now they hover at 445 to 455. Another scale at the gym always hovers at around 475 - 480. This week it was 468.
So... I have decided to use the higher number since it is more consistent. I am going to just go by the difference each week to see what I lost instead of what I weigh. Make sense?
So whether I weigh 440 or 468, I do think I lost 6 pounds. Oh-Well.

Off the wagon!!! How do I get back on the horse?

Well its been 2 or 3 weeks since my last post. I need your help and prayers!
It all started with a problem with the scale. I started at 506 and each week I see the numbers go down. It has always been a very touchy scale hooked up to a computer so I sometimes have to weigh 2 or 3 times to get an accurate number. Each week the number was lower until I got 437. But now I can weigh 20 times and the numbers range from 440 to 485 each time. I can't get an accurate reading anymore. It is very discouraging because I don't know if the 437 was right or not. I have no idea anymore how much I weigh!
June has been a very hectic month. I started lifting weights and walking, but I also had a lot of joint - knee - foot problems. I have had a really busy month (which is unusual) and the trouble weighing on the scale (I feel like I've stalled out). My workout schedule has been thrown off by all of the above. June has been a busy and fun month on the one hand, but on the other it has also been kinda discouraging and depressing. A really weird feeling.
I stopped my food journaling last week because I went out of town. Now I have to get back to it. I am eating things I'm not supposed to. Not gorging, just bad choices. Last week I had a 1 hour weight training session with my trainer and a 1/2 hour on my own. I have not been to the gym in 8 days. I can't walk because the heat index here is over 100 EVERY DAY! They are warning people to be very careful.  I really want to get back on track. Why is it so hard to get back on the horse? Uggh
I think my trainer notices my disinterest. I hope I can show her next week that I am still in it. I have to convince myself first. I really need her help if I'm gonna make it.
My birthday is Tuesday and I WILL make it and July a better month. I hope I will "feel" like I am still losing weight, cause I don't now.
Any ideas to get back on track????
Goodnight all

You can be TOO confident!

I found out this week that you can, in fact, be TOO CONFIDENT in your weight loss.
Beware, it leads to dangerous feelings of wanting to reward yourself. I started letting myself add a piece of fried fish with my grilled chicken, a little butter on my potato, a "treat" at the movie. It culminated Saturday when I ordered a fried fish fillet plate (not just adding one piece to my grilled chicken). 3 fish strips (1-1/2 filets). I felt terrible after I ate it, physically and emotionally.
I didn't even make it home to go to the bathroom. I got very sick. That was my light to realize I had turned things in a bad direction.
All of this happened during a very good week. I felt on top of the world.
So be careful everybody! Don't get too confident. Take a fools advice.


OK... Where to start?
First: the weigh in. I am 7 pounds down this week, making it 69 lbs in 3 months.
I continued the weight training this week. I was sore for a few days. My arms, neck and back weren't too bad, but my Quads (or fronts of upper legs as I call them) were VERY sore for 3 days.
ALSO, my trainer has been texting me to meet her at the high school track to walk. We started with 2 laps, which is 1/2 mile. Sunday I was determined and walked 4. 1 WHOLE MILE!!! It's the first time for me in over 10 years.
I thought I would not be able to walk the next day, because of my knees and feet (they can't handle much), but I was ok and actually walked yesterday as well! I only made 3/4 mile yesterday because I picked the wrong time to walk. I went at 3pm. In Alabama in June, 3pm is the time to stay inside because of the humidity. My head was swimming, and I wore all black. Duh!
Anyway, All in All this has been a great week.
I am pushing for 75 pounds by June 19th (big family reunion). I will be seeing people I haven't seen in at least a year.
Hope you all have a great day and rest of the week!

1st day on Weights! and 5 lbs Down!

I went to meet my trainer at 8am dressed to swim and she said "Oh, you're dressed for the pool?" Duh, I always dress for the pool. It's the only thing I do there. She said "I thought we might start weight training today"
I nervously agreed although I wasn't dressed properly. We did 30 minutes of weight training then I did finish in the pool for 20 more minutes.  We did free weights and used 3 machines that I can't name. I am a complete novice to this equipment. I don't know the names of any of it, but I can tell you I felt each one! I was pretty sore and worn out when we finished.
I woke up with a swollen ankle (probably onset ot gout). I can walk, but not turn my ankle in any direction. I have to keep it straight. Doesn't really hurt to put weight on it as long as I keep it straight.
More good news! I weighed and lost 5 pounds from Thursday to Tuesday. That makes 62 pounds lost in 12 weeks. Still pushing to 100!
Everybody have a good night. I am logging off to get ready for The Biggest Loser Finale! I can't wait!


Well I flatlined this week on weight loss.  For the first time since I started in February, I didn't lose ANY weight. No Loss but also No Gain. 
I was afraid this would happen. I have had a sore knee and foot for the last couple of weeks and for the last week I've had a bad head cold. So my workouts have been sub-par to say the least. Also, I have to admit to eating a little more than I should've. A couple of days I kinda cheated and nobody knows about it. I'm keeping that under my hat!
I thought I would still have a pound or two, but I learned my lesson. I'm on a roll and don't want to lose momentum. I asked my trainer to wor me out harder today than normal since workouts for the past week have been slow. Boy did she! We did a full hour in the pool. I am pretty beat today, but I feel good too.
I have a 15 year high school reunion tomorrow night that I'm dreading, but I plan to be very good with my eating. I was hoping to be skinny by now but I will definitely be by the 20th.
OK, I'll quit rambling. Have a good day everyone.

Shocking Weigh In this Week!

I have not had a good weekend. I have had really sore feet and knees for the last several days and had not worked out in several days.
I stepped on the scales thinking my last weeks weight was 452. In my head I kept saying "449, 449, 449". My trainer said ok and I looked at the scale and it said 449!!  Great because I wanted to be under 450. THEN I looked at my record and last weeks weight was actually 458.
So that's 9 POUNDS this week and 57 overall!!!
I was very excited and it made for a really good day today. I am on 50 pounds from being in the 300's. That hasn't happened since probably 10th grade.

2 Week Update

Wow. I let time slip on me in my busy schedule. I didn't realize it had been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I was sheduling to go to Nashville for business when the floods came and messed everything up. So everything got off track a little. 
I have continued to work out and lose weight, but in the last 2 weeks, I have had to cancel/reschedule training sessions because of work so I don't feel like I've done as much.
BUT... Today is a good day. I am wearing jeans 2 sizes smaller! For the last 2 years I have had to wear button-up dress shirts open with a t-shirt underneath becasue the biggest size I could buy wouldn't fit. Today I buttoned it and didn't wear a t-shirt!
Last week I bought my first pair of athletic shoes in 4 years. I have worn only Crocs for 4 years, but they aren't good for (exercise) walking. I used to buy Nike but this time I opted for Under Armor brand. I am now walking 2 blocks at a time, which is almost 1/2 mile. I am trying to get ready to walk my first "Fun Walk" in late July. It's 1 mile. It's a preparation for the competitive 1 mile and 5k runs I will do later.!.!.!
All in all this has been a good couple of weeks. I've lost 4 more pounds this week, so it's 48 total!

Weigh-In -- 4 pounds down

I lost 4 pounds this week. That's 44 pounds in about 8 weeks.
I was hoping for more this week because I did 2 days worth of landscaping (and sweating) along with the pool workouts and not eating bad stuff. But I think I shot myself in the foot by eating too little. One day I only had 1305 calories. My trainer got on to me today for it.
My workouts are definitely getting more intense with my trainer. She is turning into Jillian from TBL. I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack before we stopped today. I can normally swim 4 lengths of the pool without stopping. Then I can't breath. Today She got my heart rate up my stepping up and down on the pool step 60 times. Then without a rest wanted 6 lengths of the pool with no breaks. I did it! Then she said 2 more. I did it! Then she said I was still too strong so do 2 more. and I DID IT! My pulse was 174 when I got done and was about to pass out I felt. But now I feel really good.
She said we are going to start doing that every time. Optimistically dreading it. LOL