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  • Name: mirandat
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Height: 175.3cm
Start weight: 252.00lb
Current weight: 210.60lb
Goal weight: 185.00lb
Lost to date: 41.40lb
Remaining: 25.60lb

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It's been a while....

Hello all.  Yeah I have been slack and have not posted anything in quite some time, but that is all ending today.   I have not gained any weight at all nor have I lost, which is great.  I recently started a new position and had to do some traveling for training, so until that calmed down, I knew I wouldnt be able to focus on losing weight like I wanted too.  Well, now I am back focused again!  I still have my goal of 185 and I know I will be there sooner rather than later!

18 days

Wow, have I really not posted anything for 18 days?  Well I have do have some good reasons.  My father in law passed so we did have to go out of state and ended up getting stranded for a while.  During that time I worked out NONE and I pigged out!  I also pigged out yesterday for superbowl Sunday.  But you know honestly, when i dont deprive myself while I am trying to lose weight...I succeed.  If i do deprive myself, I fail.  So if i want chips, dips, and hot wings, I eat them and I enjoy them.  I just know that the next day, I have to get back on the grind and get back focused!  And yep, even while I was out of town, I managed to lose weight! :) 
I will post more tomorrow!

Way to go!

First off, let me say that I am very tired and sleepy, but I am still very very very motivated to losing all of this weight.  Yesterday was a great eating and working out day.  I actually wasnt able to work out until around 7:45 pm , because my sweetheart of a child was determined not to go to bed and not to let mommy workout in peace.  She kept coming in the room and dancing while I was doing cardio overdrive.  I had to laugh, because it was funny and I know she just loves being around me.  i was able to finish up my workout and I kicked back to watch the biggest loser...Thank god for DVR!  I love that show, but I do think that some folks are truly there for the money and not for a lifestyle change.  The chick from the red team gets on my nerves because its obvious she is a liar about throwing the weigh ins.  But anyway, to each it's own.
Today has been a great eating day. 
Breakfast - Special K with low fat milk
Snack - Activia Yogurt
Lunch - 4 smart ones pizza bites (super yummy) and a 100 calorie pack of cheez its
Dinner - ??
I did go to the store today during my lunch to pick up some good deals.  I purchased some yoplait smootie mixers, tysons grilled chicken breast strips (for salads), 2 lbs of shrimp, diet drinks, tons of frozen veggies.  I think went to Aldis and got some veggies for my salads and such. 
I am so focused and proud of myself!  I will be seeing the 2teens soon and i cant wait!


Yaaay for Tuesdays:)  Honestly I am super happy because today I could wear some pants that I couldnt wear last month.  Yep, I purchased them and they were too tight for me to wear to work.  Now they fit just perfectly.  I am super thrilled about that and I must say...I look good.  LOL.  For real though, I saw my brother in law today during my lunch and he told me that I looked nice and he could tell that I have lost some weight.  That made me feel really good. Another coworker mentioned it to me as well.  I am really trying to be just a healthy woman, wife, and mother.  I had to kind of drill that into Hubby's head.  He loves meat on the bones, but its not healthy and I dont want to end up like my mom and aunts with loads of blood pressure and diabetes issues.  I just want to be healthy!  He understands and is supporting me 110%! 
Ok, so this has been my menu today so far:
Breakfast - 1 jimmy dean delights egg mcmuffin and a cup of coffee
Snack - mixed berry activia yogurt
Lunch - Smart ones pizza bites (they are super duper yummy!!) I had the little tray which consisted of 4.  I also had half of a banana.
Dinner - Grilled boneless chicken breasts on the foreman.  I am seasoning them with Rotessierie seasoning.  The sides will be mashed potatos and some veggies.
I will be doing cardio overdrive for my workout tonight!  Since my husband is back from out of town, i dont think I will have any interruptions from a little person while I am working out:)  Gotta love it though!
Happy tuesday!


Well it's Sunday...another great day for losing weight.  I woke up early this morning of course and had a nice bowl of Special K with almonds.  They were super yummy!  For lunch I have some gortons shrimp in the oven.  I will be enjoying those with a salad with some kens spritzer dressing.  Never tried that before, so I hope its good.  Dinner will be spaghetti and broccoli.  I am hoping to get a workout in...Fat Blasting Cardio.  Hopefully my daughter will cooperate and I wont have a problem with that.  LOL. 
Best of luck to you this week!


Yaay, I am super thrilled that my new Firm Workout DVD's came today.  Well they arent new releases, but new to me because the old ones that I had were scratched and would skip or even stop mid way through the workout.  I broke them out today and did Cardio Overdrive.  Man was I super soaked with sweat after I did that one!!  I love it! 
Ok, so today my eating was great:
Breakfast was 1 cup of activa yogurt and a bite of banana. 
Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of progresso soup.  Snack was a 100 calorie pack. 
Dinner was a 1 george foreman grilled hotdog with chili on a slice of bread, baked fries, and some cauliflower.  My night snack was baked lays. 
I am so excited and focused now!  I know that I will be seeing 225 this week or possibily lower!


Man, am I glad it is Friday!!  The great start of a long weekend.  I was slack and didnt post yesterday.  In fact, I have been slack period!  I actually have not worked out in 2 days and was a little careless about my eating.  I was on a Frito binge the past 2 days.  Luckily, I weighed myself this morning and my weight is exactly the same!  Thank you god!!!!  So I actually had the chance to go to the grocery store today and restock on some MUCH needed items. Since I am a couponer, I was very fortunate that alot of my items were on sale and coupled with a coupon, the prices were amazing!!  So here are some of the items that I got:
Activia Yogurt
2 boxes of 100 calorie packs
Diet Dr Peppers
Cans of progresso Soups
10 smart ones meals
Kens Dressing Spritzers
2 bags of Gortons Grilled Shrimp
2 packs sandwich ham and turkey
Mccormicks Seasonings to spice up my grilled chicken breasts.
Ok, thats mainly all I purchased.  I didnt need any breakfast items because I am seriously stocked with special K.  Didnt need any bottled water...fruit, or any of that.  I am thinking that these items will carry me through lunch for the rest of the month and for that I am thrilled.
I am hoping that my new Firm Dvd's come today so that I can go strong with my workouts for the next 3 days and see a big drop on the scale.
I hope everyone has a great weekend...I know I will:)

Weigh in Wednesday

Ok, I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 226.8. I soo wanted 225, but oh well.  I will get there soon.  TOM is still here, but I am not using that as an excuse. I am 41.8 pounds closer to my goal and for that i am grateful.  I did work out last night for about 35 minutes and I felt very good after the fact.  Dinner I did have the shrimp and I ate all 16 of those bad boys!  That was only 240 calories.  I also had a little rice and some more cauliflower.  I am loving that stuff.  Breakfast today was a jimmy dean delights breakfast sandwich and some coffee.  Lunch is a 6 inch sub from Subway.  I am being naughty today with my sub.  Bump the wheat bread....i am having cheese bread AND regular mayo!!!  LOL.  I didnt have the cookie though and I am having baked lays and a diet pepsi.  I havent had a soda in a while, so I splurged and got one.  I think i am going to bundle up and work out on the ellipitcal in the garage tonight.  I need a change in my workout routines.  I dont know what I am having for dinner tonight, so we will have to wait and see for that! 

Tired Tuesday

Hello out there.  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Things are going ok for me. Last night I did not eat the shrimp as i had planned, but instead had some leftover boneless wings from lunch on Sunday.  I also had cauliflower as well.  I didnt work out though as I would have liked too.  My daughter (whom i thought was sleep for the night), woke up around 7:45 just as i was putting on my workout clothes.  So since I work full time, my time to spend with her is limited, so if she wants mommy...she gets mommy.  However, tonight, i will be working out regardless, because I will be weighing myself tomorrow.  Fingers crossed the numbers look decent. 
My meal so far today have been:
Breakfast: Cheerios and 1% milk
Lunch: Digornio 200 calorio pizza and baked lays with water
Snack: Fruit Cup
Dinner:  ???  Probably the shrimp I intended on eating today along with some rice and veggies and some V8 splash. 
I just ordered 2 additional firm dvds.  I ordered Fat Blasting Cardio and Cardio Overdrive.  I had those at the house, but for some reason, they skip and wont play right.  So I bit the bullet and purchased 2 new ones.  I cant wait for them to come!

Mondays...gotta love them!

Happy Monday everyone!  So today I got up to get ready for work.  I put on a white button up blouse and some brown pants.  They always fit semi snug, but not tight.  Well this morning, I had plenty of room.  So i was like, ok, it's just my imagination that they fit looser than than normal.  So, I went to drop my daughter off at daycare.  I hadnt seen her teachers since last Thursday and only for a few minutes then because she was sick most of last week.  Her teacher was like, you are slimming down I see!  That made me feel great.  I was just in the breakroom heating up my lunch and our housekeeper was like, "are you losing weight?"  All I could say was, I am trying!.  She said, I can really tell and I had to call your name to make sure that  it was you!  That made me super motivated to continue on this journey. Truth be know, I have always lost weight fairly fast if I stick to it.  Hopefully this will continue and I will reach my goal!  185, here I come!
Here is my menu for the day:
Breafast - 2 boiled eggs minus the yolk, and 2 strips of bacon
Snack - Quakers 90 calorie pack and water.
Lunch - Marie Callendar Mixer (seasme beef) and water.
Snack - Fruit cup
Dinner - 8 gortons grilled shrimp, and 2 sides of veggies.
I hope to work out tonight, for at least 30 minutes!  If not, then I will work out tomorrow.
Until then...happy eating!