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Surprise Surprise!

Well, I haven't been here in MONTHS! I definitely apologize but like we all happens.

Well, life has happened in a MAJOR way for! Definitely an unexpected way for me. 

I found out 2 weeks ago that I am....pregnant. Yup, me. Ha! How the hell did that happen...Well, we know how it happened but it definitely wasn't planned! Hell, I didn't even know until all the signs were hitting me in my damn face...Fatigue, nausea, vomitting at the smell of food, tender breasts,etc...

Well, the pregnancy was confirmed 2 weeks ago by blood test and my first OB/GYN appt is in 2 weeks...Yea, a long time apart but I guess that's how they do things in the baby depot. This is my first time at this rodeo.

Me and BF(yea, the one from college) have decided to settle down in this family life and raise our child. 

I calculated the due date and it's around March 18, 2011. Which also happens to be BF's birthday.  Hmph!

So now all my weigh tloss efforts are on hold but will DEFINITELY resume 6 weeks after I give birth. 

I miss you all dearly & will update you all when I can!

Chair Dancing Workout

Hello girls! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Mine was blessed. Got to hear a great word at church and spend time with my family. 

I do have to say I overate...I really tried to control myself but it was some of my favorite! I need to drink lots of water before so I get fuller-faster.  

But I made up for it today! I did 2 hours of work out! I found a great studio that does fun flirty high intense workouts. It has classes like my title...chair dancing, strip pole dancing, urban kickboxing,etc...Its so much fun! But it is a lot of work! I was sweating and breathing hard. The chair dancing class was my fav! I also did cardio core, woooo! He kicked butt in there! I will definitely be going back! Such a change in workouts, makes me excited and ready to work out...Plus I get to bring something back home to share ;) Lol!

Just thought I'd share my exciting workout for the day. Tomorrow I will TRY to get up early before work & do it b/c I won't have time afterwards. I'm a judge at my Sorority's scholarship pageant. 

Last week I worked out 3 days. I was on a roll but got too busy during the end of the week. I've got to do better at not letting changes in my schedule detour me from my workout! 

I also went back to the nutritionist/weightloss doctor last week. He said he really thinks there's a hormone in balance and how fast my weight goes up in such a short amount of time. He restricted my diet ALOT and wants to see what that does. He also said NO alcohol for a month! No Im not an addict but damn I do like to social drink sometime! We'll see how that goes! He also wants to do some saliva testing to see if he can find any hormone/chemical imbalances. It has to be something! Or maybe my metabolism is slow, who knows! I just want to know what it is so I can combat it!

Ok, got lots of packing to do--moving day(s) this weekend!

Day 2

Since I'm using EP as my accountability coach, just thought I'd come blog my progress.

Made it to the gym today...I'm 2 for 2 this week, woo! I did 30 minutes on the eliptical burning 320 calories & then I did 10 minutes of weight lifting. I feel good. While working out I wear the "Belly band" Its like an elastic band that goes around your belly under your shirt and it makes your tummy sweat and burn fat as you work out. It's no magic belt or anything but it great! My tummy is actually sweating when I'm done working out. I love it! Just thought I'd share.

B: banana, fiber bar & protein shake
S: A few pieces of Easter candy :( 
L: A beef jerky...It's so hard to eat at work :(
D: Smart one

Water intake: 60 oz

My eating will continue to get better as I free up my time.

I also found a hour work out class for an hour every Monday for only $15 a session! I'm pumped! The first one is next Monday and it's free, to make sure I like it. Then I'll pay for the sessions there after. I'm excited!

Ok, its late & I have to go to work pretty early tmrw. Have a good day all!

It's Coming Back!


I feel my crazy for the gym & working out coming back....

Maybe it's because I went shopping & NOTHING fit me and if it did, not the way I wanted....I took like 20 items in the fitting room...I left with ONE thing! Smh!

Last week I managed to get 3 workouts in. Not too shabby.

I got in 45 minutes of cardio, arm & ab workout in today. 

I'm going to try to squeeze 2 workouts in tmrw. One at 8AM & another at 8PM.

I need to get this weight off! When I don't feel good about myself my attitude changes, my skin changes, my hair changes, my feet change, I CHANGE! It's because I'm not happy about myself. 

It is so true...Your confidence is the sexiest thing on you. I WANT MINE BACK!

I had my first protein shake today...IDK if they work but most people suggest them if you're trying to tone and burn more fat. If that's true does anyone know any good shakes to drink?

And if you're the praying type, please pray for me...I'll explain later.


It's time to get my body back!
It's time to get my Miami body back!
It's time to fit in my size 12's & 10's!

It's time to STOP this damage I am doing to myself!

It's time to face reality...

And reality is...In the last year I've gained 30lbs!

That's tough to read...and type. Even harder to internalize.

How was I so close to my goal, only to slip so hard I find myself 30lbs heavier than I was this time last year?

This time last year I was a smoth 190-195 and felt GREAT! My body was lean, I was exercising regularly and eating healthy. I was seeing a nutritionist and just taking care of myself.

What happened?

Life happened. 

I work 55-60 hours a week. I eat on the go, I don't plan my meals. I'm to mentally and physically exhausted when I get home that I stopped working out. I'm lucky if I go to the gym once a week now-a-days. 

This is my reality, but...


I can not let myself go, this isn't even me! I was at such a great place a year ago. I guess I didn't anticipate all the streses and worries the "real world" would bring.

My weight was something I thought I had under control and was working at losing. I lost it...all.

But at this point all I can do is go size!

This week I've vowed to work out 3 times this week. I'm going to New Orleans for BF's bday so IDK how well Im going to do w/eating but I will do as well as I can! 


I have a date with the gym tomorrow morning at 7:30AM. 

P.S-I would love to hear from any of my old friends that have jumped back on the wagon! Support and accountability are key to my weightless and it worked WELL when I was on EP consistently. 

Same song, different tune.

I did it...again. 

Self sabotage.

I gained atleast 10 of the 25lbs I lost back...

I have noone or nothing to blame, but myself.

Eating whatever I crave, drinking as much as I want and rarely visiting the gym.

That's a recipe for disaster.

Then add on a UBER stressful job that I'm at more than 10hrs a day. 

By the time I leave there I am mentally and physically exhausted & it's atleast 8pm by the time I get home. 

So my question now is: How do I find balance? Balance for my life, my career & my healthy & happiness. 

But we can't have it all can we?

I know I sound very defeated right now but I just hate this up & down thing I go through every 6 months, it SUCKS!

I don't look right in anything anymore, I hate the way I feel after I eat, my clothes are tight as hell if they even fit. I work out maybe 2 x's a week if I'm lucky. But eating sabotages those efforts. Blah!

Why can't I just do IT, lose IT and keep IT off?! I guess that's the million dollar question, huh?

Well, I went to bootcamp Saturday, I'm still sore. My mentor/boss introduced me to it, her brother's the trainer. Well it was awesome & I want to make a routine of it. If only I could do that ALL week!

I will figure this thing out...I always do, right?

Fresh Start

Didn't do all 7 days of my 2 mile challenge last week. Adjusting to working 10+ hours and only being home and awake for 4-5 hrs is tough! I'm trying to figure out how to fit in exercise, dinner, puppy time & a little relaxation is proving to be a little difficult. I work crazy hours and it's not looking to get any better.  But I will manage, I just have to find a schedule that works for me. Looks like early bed time for rest & earlier rise time for exercise. Leaves little room or time for socializing or anything else but I guess this is what being grown up is all about, right? lol.

Well, I am not a quitter and I hate the guilty I get when I do not exercise or eat right. That alone keeps me mindful of what I'm putting in my body and lack of exercise. It's like I can feel myself gaining weight. Like every pound, it's crazy. So, today I started the 2 mile a day for 7 days challenge again. I did 1 mile on 6.0 on the treadmill then I did 1 mile on 3.0 incline at 5.0 it was tough but I did it! I burned 300 calories and did the 2 miles in 26 minutes. After that I did a cool down walk on incline for 4 minutes. It was a good cardio session. Tomorrow I have to do my 2 miles but I also want to play volleyball. It's so much fun! I am also thinking about buying some rollerblades. I can easily get my 2 miles in on those and it'll be fun & a different type of workout. I've seen a few parks around my apt I'd like to go running/skating at. 

My plan is to do 2 unordinary workouts a week. Like the rollerblading, volleyball & stuff. Just to keep it fun and interesting. The treadmill is getting dreadful and I actually feel myself yearning to run outside, whereas I used to be scared to. This journey has been full of losses and gains weight wise, but it's been nothing but positive learning about my body, health & taste buds. 

I will do this, I know I can!

Ok, off to bed I go.

P.S-I'm watching Jon & Kate + 8 and it's really crazy how TV has turned them against each other. *sigh* 

7 Day Challenge

Hello all! I think I'm getting back into this whole blogging thing. Although my life is nowhere near calm, I'm trying to find the work /real world/ life balance. I have started my full time career..That sounds funny to say but that's what it is. No more internships & part time jobs, I'm starting my post grad career. I have 5.5 more weeks of training (sounds like a lot but necessary) then I will start my position. I will be a human resource executive for a major retailer. It's very exciting but I know a lot of work & obstacles are ahead of me! 

Being that said... I will not let work over power my life and side track my health & weight goals. I've come to far to quit now. I think about how far I could be & get motivated not to give up. Only 5lbs away from my previous all time low. I could lose that by the end of the month, easy. 

So to get myself motivated and back to my regular work out routine I started a 7 day challenge. I challenged myself to run/wog/job/walk atleast 2 miles a day for cardio workout. It started today and I'm sitting on my couch sore so I guess that was shocker for my body. I can't believe I jogged 2 miles NON STOP! That's so crazy, I didn't think I could do it but I did! Then I walked on incline for another .5 miles for a total or 3 miles and around 375 calories burned in 30 minutes. Then I 15 minutes of the elliptical doing the hills workout. Doing that I burned 150 calories and made it another 1.5 miles. Not too shabby for day 1 of the challenge. Hopefully by day 7 I will be jogging 3 miles nonstop. 

I think this challenge is exactly what I need to get motivated again and get back in the gym regularly! The only thing is I get off late (6ish) and so by the time I run any errands, get home & take the dog out & get dressed its already 8:30. So I dont get done working out until almost 10. So now its now 1:38am and I'm finally winding down and ready for bed. I can't do this every night. IDK what I'm going to do. I'm already waking up at 6:30a.m. I'll be ok for now tho...

I think I'm going to play WII for 30 minutes in the morning before getting ready for work & then do my 2 miles after work. I think that will be a good jumpstart to my day.

My eating was SO much better today. NO soda! I only drank green tea & water. Had a turkey wrap for lunch & chicken alfredo lean cuisine for dinner. I'm packing and taking my lunch to work so that's helping too. I just have to get on my mid day snacks and I'll be back to my healthy eating ways.

This entry was just really to write out what plans are in my head. I want to be out of the 190's by July. That's only 6lbs, I KNOW I can do it!!!

Lets stay encouraged!

Have a great week!

There's Only Two Options...

...and that is either to do or not to do & I'm choosing to do!

There's so many excuses to have about why I haven't been exercising regularly. There's so many excuses as to why my weight is slowly creeping back on. There's so many excuses as to why I am less motivated than I was pre-Miami. There's so many excuses period, but I CHOSE NOT TO use them because "excuses are tools that build bridges that lead to nowhere & those who use them seldom succeed in anything." One of my favorite quotes. It's so very true! 

I've learned that I am SO GOOD at talking myself out of working out. I have to cognitively do that. Which is why I'm not struggling as bad with that as I am with eating healthy. I am totally bombing in this area! I feel ridiculous for the way I've eaten the past 2 months. Just terrible! I've even started getting sodas at restaurants & I haven't drank soda in AT LEAST 6 months. What the heck is wrong with me? I'm eating fast food at least daily. It's just bad & I have to get it under control. I will just totally cut everything out like I have before, that's when I'm most successful. I need a menu, I know that's what I need. I do not do good with eating on the fly or unplanned meals. I seem to pick wrong foods w/out even thinking. When will I pick HEALTHY foods without thinking? It's so much easier to eat unhealthy, isn't it?

Appointment is made to go back to the nutritionist. I go Saturday afternoon. Hopefully he can help me get back on track because I'm slipping slowly but surely. Only good thing is, I'm recognizing it when its 3-5lbs and not when I've gained ALL 27lbs I've lost back. I can tell I'm gaining by the way my clothes are fitting and I have a good instinct about it...Almost as if I can feel it when it's happening...

My workouts lately have been good though. This week I did the treadmill for 30 minutes switching between sprinting and incline, ran around my apartments for 15 minutes and then did arms, glutes & back with weights. Then I played volleyball at a local volleyball gym/court for 2.5 hours on Tuesday. I'm STILL sore from that! I played with my cousin and 4 girls that had got full rides to college to play volleyball. I'm VERY rusty so it was a serious workout for me. Sweating like crazy & everything. I also ran some laps around the gym during our off the court time. After this blog I'm headed to the gym to do an hour on the elliptical and glutes & arms on weights. 

I've been peeking at you girls blogs and you all are doing fabulous! Definitely motivating me!

Hopefully this personal trainer & nutritionist will help me meet goal...I'm only 25lbs away!!!

What's The Plan...Stan?

Lame title, I know...but it's exactly what I need, a plan.

Yes, I've been off routine for a [long] while and I had valid reasons [a.k.a. excuses] but now that's not going to work. All the things that took up so much of my time is now over. I'm working very little until I start full time on June 8th. So there's no reason I'm not hitting the gym hard and eating properly. But as you all know...I'm not.

Before I start with my plan I have to recognize the issues I'm having:
  • Not eating enough...Or the right amount during each meal..
  • Eating 1 meal a day...I know better!!!!
  • Drinking waaaay too much alcohol way to many days out of the week...that damn happy hour calls me after a long day at or a long day period, lmao.
  • Not drinking enough water...I'm lucky if I get in 20-40 oz a day...again I know better! At one time all I was drinking was water!
  • Drinking soda...I went MONTHS without any, why am I battling this again?
  • Fast food/take out...This is a direct result of poor planning and my body going into starvation mode so I choose something quick because I might pass out if I don't
  • Not spending enough time making sure my body is healthy
  • Not seeing the nutritionist like I'm supposed to
  • Not weighing in weekly...Doesn't help my accountability factor
I could go on & on... but I won't. I will NOT wait until Monday or the start of a new week. I will start NOW! Not tomorrow, not in the morning but NOW! I will write out my plan, print it out, stick it to the bathroom mirror & fridge and I will take my butt to the 24 hr gym here at my apartments. If I don't make it there I will do atleast 45 minutes on WII Fit. I owe my body this much...I have not done all of this work to let it go now. Nope, won't happen! I'm tired of going back and forth with this weight issue. I want it gone once and for good!!! 

I think I feel my motivation coming back :) 

I just typed up a plan and realized I've done this before...Many-many times before and came up short. I really think it's time for some accountability here. A kick start. Something that puts me on the right path because obviously I can not do it alone. I know the things to eat and how much to eat and when, I just have to do it. So intstead of retyping a plan I know in my head, I will just do it and report back here. I know what works I just have TO DO IT!!! How many of us struggle with that? *sigh*

Well...I will be back to report everyday. That's my start to accountability. 

Come on EP!!!

I know we [I] can all do it!