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  • Name: Gwynn
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Height: 172.7cm
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Goal weight: 180.00lb
Lost to date: 34.40lb
Remaining: 35.60lb

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It's the day!!!

In a couple of hours Dd and I will be leaving school and traveling to Myrtle Beach for our 5k this evening at 6:30. Dd is nervous and I am very excited!! While the 1,000 people intimidated me at first I have to admit that I am really excited about running with all of these people. This is going to be so much more thrilling than any of my other 5ks were. My parents told me last night that they are driving to the beach to see us race and will be at the start line to cheer us on and then later at the finish line to congratulate us. My mom has been to ever 5k I've been in. She is my own little personal cheerleader. I love her to pieces!!

In bad news TOM showed his ugly head last night. Apparently he wanted to go to the race too. I was hoping with the cramps I had the other night that he would show up and be gone before the race but that isn't the case. I had to WI for a challenge I am apart of on a diet forum and thankfully his arrival didn't mess up the scales. Whew!!

I'd like to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. I hope that you are surrounded by people who love you but most of all I hope you show yourself much love on this special day!! You deserve it. I love you all!


Confused Mind

When I weighed 250 lbs I remember being astonished when I saw the pictures of me and Dd at Disney World. Inside I did not feel like I was that big. inside I was still that skinny 135 lb senior in high school. I remember being sad thinking that other people saw me for how big I really was while I lived in this nice place in my brain that thought I was skinny.

Today I am in the 180's and I've seen pictures of myself looking much smaller. I know my body has changed and I am happy about it. The weird thing is that now in my brain I still think I'm that 250 lb girl. I will see people and they will tell me how good I look or how nice an outfit looks on me and I will think, "Are you crazy? I'm 250 lbs!!"

When did my mind change? How did it change? Why did it change?

What day is it?

I've been stucking working on the yearbook for the majority of the day. It is coming together very nicely and as the pages feel up with pictures I am feeling less and less stressed. I have a parent volunteer coming in this afternoon to talk with me about the pictures that still need to be taken. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today Dd's dad is coming to pick her up for dinner since he hasn't seen her in a month (don't ask, long story) and I have to have my taxes filled out at 5:00 so my afternoon is feeling a little rushed. I still have to find time to get some healthy food in me (I will NOT eat fast food! I will NOT eat fast food) and do some sort of exercise. Everyone says there are 24 hours in the day but honestly I feel like my day has only 5 hours!! LOL

I am reading The Shack. Oh my goodness girls this is such a fantastic book. It is about a man who is invited to this shack by God. The shack is the site of a traumatic event in his life. Many parts of it are heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

Right now I feel like I'm in the midst of working on myself. You know the inside part of you that we hide from our family and our friends. Sometimes I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and I know that I don't deal with stress and change and all those other things life throws your way as well as I should have. I feel like I've got to get the inside part straight before I can move forward with anything else. I will continue with my healthy eating and exercise so don't think I am going to abandon any of that. I just feel like I've dealt with the outside for so long that I have been pushing the inside to the side.

Not really sure if any of that makes sense. LOL!!

Happy Hump Day friends!! The week is half over!

Official WI 2/10/09

Today's WI - 188
Last week's WI - 187.2

Total gained - 0.6 lbs

I won't make excuses. I don't know what happened this week. Food was great (despite a free meal of Cici's Pizza) and exercise was great as well.

I woke up in the middle of the night to TOM cramps so bad that I couldn't be still. Normally I'll struggle with cramps for a few hours the day before but never anything that has woken me up. I was miserable. Finally around 3:00 I got up and took 4 advil and drifted back off to sleep. With all the pain I expected to see TOM this morning but no such luck.

Things went well at the dentist with Dd yesterday. He looked at all her teeth, especially the chipped one, made some small talk with her, and then told me there would be no filling today. He scheduled her for an appointment on March 16 to have her teeth cleaned and said after that he would fill it. He didn't want her to have a tramatic experience at the dentist just yet. Dd was terribly pleased and says that she loves her dentist. LOL!!

Okay so I just got an email from the Myrtle Beach Marathon that said Marathon, 1/2 marathon and 5K are SOLD OUT!!!! I am totally freaking out. That's 1,000 people ladies and gentlemen!! My first 5k had a total of about 40 people, my second 5k had 6 people and now 1,000!!! I have some serious butterflies. I have instructed Dd that she will HAVE to stay with me during the race regardless of the fact that she can run much faster than me. I'm going to take my camera with me during the 5k. This is something I've never done before but I want to get lots of pictures of her running!! She's so excited!

I don't really like Mondays

I'm sure I'm not alone. Most of you probably don't like Mondays either. I went to bed early last night but I still woke up with what I like to call a "sleep hangover". I feel like I didn't get enough sleep. Once the day gets going I always feel better, and today is no exception but it is the getting going part that is hard.

Today I have to take Dd to the dentist. She chipped a tooth a week ago and this is the first opening they had to see her. She is a worry wart (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) so she has spent the majority of the day worrying about what is going to happen at the dentist today. Nothing I have said has calmed her fears. I know she will be fine though.

With the dentist appointment I am glad today is an exercise free day. I still might hop on the bike while my oven fries are cooking. It will be a quick way to pass the time. Tomorrow is my official WI and I really don't know what to think. The scales have been all over the place. TOM is looming so I guess that has something to do with it.

On Friday Dd and I are going to Myrtle Beach to run her first 5k!!! I'm excited about it and at the same time a little nervous. This thing seems to be really hardcore. There are over 800 people running and we get timing chips and everything. Boy I sure have graduated from the small town. The downfall is iPods are not allowed. Anyway I'm not going into this race thinking that I am going to break any of my previous 5k records. I just want me and my daughter to have a good time doing something healthy together.

Make Them Green With Envy Week 1 Results

Congratulations Svanita for being the winner this week!!!!

1 - svanita lost 6.4 lbs or 2.99% of her starting weight
2 - becb lost 8.8 lbs or 2.74% of her starting weight
3 - jennyjoy lost 8 lbs or 2.54% of her starting weight
4 - almita lost 6 lbs or 2.52% of her starting weight
5 - dockmom4 lost 4 lbs or 1.72% of her starting weight
6 - tracysaurus lost 4 lbos or 1.63% of her starting weight
7 - simone777 lost 3 lobs or 1.47% of her starting weight
8 - tarajoy lost 3 lobs or 1.41% of her starting weight
9 - sexystar60 lost 4 lbs or 1.27% of her starting weight
10 - moonmayden85 lost 2.4 lbs or 0.95% of her starting weight
11 - cleogenia42 lost 2 lbs or 0.95% of her starting weight
12 - gwynn lost 1.8 lbs or 0.95% of her starting weight
13 - juli66021 lost 2.2 lbs or 0.93 @ of her starting weight
14 - girl next door lost 1.8 lbs or 0.92% of her starting weight
15 - lose4logan lost 2.5 lbs or 0.86% of her starting weight
16 - smbuum lost 2.5 lbs or 0.79% of her starting weight
17 - wtg2lose lost 2 lbos or 0.75% of her starting weight
18 - goal65kgs lost 1.9 lbs or 0.75% of her starting weight
19 - lorieraye lost 1.6 lbs or 0.96% of her starting weight
20 - tatumsmom lost 1.2 lbs or 0.59% of her starting weight
21 - sarn lost 1.5 lbs or 0.53% of her starting weight
22 - shrrlygrrl lost 1.2 lbs or 0.53% of her starting weight
23 - novablue lost 1 lb or 0.48% of her starting weight
24 - gcqmom lost 1 lb or 0.39% of her starting weight
25 - wessteach lost 0.8 lbs or 0.36% of her starting weight
26 - looking for me lost 0.8 lbs or 0.31% of her starting weight
27 - cherokee1974 lost 0.3 lbs or 0.10% of her starting weight

The following members poseted their weigh in and showed a maintain for this week:
anna down under

This week we lost a total of 73.3 lbs!!! WTG everyone!! Let's make week 2 even better!!


Lately I have been struggling with some personal issues. I think there are times when we all struggle to find our own way. We struggle with toxic people who make us feel bad about ourselves. Inside we are strong enough to know these people are weak and are merely trying to make us weak as well but sometimes their words and actions get to us anyway.

Last night I bought a new Bible. It is a Women's Devotional Bible. There is daily reading followed by an inspirational passage written by women. This particular passage spoke to me last night and I wanted to share it with all of you in the hopes that if you are facing something you can read this and gain some strength.

Perhaps even since the time Eve first caught sight of her reflection in the Garden of Eden, women have dealt with the question of image. Polls consistently reveal that the majority of us are dissastisfied with our appearance. Confronted with a barrage of airbrushed photos of supermodels and celebrities adorning magazine covers, the average woman thinks she is too short, too fat, too unattractive, too imperfect. How can we ever measure up with the media's standards of perfection?

The first chapter of the Bible supplies the answer. We were created in the image of one paradigm of perfection: our Creator. Our height, weight, and skin color may indicate our human origins, but our soul and spirit reflect our Souvereign God.

When a child is born, it's not unusual for someone to claim she's the very "image" of a relative. But what does it mean to be created in the image of our heavenly Father? An image is a likeness or resemblance - a reflection as seen in a mirror, Scripture teaches us that Jesus Christ is the "image of the invisible God". As we grow in faith, we who believe are gradually "being transformed into [Christ's] likeness". When we become like Jesus we begin to look more and more like our heavenly Father.

God created us to convey the distincitive imprint of his divine nature to a world often blinded to his existence. Even our differences reflect the One who delighted in creating a world of dazzling diversity" peculiar penguins and majestic eagles; towering redwoods and dwarf pines; blondes, brunettes and redheads...every person created with the individual imprint of the Creator's hand to bear his image. So the next time you pass by a mirror, pause a moment to gaze in wonder at the designer original who God loves to dearly - you!

Holy Calories!!!

I am sure that some of you are aware that Olive Garden has released their nutritional information. Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen!!

Here was a typical Olive Garden meal for me:
Garden-Fresh Salad (One serving with dressing) - 350
Breadstick (with garlic-butter spread) - at least 2 - 300
Chicken Alfredo - 1430

Grand total - 2,080 calories!!!!

That is more than I am supposed to eat in one day and it's only one meal. I am astonished!! Also don't forget to take a look at the sodium content in the meals. Wow!! I won't be going to Olive Garden for a loooooooooong time. I applaud them for providing the nutritional information for those of us who are watching our waistlines.

Speaking of pasta, here is a yummy meal idea for you. Last night I had one serving of whole wheat pasta (elbow shaped), some Classico Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo sauce (diluted a little with water), and about 3 cups of brocolli steamed in those awesome zip and steam bags. Mmmmm it was good!! Yes I ate all the brocolli. I happen to be a big fan of it especially if it's steamed. It made a plateful and kept me full all the way until bedtime. :)

Two Snow Days!!

Yesterday morning I got up like normal. I was getting ready to fix my hair when my cell phone rang. It was my Dad. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was getting ready for work. He told me I might want to look outside first. There was snow on the ground!! Hooray another snow day!! This was quite unexpected so it was a wonderful surprise to wake up to.

Dd and I spent the day lounging around the house, playing the Wii, watching tv, just being lazy!! I got 20 minutes in on the Wii Fit and then 20 minutes in on the stationary bike. I was proud!!

Today we are back at school (with a 2 hour delay) so it's time to play catch up. I've got yearbook work to do as well.

I have closed sign ups for the Make Them Green With Envy Challenge. We ended up with 48 people signing up for the challenge (I originally put in the news that it was 54 but apparently I can't count!!). I am so proud of everyone who has signed up!!! We are going to lose a lot of unwanted pounds. Go everyone!!!!!!!!

Official WI 2/3/09

Last week's WI - 189

This week's WI - 187.2

Total loss - 1.8 lbs

Not too shabby!!!

Sorry I haven't been around to blog today. I've had the yearbook representative here working with me since 11:30. Thankfully we got a lot accomplished so I'm happy about that. The flip side of it is now my brain is totally fried.