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It's been a crazy but great week.

Well, it's been over a week since I have been here, and here  are the reasons why.

I attended a live event here in Phoenix over the weekend.  It was put on by T. Harv Eker and was entitled "Millionaire Mind Intensive".  He is the author of a great book entitled "Secrets to the Millionaire Mind", and this is how I learned to look for a seminar in my local area.

Since then, I have been riding the wave of the high and trying to get things back into order around our household.

I obviously was fighting emotions and chose to eat a bunch of cookies.  I have since stopped that behavior.

Tonight was my first mastermind group of "We Think Thin".  Four people attended and it was a great start.  This one decision to start this support and mastermind group will change everything for me.  With the marketing and promotions I have done in many places on the internet, I will have an audience to be accountable to all over the world.

I have not gotten on the scale yet this week, but I will this weekend.


Law of Attraction and weight loss ... Really???

Well, I have been working really hard these past few days to think differently.  One thing that has helped me significantly is constantly listening to a CD that I found on Think RiIGHT Now! (Eating Healthy)

Here is a definition from the book I am studying (Think and Grow Thin with the Law of Attraction)

β€œTo better understand the Law of Attraction, see yourself as a magnet attracting unto you the essence of that which you are thinking and feeling.  And so, if you are feeling fat, you cannot attract thin.  If you are feeling poor, you cannot attract prosperity.  And so on. It defies Law.” – Abraham-Hicks

This book and the constant replaying of positive thoughts regarding to eating healthy have enabled me to say no fairly easily to things I normally would gravitate toward when I am stressed.

The ebook can be purchased at

My Thanksgiving was a completely different experience than in years passed.

So, tomorrow will be an even better day!  I will keep you posted.

On my way to freedom,


A New Direction for Weight Loss


In the past two weeks, I have come face to face with myself and had a good talk.  I have not attempted to reduce my weight seriously for almost three years.  Of course, I was able to lose 35 pounds three years ago using a fad diet product.  I, of course, am now back to my comfortable 205 pounds once again.

I have struggled with my body image and weight since adolescence.  I have tried bulimic behavior, but thankfully stopped in my early 20's.  I have been through an eating disorders clinic and was introduced to Overeater's Anonymous in my early 20's.

I had sworn off dieting because it makes me "nuts" in my thinking, grumpy, and I fail again.  In most cases, the mental torment of deprivation, then the torture of beating myself up for failure again was just not something I was ever willing to go through again.

In the past three years, I have also endeavored to earn income from home.  In that process I have grown significantly as a person.  I am having great success in achieving sales goals and am building a team worldwide.  I have come to understand how the Law of Attraction and the correct mindset about wealth creation are essential to success.  I got that good!

But then, I look in the mirror again and realize that this piece of the puzzle will ultimately hold me back at some point.  If I am going to sell nutritional products to the world to better their health, I must be able to radiate health in all aspects ... the size of my body in particular.

I remember thinking "If you can think and grow rich, then you can think and grow thin, right?"

Then I came across a book entitled this very thing ... "Think and Grow Thin with the Law of Attraction".  I am endeavoring to study and apply these principles dilligently and am inviting others to join me.  No particular diet plan is required or suggested at this point.  It is simply a place to join together with other struggling people who would like to be free of the thoughts, feelings and resulting actions of food addiction.

To learn more about this Free Weekly Conference Call, visit, opt-in, and wait for the details of each week's call.

To your journey of freedom,

Jennifer Wideman
480-544-2915  any time
Mesa, AZ