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24 kilos to go in 9 months: the new life challenge.

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  • Name: jpandrivet2008
  • City: Barcelona
  • Region: Catalonia
  • Country: Spain

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Height: 180.1cm
Start weight: 103.80kg
Current weight: 95.10kg
Goal weight: 80.00kg
Lost to date: 8.70kg
Remaining: 15.10kg

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starting again

So I want to start BEFORE Christmas food orgies. need to lose these extra kilos asap...

 I'll keep you posted

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10 Kgs Lost !!!! ... the hard way

OMG, sometimes things don't work as planned...
4 weeks ago I was in Chile for a business trip and was on my way back to the airport. I started to have a strong stomach pain and had to rush to the ER of Clinica Las Condes.
They found out that I had a pancreatitis. This is a serious condition and the treatment if TOTAL DIET: NO FOOD and NO WATER until your pancreas calms down.
This is what happened to me for 6 days. I then was on a strict diet for the next 2 weeks. In total I lost 5 kilos (around 11 pounds) from that experience.
Fortunately everything went perfectly well and I'm back home in Spain.
Since my arrival this week I lost another kilo.
So in total I lost some 10 kilos since the beginning. The good news is that: IT SHOWS!!!!!
Here are 2 pictures that shows the effect of losing 8 kilos. OK OK there's a lot to lose yet but it's a great improvement and I feel GREAT.
My BMI went down and I'm now officially OVERWEIGHT and not OBESE as before.
My next mini goal will be to go below 90 Kgs. I should make it in 2 months. I will lose slowly this time. So by June 15th I should break the 90 Kgs line.
I will post more pictures of future progress...
Good luck to all of you and congrats for your successes.

99.9 kg First success

I met my first minigoal 2 days ago: 99.9 kg !!!!!!! Since then, I have met my lowest 99.4 kg yesterday morning.

That's the first time in years and I felt great of this mini success. So that's 4 kilos gone ... for ever.

Here are some ideas for losing weight consistently without suffering (too much).

1- lose weight slowly: my current weight loss speed is approx 1 pound / week and I'm fine with that. I don't exercise at all for the time being and I just focus on my diet.

2- weigh-in everyday: just to be focused, everytime, on your weight loss objectives.

3- spend some time writing on your blog: It makes you feel good and you have the opportunity to think about what you are doing (or should be doing).

4- start to eat smaller portions: don't count calories, just eat smaller portions. Eat slowly to curb down your appetite.

5- eat healthy: I eat lots of vegetable, fish, beef and have banned pizzas, cookies, cheesecakes...

6- drink water: no more wine, beer, coke, fanta... just good mineral water.

Well, there are my personal thoughts. They do work for me and represent a small change but are starting to make a big difference.

I wish a great week end to all my EP friends (americans, brits and of course AUSTRALIANS !!!!)


Back to serious weight loss

It's a long time since my last post here but I was very busy at work and spent some days skying with kids (I know, I know, not a valid excuse ...)

So today weigh in was good: 100.4 kg, although last week i reached 100.3 kg. I had to eat 3 days at the restaurant but I'm still OK. I'm close to my 99.9 kg mini goal and I will reach it before the end of this week.

Skying was really fun and relaxing. I must consider other week ends like that.

I will go to Chile mid march to appraise the earthquake aftermath. I booked my flight on Friday and the earthquake took place on Saturday,,,  Fortunately all my friends seem to do well although it is very difficult to get in touch with them after the collapse of bridges, highways and the cell phone network.

I hope I will be posting good news about my weight loss this week. Stay tuned!

Good week to all of you,


PS. A special 'thank you' to my daughter Marion for her 'wake-up' call.

A relaxing day

Well, that should be part of a diet...

We went today to  Magma a great spa 100 km north of Barcelona, Spain.

This thermal center is a great place to relax and have a healthy lunch. I wish my american friends have the opportunity to go there: the Spa is very nice, fun and quiet.

Food is healthy: I had a great salad grilled lamb and chicken, vegetable and a very light dessert.

Weight in was not very good today but I hope this week to come will be better.

Good week to all  of you.


Starting weekend diet.,..

With a very healthy vegetable pie... made by my lovely wife

Still going down

This week has been quiet but I could catch up with my lowest weight (101.3 kg) this morning.

I have been consistent with my new eating habits and ... it works.

I'm not really hungry anymore and am feeling better: walk faster, sleep better, have more energy in general. Amazing no? just 2.5 kgs less and you see a difference. I wonder how it will be after 10 kgs gone.

This weekend will be important: I need to break the 101 kg threshold. and head towards my first minigoal: 99.9 kg!

I have a good bottle a ... mineral water to celebrate this minigoal. Hope I can open soon

I wish you a great week end!

Not going down ...

Geo Location

Although I tried to eat healthy this weekend, I remained at 102 kg meaning I'm not losing anything.

So this week will be important. I will adjust my diet to make it more effective.

Good news: I went to the gym yesterday and it was hard but good. Will go there 3 times this week.

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No real weight loss today :-(

So no real weight loss this morning for my daily weight in.

Although I think I did well yesterday:

Light breakfast

Lunch in an italian restaurant with a good friend of mine who is the owner of the best internet security company in Spain (ckeck their site if you need their services  ). Lunch was 100% under control and very healthy.

Very light dinner: Just a grilled fish with artichokes and a fat free yogurt.

Let's see tomorrow. I will try a lunch walk of 1 hour here in Barcelone to enjoy the vey nice weather

This week end I will go to the gym to start getting in shape.

Good luck to all of you!