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Oh no!

So the phone rings in the middle of the night. Derek goes bolting out of bed saying something about it being his alarm clock. I look at the clock on my side of the bed--it's midnight! Turns out it was my mom calling to tell me that Dad and Ethan have for some reason been diverted on their flight from Memphis to Newark and have landed in Allantown, Pennsylvania. We go back to bed. Phone rings at 3.09 AM. It's mom again to say that they are in Newark but have missed their trans-Atlantic flight and will have to  get the next one at the same time tomorrow. So basically, they will have spent nearly two days in airports just trying to get their flight to England. The airline did provide a room and food vouchers, but they're still going to be hanging about in the airport all day.

Anyway, it gave us the opportunity to go to the grocery store and stock up on some food. It's just as well they weren't here because it is really tipping it down with rain out there and as we don't have a car and have to walk and carry what we buy, they would probably have opted to stay back at the flat and wait for us.

Plus, I got the chance to do another workout today! I did Aerobic Body Shaping this morning. Man, was I sweating. I did Jari Love almost exclusively last month, and the break from the Firm was just what I needed to help the old workouts shake me up again. (Weird factoid. I weighed at 3.00 this morning while I was up. 136.6. Freaked me out. I weighed again when I woke up at 8.45--it was 134.2.  Bodies are weird.)

Derek has the day off today because obviously we thought we were going to be spending the day with my family, so we are going to do a kundalini yoga workout together this afternoon, after lunch digests! It's so much fun to do the yoga together with our mats side by side. Very good.

We've book a taxi to take us to the airport to meet the family tomorrow morning. For some reason even though they're on the same flight they were meant to get on Thursday, it's due to land an hour earlier. Weird.

Wish us luck that no further mishaps occur!

I got it!!!

My UK passport arrived today! Whew. Now all my vital documents are back safe and sound with me. Hooray!

When I got home from work today, I didn't feel like doing any step aerobics, so I opted for Ultimate Fat Burning Workout. I just finished it and I am in a lather of sweat. I haven't worked out for three days and it felt good to get moving again, but also awkward. I was over half an hour into the workout before the endorphins really started kicking in and I started getting mean with it. But  I did my set of push-ups in intermediate (girl-style) position rather than on toes.

Let this be a warning to you, people. You only have to miss a few workouts and you start to feel it. I tell you I did not want to do any workout. I rationalised all the walk home about how I ought to celebrate getting my passport by not working out--maybe even by buying a cake and a bottle of sparkling wine. I know that while the family are here I won't really get the chance for another workout until 30th of July. What am I crazy, that I would miss the last opportunity to work out for the next 11 days?! So when I got home, I put on my workout clothes. Still didn't want to do it. Ditched the planned workout and stood and stared at my shelf full of exercise DVDs. I wanted to do yoga, but I  haven't done a sweaty cardio in so long, I knew I needed it. I looked at friendly lovely Jari Love's weight-lifting workouts, thinking, 'They get my heartrate up.' I was just avoiding the cardio workouts, though. That stupid childish inner voice was wheedling its way out of doing what I need most to do--get my heartrate way up, breath hard and sweat my way through some tough cardio. (Tough by my standards at least.) I chose the only cardio workout  on my shelf with no step and no jumping up and down and I got in there and I did it, using 3kg dumbbells!

So anyway, I'm glad I did it, I'm drenched, and tonight DH and I are going to do a bit of blitz of sweeping and tidying in preparation for the arrival of my family tomorrow.

Bye for now!

Schlub a dub

135.6 this morning. I have not worked out for three days in a row. Hubby and I have been busy each evening planning.

Tonight, it's Cardio Sculpt with Allie Del Rio. It was my very first Firm workout, and the one I return to after a hiatus of any length.

When DH gets home, we're going to do a mad dash of cleaning of the flat. Then tomorrow morning, we have to catch the 6.00AM train to Birmingham International Airport to meet Dad and DS. Unfortunately, the forecast is HEAVY rain all day on Friday. Oh well, what can you do. Let's just hope that 25-27th July are at least partly sunny. I'm sure we'll be shopping for DS a raincoat!

Best laid schemes

...o' mice an' men
gang aft agley...

But not for us!

Last night DH and I spent nearly four hours scheming our London holiday with the family. We've got all our transport times. We've tried to figure out how to see the important bits without having to walk too much, on my dad's account. So here's the plan:

Check in hotel in Bloomsbury and Tube to Tower Hill, where we will tour the Tower of London.

Then we'll get Docklands Light Railway at Tower Gate to Greenwich. This will take us past Canary Warf and other important places.

After having a look at Greenwich (Prime Meridian and all that), we'll get a Thames River Catamaran Cruiser back up the Thames to Embankment. This is a guided cruise pointing out all the sights on the London skyline, viewed from the water obviously.

Then we'll stroll from Embankment up to Trafalgar Square and some point catch a Tube back to our hotel in Bloomsbury.

Day Two is a choice for Dad and DS to make between a day trip to Hampton Court Palace (which I opt for) for a second day of London sightseeing. Tonight I intend to make a Day Two Plan B itinerary to hit some other London hotspots that are covered on our London Pass. They can choose, but whichever one they choose, we are getting the 19.00 train to Bath out of Paddington Station, to arrive in Bath at 20.30 and check in to our hotel.

Day Three we will tour Bath, which will be much less frenetic as it is a compact city centre and can easily be looked around in a day. We must see the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey. Other than that, we can just have a wander, or catch the Bath Bus Tour. Whichever they want. Then in the afternoon, we're going to back London Paddington to make our connection to our return journey to Nuneaton.

That should have them knackered out!

134.6 this morning. Eating was better yesterday, I suppose. Distinct lack of veggies at dinner, but I ate a ton of courgettes at lunchtime.

Where is everybody? Are you all busy?


135.0 this morning. Let's see. Over the weekend, DH and I went through an entire package of Fox's selection box biscuits. I nibbled all day on Sunday as I was on my own here. Then yesterday I ate chocolate cake...Yep. Consequences.

What I ate yesterday:

2 slices wholegrain toast with almond butter and strawberry jam, black coffee

a huge pear and a chocolate hob nob

leftover brown rice, half a roast sweet potato, some broccoli and green beans and two seitan ribz

a Cadbury chocolate roll

then someone came into the break room with a homemade chocolate cake, made by a lady who is about to retire. I have always resisted her famous cake, but as this was probably the last opportunity to try it, I ate a slice.

a handful of strawberries

half a slice of bread with almond butter when I got home

oven chips, a veggie pattie and courgettes with carrot and onion mixed in

a bowl of muesli with rice milk at about 9.30

See, I can pack it away, can't I! Not a good day. Some poor choices. Eating when I wasn't hungry. Harrumph.

Stupid consequences! (Said in Homer Simpson voice)

Oh well.

I took a rest day yesterday because I realised that I have actually done some sort of workout (even if 'just' yoga) every single day this month. I suppose I'm trying to cram in as much as possible because after the family get here on Friday, that's pretty much going to be it until the 1st of August. Ack!

I'm going to do some sort of cardio tonight, but only a short one, as I don't get off work until 6.00. Then DH and I have to sit (we have vowed to have the TV off this evening) and plan out taxis and trains and buy tickets tomorrow.

Oh! I got a letter from IPS yesterday saying they tried to deliver something to me, so I called an automated number to have the package redirected to my work address. I hope it's my new UK  passport!!

DOMS Deluxe

134.2 again this morning.

Oh, man, my backside is sore this morning. Jen Carman's supersets really hit their target area! Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is here today! In this workout, you superset the glutes and hamstrings through a series of hover squats, then dips and lunges on the right leg, then side lunges on the right  leg, followed by a set of 16 leg press on the right leg, followed by a squats with abduction, then another set of leg press on the right leg. Then you do it all again on the left leg. Ouch. And I was using 7kg dumbells held on my shoulders for these moves. (That's 15.4 pounds, or a total of nearly 31 pounds). And there's a series of plie squats in there somewhere. It's all a blur now!

So anyway, my backside is sore--but if you want a butt you can bounce a quarter off of, you gotta work for it! LOL

On my own...once again now...

134.2 this morning.

DH is in London for Star Wars Celebration Europe. I decided not to go with him because I'm not fan-girl enough to really be interested and it will PACKED with sweaty Star Wars geeks pushing and shoving to buy a 1978 Boba Fett in original packaging or to get the autograph of the guy who did the sound. Not my thing, so might as well save trainfare and admission fee.

Instead, I did two workouts back to back--how good am I? Ha ha. The dreaded and feared terribly compact and muscular Jen Carman's Body Sculpt, and the angelically beautiful kooky hippy chick Ana Brett's Ultimate Stretch Kundalini Workout. I hate Jen Carman and really dislike that workout, but I like to vary my training styles and so I did it. I love Ana Brett and so thoroughly enjoyed that workout that I hit the internet looking for more.

Actually, I wanted an outfit like her colour-tastic hippy chick yoga togs in Kundalini Beginners and Beyond, but couldn't find any, so ended up shopping for more workouts. (Click here to see a clip from the introduction of this workout. Notice how her little yoga mat is the fuzzy pink middle of a big yellow daisy. Wonderful stuff!)

I ordered Ravi & Ana's Kundalini Yoga Warrior Workout and Sarah Powers's Insight Yoga. (Click here for the description at Sarah's website, and here for the a review in Yoga Journal.) I am so excited to have found Sarah Powers! She combines yoga and Buddhism and includes meditations in the workout--it's exactly what I was looking for to help me get meditation into my workout practice. I can't wait to receive it and will post a review as soon as I've tried it out.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

Planning holidays makes me a nervous wreck

My dad and my son are coming to England for a visit, and DH and I have been busily planning the things we're going to do, making bookings, figuring out train times and costing it all up. We've pretty much got it lined out, it only needs fine-tuning. Here's a preview:

Friday, 20th July--They arrive.

Saturday, 21st July--TBD

Sunday, 22nd July--In town, grocery shopping, etc, chilling out for the day.

Monday 23rd July--Birmingham
If the weather is beautiful, we'll go to the Botanical Gardens and Glass Houses.

If it's crap out, we'll go to Think Tank and IMAX Cinema.

Birmingham also has the Bullring, which was briefly the largest mall in Europe, but I think there's another somewhere on the Continent now that's bigger.

Tuesday 24th July--Kenilworth Castle or Leamington Spa. Both are relatively nearby and it might be fun to take a bus there, particularly if we can get the front seats at the top of a double decker. Good views.

Wednesday 25th July--London
I bought London Passes for all of us, so we have unlimited transport and no-queuing entry into 55 London attractions. (Tomorrow I plan to get the map out and figure out the quickest way to see as many as possible). I've booked rooms in Bloomsbury Park Hotel in Bloomsbury.

Thursday 26th July--Bath
In the morning, we will go out to Windsor Castle and have a look around the town, then go back into London to get a train to Bath. We will have a walk around the city in the afternoon and evening, then...

Friday 27th July--Bath
We will visit the Roman Baths and Fashion Museum, Sally Lunn's House and Bath Abbey (which is my favourite church in England).
Then we'll get the train back into London to get our connection back home.

Saturday Thursday 28th July--REST
Stay at home and visit, go for walk in park, perhaps. Will invite my friend Gail and her son over to meet Dad and DS.

Sunday 29th July--TBD

Monday 30th July--Return flight to USA!

I'm tired of thinking about this now and will go do something else for a while.

Bourbon creams

Have you ever heard of bourbon creams? They're one of several ubiquitous tea biscuits seen in the UK. I have an inordinate fondness for them (akin to my unaccountable love of Doritos). From an objective point of view, they are not very good. They don't taste of chocolate or anything much really, other than a bourbon biscuit. They are very crisp and have some sort of chemical-based goo in the middle (the so-called 'cream'). They are not a health food. In fact, they barely make it into the food category at all. And yet. Oh...and yet.

Yesterday I stopped into the Co-op on the way home to get some broccoli and a loaf of bread, and found myself in the biscuit aisle actively searching for bourbon creams. I had to really hunt for them, but found them at last on the bottom shelf with all the other 'common and unspecial' biscuits. (Rich tea, garibaldi, Nice, custard creams, and the like). Then lwhen I got home,  I ate something like 7 of them. (But I did do Rodney Yee's Total Body Power Yoga first--man, that workout is killer). What brought that on? Answer arrived this morning. You guessed it--the bourbon attack was this month's PMT. (Well, it's better than yelling about the injustice of  dust bunnies then crying because the tomatoes are sliced in the wrong direction! )

Anyway, when I got home tonight I ate the last 4 or 5 bourbons in the packet (I lost count) and did the Cardio Blast premix of Cathe's Low Max. I'm now cooling down and waiting for hubby to get home. I have no idea what I'm fixing for dinner. No wonder, considering I just ate 5 bourbon creams!

I called the passport service today. They haven't sent me any acknowledgement of receipt of my documents, but the girl told me that my passport was approved for printing and should be sent to me in 5-8 days. I'll give it a few weeks then! At least I know they got my stuff. Now I just have to wait to get it back.

Where is everybody? My friends are getting slack--no one seems to be blogging lately!


133.8 this morning! Repeated three times. Wonder why that happened??

Isn't it silly how good this makes you feel?

Nine and a half stone--for the day at least. Woo hoo!

Tonight it's Rodney Yee's Total Body Power Yoga. (Last night was Cathe's Body Fusion. I know that's an intermediate workout, but she mopped the floor with me anyway!)

Hope everyone is having a good week. Where is everybody, anyway?