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Starting from being obese, being overweight is a good thing.

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Goal weight: 16st 9.00lb
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Remaining: 2st 11.50lb

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1st Day: a good-ish start

OK, maybe I shouldn't have scoffed half a chocolate orange.

Coffee, 6 cups, 1 sugar in each   3 points

Light Cranberry Juice, 300ml.  1.5pts. Some left over Orange Juice - doesn't really count, but I'll be pessimistic and call it 1/2 point for that.  2 muffins, 2 eggs, scrambled, no butter, and a smidgen of skimmed milk.  9 points.

Mid Afternoon:
The Terry's Chocolate Orange.  10 points.
Large glass Ribena: 3 points (I could have had a beer for that!)

Veggie Risotto, followed by yoghurt, and a beer.  9 points.

That's 36 points for today, which would be my allowance under the previous version of the WW scheme. Considering that 12 points (fruit juice and chocolate) were on hangover-curing indulgences, that's not bad. 

Blood Pressure and Weight Loss

This study shows a fairly clear correlation between weight loss and dropping blood pressure.  Blood pressure is measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg) and the studies show the expected improvement is 1mmHg for each kilo lost.  So if I lose 40lbs, I should expect to see an improvement from 140/90 to something more like the healthy figure of 120/80.

Incidentally, it's the bottom figure to watch out for.  This (diastolic pressure) is the resting pressure between heartbeats, and it's this number increasing that causes arteries to harden as they resist the increased pressure. 

First habit change going well...

Well, I seem to have adjusted pretty quickly to enjoying coffee with less sugar.  I'm not sure I could reduce it further just yet - filter coffee in particular still tastes rather too bitter still. 

I can't say the same for the healthy snacking - I scoffed half a Terry's Chocolate Orange while watching T.V. this afternoon.

As for the alcohol, well, I'm just about to get myself a glass of fizzy water.  Let's see how that goes down.

So what are my goals

Defining a goal really needs to be in the context of  why I'm losing weight in the first place.  And  that comes down to two things, really: health and clothes. 

From the health viewpoint, it would be nice to lose a little.  I'm not a fitness freak - hell, I couldn't run far when I was 12 without gasping for breath.  I've suffered with a variety of forms of chronic rhinitis (think of a year-round head cold) for as long as I can remember, and I just can't breathe well enough for really vigorous exercise.  But I don't want to wake up one day and find it's a real health problem. 

I find it difficult to buy shirts that fit me properly.  I take a size 20 collar, which equates to something like a 54" waistline - rather more than the 40" trousers I'm used to.   XL tee shirts are often still a little snug.  And I'm right at the top end of standard sizing for jackets, too.   I don't want to be shopping in "High and Mighty" all the time!

SWMBO hopes it will stop me snoring, too!

So my goal is to reduce my BMI from 35 to 30.  That equals to a goal weight of 16st 9lbs, or 40 lbs to lose. 

I'm initially targeting a BMI of 30 since it represents the highest level that isn't considered a risk to health.  Whether I drop below that will depend on how much better I feel, and what I think I look like at that point.

The other definition of "there" is based on trouser size: if a size 36 fits me comfortably, I'm back where I was when I was 21, and that's good enough for me.  That's certainly possible: I was a size 36 when I started work, and I think I was about 17 stone then.

Changing Habits

I don't have enough patience for a full blown diet: I'm far too much of a foodie for that.

SWMBO has been doing the Weight Watchers plan for three years: the first one very successfully, but rather more up-and-down in the subsequent ones.    I understand the plan probably as well as anyone who isn't either involved with the company or has used it to lose weight, so it's going to be the basis of my plans and goals.

To start with, I want to change some habits that are bad for me.  If that's enough to see a steady weight loss, great.  If not, I'll move to full blown points tracking, and if that's still not enough, then I might have to consider some exercise.

A not untypical day before I started this came out at 52 1/2 points.  It started when I  was early for an appointment so wandered into the shop across the road. Toffee and Pecan Danish. 8 points.

During the day a total of 7 points went on sugar in coffee.

Lunch. Oops. "Who wants to go to the pub?" "Yeah, OK". Steak and Ale pie: 19 points. Oh, and my arm got twisted for an extra half because the service was slow, so 4 1/2 points for the beer.

Dinner was pretty good: 5 points for SWMBO's chicken in random sauce. Delicious, nutritious, and low points. And a bottle of wine over the course of the evening was another 8.

Hmm... Not good.  12 1/2 points on alcohol alone.  12 points on lunch, and another 7 on coffee (black, two sugars).

Based on this it's pretty clear that a few changes in habit will easily get me down to the kind of points that I should be eating.

Change No 1:  Reduce sugar in coffee by 1/2.  So one spoon in a mug instead of two.  One and a half in the big travel mug I use at work.  I've already started this, and it's working OK.  I deliberately made an early start on this one because I mostly drink instant at home and filter coffee at work, and the filter coffee is a bit more bitter.  Hopefully the adjustment when I get back to work on the 2nd will be easier.  It's going OK so far!

Change No 2:   Limit alcohol intake.  Maximum of two beers on school nights (or 1/2 bottle wine).

Change No 3: Healthier snacks.  I just bought a load of cereal bars (2 1/2 or 3 points instead of 5), and stocked up on cereal for the office. 

Change No 4: Pub lunches and takeaways.  Try to limit to one per week, and aim for healthier choices.  Lunch is generally my highest pointed meal of the day, so this is a clear target.   It's also likely to be the most social interaction I have with people in the office in the New Year, since I'll basically be working for a remote team.   Chips are definitely limited to once a week on this rule!

Like I said, let's see how this works for January.  I'm planning to make Thursday my weigh-in day, to match up with SWMBO.  Following their good practice, I'll do it  at the same time each day: first thing in the morning. 

Why do I want to be overweight?

Well, I think the thinking about this comes in two direction.  Firstly, with a BMI of 35, I'm officially obese.  So, getting down to being merely overweight is a good thing.  It's a good first step - and it should be acheivable fairly easily.

From the other direction, at 6'2", and the same across the shoulders, the goal weights for my height are just stupid.  There's no way I'm ever going to be less than 13 stone.  According to the calculator here I should be 12 stone 10, Weight Watchers says 13 stone 13. 

Bugger that.  I'd look awful.  I'd feel awful.  And I'd be as miserable as hell giving up so much stuff I like.  I don't want to live to 105 if I spend every day obsessing about what I can and can't eat. 

The good news is that my weight is basically the same as it was 5 or more years ago.  So I'm hoping that a few simple changes can set the downward trend moving for me.