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University student trying to get that bikini bod!

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  • Name: jenna.stokes
  • City: Moncton
  • Region: New Brunswick
  • Country: Canada

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Height: 160.0cm
Start weight: 194.00lb
Current weight: 179.00lb
Goal weight: 134.00lb
Lost to date: 15.00lb
Remaining: 45.00lb

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Fell off the bandwagon a little bit but ready to get back at it!

Summer break is here and so are a few extra punds (I blame it on exams, but we all know i didnt eat my exam..;) I can't really afford to get a gym membership at the moment so I am just going to try my best and get out for walks every day (hopefully the weather cooperates. I HATE walking in the rain!) I am going to follow the weight watchers diet as a guideline to jumpstart this weightloss. Ill keep you guys posted. I really want to lose 30lbs this summer (Hopefully my expectations aren't too high).
Wish me luck!

Down 17.5 Lbs. in 5 weeks!!

Well I guess good old fahsioned diet and exercise is the only way to go! Down 17.5 lbs and I feel great! The only problem is now, I am starting to become too small for my pants! On a student budget its going to be challenging to find stuff to wear...hope my sister doesnt mind me bumming off her for a while (which i haven;t been able to do in a while)...wooopiiee :) soo excited and very motivated to keep going!
My exercise group at school is also doing great! we've lost over 25lbs in a month and there are only 6 of us (most of whom aren't even that big) yay team skinny!!! :D

Down another 4 lbs!

I am so proud to say that I have no lost 12lbs, in 3 weeks!! I can't believe it! I exercised 5 times last week and tried to eat very well (although I am 19 years old, so a drink or two on a Saturday night is very hard to pass up!) I am now 182lbs and that much closer to my goal!
My weight-loss group called "team skinny" is also doing awesome with a combined weight loss of 25 pounds in 2 weeks with just 6 members! I am so proud of us all and especially myself. It is making all this work really worth while.
yay me! :)


well I guess my hard work paid off! I went to the gym 4 times this week and ate really healthy, and man, am I glad I did. I lost 4 lbs. this week and 4 last, and couldn't be happier. I am very proud of myself and this gives me a great motivation boost. I hope I can keep it up for the next little while as I still have lots of work to do to get to my goal. However, I can't ask for a better start! wooppiee!  

The beginning of the beginning

My family is devided up into two sides, the nice bodied, skinny, athletic side and the not so skinny, low metabolism side. Unfortunately I am on the fat side. My mom and I have always struggled with our weight. She has just recently lost about 50 lbs. and is my inspiration. She has tried every single diet program imaginable, however if only she knew the only thing that works for her is good oldfashioned exercise and eating healthy.
I myself have tried a few diets however watching my mom fluctuate I felt like it would be impossible for me. Until now. Seeing her go down size after size really makes me want to lose weight as well. I am a busy University student and sometimes its hard to not be bogged down by all the stress over exams and misterms and not eat pasta and chocolate(my weapon of choice). I go to a small branch of the University of New Brunswick where all the teachers are very close. Just last week we started a weigh-in program which we call "team skinny". I weighed in at a wopping 190 lbs (more than I have ever weighed). I am taking that as motivation. I went to the gym every day last week and I am doing pretty good this week as well, although the true test will be on Friday when I weigh in again.
My goal is to feel good in a bikini this summer. I want to do it for me, but also for my mom. She knows I struggle with my weight and am unhappy with my body. I can't weight to have my self-esteem back!
Hope my blog isn't too boring for you guys! I will try and keep it interesting!
Wish me luck friday, I'll keep yas poted!