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  • Name: BEARDJOY
  • City: Cambridge
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Height: 157.5cm
Start weight: 241.00lb
Current weight: 155.00lb
Goal weight: 161.00lb
Lost to date: 86.00lb
Remaining: -6.00lb

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Well I am still losing weight yipppeeee!

Well I am still losing weight ... currently at a loss of 86lbs!  I want to lose another 19lbs and then I will be at the weight I have always wanted to be at.

Some pics ...

Have lost weight since the second photo was taken!


I know I haven't been on here in forever but wanted to blog today as everyone on here helped me so much in the early stages of my weight loss journey.

Over a year ago I set myself a target to lose 6 stone by my 40th Birthday which is on Thursday ... I have just had my last weigh and have lost a total of 6 stone and 1lb a total of 78lbs!  I now weigh 11 stone and 13lbs (167lb)  (I am so chuffed that I stuck with it and finally got to where I want to be.

I feel absolutely fantastic and have treated myself to a new wardrobe of clothes I have never even thought of buying before and am starting to love the person I have become - I am stronger, more confident and am loving my new look! 

I still have a way to go and have challenged myself to lose 14lb by Christmas!

I know I haven't been on here in ages but hope some of the older members remember me as I was quite active until time didn't allow me to spend as much time on here.

This has been the most amazing year for me .... I have lost the weight that has dragged me down all my life, I have moved countries and started my own successful business ... can things get any better?

I hope you are all doing great and are also becoming the people you want to be.


My weight loss has slowed down now and I have been told this happens sometimes so am just concentrating on sticking to the plan and am planning on upping my exercise regime.

To be honest I haven't done much exercising this past two weeks as we were moving and then this week my uncle passed away and haven't reallly had the time.

Hopefully things will get back to normal as of tomorrow as I will be back in England, think we are going to London on Saturday so that will mean a lot of walking and today have spent 3 hours weeding in the garden ... guess it all adds up! 

***** BYE BYE TO 61lbs!!!!!! *****

Hi ya all,

Well I have now lost 61lb in total and am on top of the world.

You have no idea how amazing I feel right ow and how proud of myself I am, it hasn't been easy but have lost 56lb in 7 months.  I am hoping to lose another 21lbs befor my 40th birthday in september which has always been my plan.  It is only 22 weeks to my birthday so know I can achieve my target.

I am starting to feel normal ow and don't see myself as the big fat girl which is very strange as all my life this is what I thought people thought when they looked at me ... It's a great feeling not to be morbidly obese and feel so healthy and looking forward to love for the first time ever.

I am so glad I started slimming world ... It true.y has changed my life.


I now have lost a total of 52lb which I am thrilled about ... the biggest change is the energy I have.  I guess by losing some weight and making healthier choices in my diet my body is rewarding me by giving me all this energy!

I feel amazing but have to remember how far I still have to go ... I still need to lose around 28lb to reach my target that I set myself though a few pound more would be good.  I have until September to lose this as I turn 40 then and want to do a grand reveal to all the friends and family who have supported me and surprise the ones that haven't seen me in a while at the celebrations.

It is strange as before I was dreading turning 40 and it was playing in my mind a little but now I don't care.  I am healthier than I have ever been and they do say life begins at 40 and I intend to make that true for me.

I am so determined to do this that it is unreal as I have tried time and time again to do this and now I know that I can and I will! 

I hope you are all doing well and wish you success as we face the battle of the bulge together.

Good luck everyone!

Joy x

I am the lightest I have ever been and am on cloud 9!

I weighed in yesterday and now weigh 202lbs (14st 6lb)!  This is the lightest I have ever been in my adult life and boy do I feel good!

I am so much fitter and have more energy than I have ever had.  I am noticing significant changes in my body ... For example my thighs no longer rub together, my painful heavy long lasting periods are now normal, my rings are loose, simple things like bending down are easy peasy ... Wish I would have made these changes a long time ago.

I still have a way to go but know I can do it!  47lb gone forever .... Watch this space as I continue my journey to finally be the person I have always wanted to be.

Last night at my slimming group I won slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month and got my 3 stone award.  I couldn't stop smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have now lost 40lb and for the first time in my life feel positive about my future and am actually looking forward to starting a new year ... get a feeling I am going to do this!  I am doing this ... 40lb off woooooo hoooooo!
Heres to a new slim me this year as I turn 40!


Hi everyone

I just thought I would log in and see if any of my old buddies where still using this site. 

I am sorry to have deserted you ... I was simply spending way too long on here and had gathered up a massive friends list which I could longer support due to the length of time it was taking for me to check up on you all .... I am an all or nothing kind of girl.

So how have you been doing? still on track?  still struggling? given up altogther?

I am doing better now ... I have now lost 35lb since August which is great.  Starting to see the feel the difference now.  I joined the slimming world plan and go to a group weigh in and meeting on a tuesday evening.  I think I need the motivation that someone else will see my weight and track my progress.

Up until now the only person in the world that knew my weight was James so this was a massive step.  To walk into a group of people and step on scales was one of the most nervous things I have ever done but I needn't have been so worried as everyone was understanding and welcoming. They continue to support me and I support them at our once a week meeting!

I am very excited to be on this plan as I never feel hungry ... you have lots of "free foods" which you can eat unlimited amounts of which include to name a few pasta, rice and potatoes so I am still able to have my large portions though recently I feel I don't need as much to full me up! 

Loving the plan so far.  Weigh in is tonight ... the last one before Christmas!  I am not supposed to step on the scales at home ... that is a no no while doing this plan but have been working towards getting below another stone bracket and am so close I couldn't resist.  I guess tonight will tell the tale as according to my scales I am 1lb away from my mini-target. 

I am up early ... can't sleep because of the rain!  I might go and do some wii just dance to see if I can dance away that 1lb!

I truely hope everything is well with you all and that you have reached your goal or are still focused to do so.  I never realised how good I could feel and wish I would have done this years ago.

I wish you and your family and loved ones a blessed christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2012.


Hi ya all,

I don't know what to say now that I have logged in to be honest.

I am not healthy eating or exercising .. guess that is the big confession.  Once I went of track I seemed to keep sliding down that slippery slope.  I was too embarrassed to go on here and let you know what a failure I am but deep down know I have you guys support whatever.

I have been thinking alot about my eating habits and why I continue to fail and give up and can't figure out why I do this to myself.  I feel as though I am depriving myself and when I stop I can't seem to give myself a shake and get back on plan.

I am sorry that I have let you down but to be honest I feel that I have let myself down too big time and am finding it hard to deal with.  I thought my life was changing and I was finally becoming the person I wanted to be but I threw it in and food got the better of me.

I am seriously thinking about how I can move forward from now and where my road will take me .... I need to lose weight of that I am sure but what direction I take is something I have to work on.  I could start the slimming world plan but this time I will go to the class and learn more about the programme and hopefully learn more how my body works and also the support of others.

I know I won't have as much time to log on here and blog but will do as often as I can and will check on all my "friends" who are truely wonderful and supportive. Thanks so much for all your messages during my absence,  I do appreciate it. 

I am going to get on track, I  really am but I keep putting it off as there is always some obstacle in my way ..... easter is over and it is time for me to take this seriously and get back on track. 


A glorious day here in Ireland though I see rain clouds in the horizon.  The sun is shining for now and I will take that.  Hopefully I will have time to get some strimming done in the garden before the rain comes on.

Today is a "doing day" for me.  All those little things that I have been putting off are going to be done.  I have just cleared out my wardrobe and will take the clothes I no longer need to the charity shop.  Nice to see my summer gear again and get those bulky sweaters put away until next year .. yippeee!

I have been busy with other things this morning too like paperwork etc.  I was about to start cleaning the windows outside but then the window cleaner came ... talk about timing.  That is one less job I guess.  Ironing next I think.

I have done a half hour on the wii fit this morning and am going to ease myself into exercising daily again bit by bit.  I might go for a walk this afternoon if I get everything done that I want to do and the rain clouds blow over.

My eats are all planned.  I have had cereal for breakfast, am going to have fruit and yoghurt for lunch and grilled salmon with veggies tonight.  All healthy and all good for my body.

I want to have lost 2 stone (28lb) by the time I go on my summer holidays in the middle of July ... a big task I know but I have 3 months to do it (12 weeks @ 2lb per week = 24lb so will hope for a bigger week at least one of the weeks but if I get close will be happy.  So that is my new aim and hopefully will stick with it.  I weigh in now on Thursday ... my first before my massive blip!  I am nervous but it has to be done so I can check my progress.  My sister is doing it with me so we will weigh in at the same time and hopefully will be able to support each other when the going gets tough.

I am currently not doing the slimming world plan but will start that up again on Thursday and will healthy eat until then. Sounds like a plan for sure.